THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE ENDING EXPLAINED | Post Credits Scene Breakdown, Sequel Theories & Review

welcome back to the heavy spoiler show I’m your host Jared aka the poison mushroom version of the guy who usually does this and in this video we’re going to be going over the ending of the Super Mario Bros movie Yahoo this movie is is currently collecting all of the gold coins and in this breakdown we’re going to be going over the plot the couple ending credit scenes are theories on potential sequels along with our thoughts of the movie be prepared because heavy spoilers are warp pipe into ya so if you haven’t had a chance to

watch it then I highly recommend you backwards long jump out of here please ground pound that thumbs up and also make sure to subscribe for daily breakdowns with that out of the way thank you for clicking this again I am Jared let’s pickle we go alright so the Super Mario Bros quickly opens with Bowser wreaking havoc on the Penguin’s ice kingdom easily stomping them out smashing a glowing question block to reveal a superstar this scene was actually already released as we triple jump over to Mario and Luigi now in Brooklyn none of that new donk

city folks as they deal with their struggling Plumbing business the pair left steady jobs with the Wrecking Crew yes the same 1985

Wrecking Crew form and Spike even makes an appearance on the evening news though the pair sees a crucial water main leak downtown and the two head out to drain some pipes however upon searching for the source of the leak the Mario Bros discover abandoned pipes one of which is your iconic green warp pipe as the two are sucked in one by one this sequence kind of looked like the universe jumping from the across

the spider-verse trailer as Mario lands in the mush Mushroom Kingdom the home of Princess Peach while Luigi is spit out in the dark lands AKA Bowser’s Kingdom Luigi is captured by a terrifying group of dry bones and suspended above Bowser’s lava pits with the rest of his captives the penguins from earlier and the lumalir Aluma from the Mario Galaxy series Mario on the other hand is guided to Peach’s castle by Toad and introduced to her as she’s Amazed by the sight of another human with word of Bowser being in possession of the Superstar Peach is

terrified because Bowser is coming yeah it’s quite the sticky situation because he wants to forcibly marry her similar to the Mario Odyssey storyline Peach attempts to train Mario in a Nostalgia filled obstacle course backed by Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero and this scene the music everything slaps here but they need more help obviously seeking the alliance of the Kongs from Jungle Kingdom the only way they will team up is if Mario goes head to head with Donkey Kong in a Thor versus hulk-like Ragnarok Arena Battle and wins a rivalry 41 years in the

making uh because you know the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet the infamous DK rap is Donkey Kong’s intro song Mario of course gets his cheeks clapped like the DK Jungle Beat Bongos but luckily finds his footing obtaining the super Bell Cat Mario power up meow this is perfect with him defeating DK the DK and mushroom Crews roll out in a Mad Max Fury road-like go-kart formation Rainbow Road AC DC’s Thunderstruck is playing this scene this scene is straight up fire but everyone is ambushed by the Koopa Clan Mario and DK fall into the ocean swallowed by

that pesky eel from Mario 64. I still don’t like that dude after all these years Peach and Toad though race off to warn the rest of Mushroom Kingdom as all of the Kongs are captured joining Luigi over The Lava Pits I mean the Luigi you’re done dirty throughout this whole movie Peach begrudgingly accepts Bowser’s wedding proposal again very Mario odyssey-esque luckily DK and Mario escaped the pesky eel with with a DK rocket Barrel straight up Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson crash in the wedding Wow saving all of the prisoners from being sacrificed Peach busts out

an ice flower power up freezing most of the Koopas but Bowser unleashes a bonsai Bill to destroy all of the Mushroom Kingdom Mario Thinking Fast grabs the raccoon or Tanuki power-up diverting the Bonsai build to the same warp pipe that connects Brooklyn to the Mushroom Kingdom and explodes this causes the worlds to blend bringing them back to Brooklyn now Mario is about to be singed by Bowser’s fire breath but Luigi steps in and the pair activate the Superstar together full-on star power mode with the music and everything as the two defeat hordes of koopa’s besting

Bowser and shrinking him down with a poisonous mushroom capturing him in a jar Brooklyn in the Mushroom Kingdom are saved by the yo Mario Bros as we see see them then thriving in their new life as residents of the Mushroom Kingdom rather than that of Brooklyn Super Mario Bros now don’t get up and leave the Mario goodness just yet because there are both a mid and post-credits scenes to wet that Mario appetite for the mid credits we get another soft piano ballad with the boisterous Talent of Jack Black’s Bowser serenading his dear old peachy he

still has a longing for the princess but a toad quickly Cuts him off as its revealed Bowser is still stunted by the poisonous mushroom that ended the movie and trapped in a tiny cage in the Mushroom Kingdom it’s a nice Final Touch of that Tenacious D stylings and I guess just lets us know as viewers Bowser is currently iced he’s trapped but still has motive for peach the post-credits scene on the other hand teases at a potential sequel as the camera weaves through the elaborate Maze of pipes underground of Brooklyn New York where Mario and

