Trea Turner is headed to Philly!

you know, I think I don’t want to refer to old school playing, but a guy that for me as a hitter utilizes what the pitchers don’t uh, steal a bag most hits since 2000 and second most hits since 2018. Freddie Freeman watching his at bats. Tom when I see a guy slider down the way, go the other way, spin here inside hangar, we’ll check it and go uh good on the bases, solid shortstop. I’m not going to give him gold, but just the, just the ability to put another guy in the lineup that doesn’t have

back leg, same approach. Um, 300 hitter like this is awesome, Verlander drops right, but they’re going boom. There’s another one just overall tom before we get your tape. Well, I think outside well he does everything well and he fits this team perfectly. Bryson stop, did a nice job, but a lot of people think he didn’t have the arms to play shortstop. Every day. He slides to second base. Toerner takes over shortstop. Toerner fits the lineup better. Rhys Hoskins was hitting second. He pushes down now in an R.B.I. Spot where he belongs. Toerner does this thing

at the top of the lineup behind Schwarber His 1st 2nd. I love this group. This an offensive first team, there’s no doubt about it. Just got better. And keep this in mind. Friend,

we know next year with the rule changes, there will be more stolen bases. And this guy, if he doesn’t steal at least 60, I will be shocked 60 and to your point bigger bases and then pitchers can throw over to first base a fewer number of times. So tell us why Trey Turner so especially is worth 300 large. Well he’s mr consistency. You

look at the numbers that he puts up, just look at last year will look at his numbers in terms of his splits against left , right home road last three seasons. You see you know what you’re getting from trade, Toerner right? What I really like about him is even though it looks like he is a consistent hitter, he’s actually to hitters in one and by that, I mean when he’s ahead in the count or behind the count and he really started to evolve with his approach at the plate a couple of years ago. Here’s what

I’m talking about consistency here, left, right, home road, bases empty. Doesn’t matter. This guy is going to get his hits with the way he runs, sometimes he missed hits the ball and it turns into a base hit. But let me show you what I’m talking about when he’s ahead in the count and behind the count. You always see with guys differences but with trey Turner it’s because the approach is so different first let’s look at fastballs up right that’s that’s to an account. He’s sitting on a fastball. Big late kick hits it out of the

park now. Same pitch, short stroke, no leg kick that was a two strike approach. Look at a fastball down the middle count in his favour crushes it. This is the way you should swing the bat when you have count leverage. Now how about the same pitch behind the count? Doesn’t try to do too much goes the other way with it. This is why he is such a dangerous hitter, no matter the count. Once again fastball down and away count leverage, there’s the power to strikes. Look how much he has shortened up. That’s the same pitch.

One more time I’m going to show you offspeed pitch, same approach. Count in his favour. Big leg kick, my goodness. That thing is hammered, same pitch here, offspeed curveball stays behind it hits the other way. Now take a look at the side angle here you see the leg kick and the count in his favour. Now with two strikes, there’s no leg kick, everything is abbreviated short quick to the baseball, this is something trey started doing about 2020. It’s really developed into a weapon for him. And now when you look at what he does here batter

ahead, batter behind major league hitters said there’s always going to be a split with trey he hit so well when he’s behind the count, you’re looking at two different hitters guy hit the ball out of the park and a guy who when he’s got two strikes he’s going to put the ball in play spray chart tells you all you need to know right when you have count leverage, you’re looking to get ball out front, pull the baseball with power, that’s what he does behind the count. You have to defend the whole field against trade Toerner

I’m telling you guys they got themselves a premier offensive player who’s now who’s game is going to be better because of the rule changes. Yes, and that was beautiful and that was kind of my point and that was awesome breakdown with hitters that will hit with what you’re given the 021 to 2 to three to put the ball in play, go stay on it, go the other way , but I I can’t say it enough as far as I know we did a mock lineup there, but 20 what do you have 2021 bags last 27

bags, you know, the leader was for the Phillies and stolen bases last year, you know, when he had three, you know, so now on top of the three inch bag dude can run like I can’t say enough of the nuisance of a guy at first base that I knew it was going to go in any pitcher to pick your guy, Henderson Devon White who I played with or Andrew jones and how that affects what goes on at the plate, I give the Phillies, a ton of credit because when you make the investment and john Melancon

the owner, you make the investment bryce harper, 13 years, $330 million you can’t stop there, you’re all in right now, if you’re a Phillies fan, we saw that 11 years. No, trade trade Toerner by your trade. Toerner jerseys, He’s not going anywhere, harper, not going anywhere. The core of this team is fabulous. Look at this, Yeah, what are you looking at, Looking at the numbers, what are we going to for Gezi stats? Right here I got with 20 one steals last year, unbelievable athlete, but tom you talked about it to just the guaranteed money here

that the Phillies have on the books, so that those are the yearly averages, but let’s just go big picture bryce 3 30 zack the other 1 15 real mutual, I think 1 15 Castano’s 100 Schwarber 79 you’ve got Noe there to but also I didn’t with Castano’s there’s one more and then Toerner with 300 million, they are literally putting all their chips to the center of the table. And if you’re a Phillies fan after the run, you saw they won the pennant in the National League. Those fans were completely outrageous. It was under john Middleton

obviously doing a great job. So that’s a great point by the way, because the Phillies proved that having the number 6, 66 not fool’s gold. We thought maybe this would disincentive disincentivize teams are really going over the payroll tax limit from trying to win 95 games instead of 81. No, they proved get in and you can go to the World Series and I think we’re seeing that in the money spent that in the fact that we have a CB in place. Traditionally. Once that set the rules are set , you see spending and boy floodgates

have opened and bryce harper immediately after they lost. There’s a lot of disappointment obviously losing to the Astros, but bryce harper said, and I’m paraphrasing, we’re not done, we’re going to go out, we’re gonna sign me a couple of guys and we’ll be back and boy, have the Phillies bounced back in a big way.

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