Luigi originally were sucked up not not sucked off they were sucked into the mud so wow they were sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom via the green warp pipe here though we see a familiar white and green spotted egg amongst some of the leftover rubble from Bowser’s Invasion the camera slowly moves in as the egg begins to crack and hatch as the screen cuts to Black and we hear the iconic iconic Sound Of The Lovable lizard I guess for anyone who may not know this dinosaur-like companion first appeared in 1990s Super Mario World big long Tong

eats things poops out eggs he’s appeared in his own games and been a series staple sense despite Mario constantly disrespecting him anyway this egg was originally a gift at Bowser and Peach’s wedding and seems all Yoshi my dude will be showing up for the potential sequel speaking of a sequel with early reports projecting Super Mario Bros opening weekend to be somewhere around 225 million dollars Yahoo that’s a lot of gold coins so you know a sequel is gonna happen hell multiple sequels and spin-offs are bound to be cooking over at Nintendo and illumination of course

with Yoshi being the final tease a sequel will most likely involve him potentially expanding on the Super Mario worlds over to Yoshi’s Island and seeing the bond between Mario and Yoshi further develop there were even multiple shots of other environments beyond that of the Mushroom Kingdom so there’s still a lot to explore in this world and uh is very promising as to like what we could expect over the next 10 years like an entire universe of these types of movies they’re super nostalgic they’re really fun it’s illumination so they know what they’re doing but beyond

the Yoshi teas the film leaves little mushroom Clues as to what other sequels could entail for example it’s mentioned Princess Peach as a baby just warp piped into the Mushroom Kingdom one day with her Origins being unknown an explorative journey to find her parents or family could be a plot beat in the sequel therefore introducing Daisy or Princess Daisy into this world the two are often portrayed as besties while a couple of unofficial Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii guides even stated that the pair are cousins again unofficially Nintendo has yet to confirm

this but again this could add another element to the Super Mario cinematic World Rosalina and Mario Galaxy could be another way that they take things solely because Princess Peach brings up the fact that there are multiple galaxies out there while looking up into the night sky Luma Lee I think I pronounced that incorrectly before but the lovable psychopath who ends the movie also shows up in both the Mario Galaxy games and is technically a Luma star of which Rosalina is their adoptive mother so you know the Mario Bros writers are cooking up something yes we

need to go to space lastly Luigi was left out of the spotlight through a lot of this always in his brother’s Shadow so for me you your grandma everyone included including Charlie Day wants a Luigi’s Mansion movie you know but there’s been talk of Luigi’s Mansion for that was a GameCube I think that would be great Haunted Mansion Ghostbuster influences in the Mario Style and it’s a go but uh yeah let me know what Mario story you’d want to see adapted for a sequel in the comments personally I’d like to see a weird Alice in

Wonderland adaptation of Super Mario 64 jumping into paintings the whole thing let’s get weird with it but yeah I really had a blast watching the Super Mario Bros movie sure it was just me alone at 10 am showing with nothing but parents and their kids but everyone was enjoying it I had a blast again it was great it was the power of Mario over generations and dozens of games that offered so much cleverly placed fan service but this was this was good fan service because like the amount of small obscure Easter eggs hidden in the

background and even musical cues of certain scenes was so appreciated the all-around attention to detail was beyond what I could have asked for in a Mario movie but the real MVP carrying the entire movie was the music classic theme newer themes small musical cues like of world one two obscure beloved songs like the DK rap from Donkey Kong 64 and even newer songs for the movie provided by Jack Black’s Bowser this is the Super Mario Brothers theme the movie is hitting on all cylinders hell the couple of Mario Kart Montage bits were some of the

coolest scenes of the movie The Rainbow Road shortcut Easter egg spoke to my 10 year old N64 loving heart Mario and Luigi’s big screen outing deserves a solid 8.5 out of 10 a great first review for their hopeful thriving Brooklyn and Mushroom Kingdom Plumbing businesses two small bugaboos though that caused it not to be that perfect grab of the flag finish some of the voice cast mainly being Mario Chris Pratt is a distraction from the fun again after the first 10 minutes it all kind of Blends together but my man his Mamma Mia’s needed more

Gusto while the story in general feels far too rushed almost implied like these characters already have Rapport or if they’re in a sticky situation it solved like 30 seconds later again minor problems but yeah this this was awesome here we go oh but please put Mario in that damn Frog costume for a sequel I’m begging you anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Super Mario Bros movie was this the perfect Redemption from the questionable 1993 Mario movie and what were some of your favorite Mario or Nintendo Easter eggs just hidden in there and

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sure to check out some of our other cool videos right over there yellow jackets John Wick I don’t even know it’s everything but thank you for your constant support I’ve been Jared Mario movie this is a great movie go check it out I’ll see you in the next one take care and let’s go cool

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