UNC Chapel Hill Lockdown: Gunman on campus | LiveNOW from FOX

an eye on a situation out in, on the UNC campus right now. These are live Ariel’s here as well that we’re able to feature for you as an alert went out saying emergency armed dangerous person on or near the campus Go inside Now Avoid Windows. still at this moment. very Things Are Are unclear here, but usually, when these alerts go on it just like how it mentions there, You don’t know if they’re actually on the campus or someone was seen maybe with a gun. surrounding the campus there. So that is the issue here. that we

are finding ourselves in right now law enforcement trying to track down And sometimes these things. turned out to be hoaxes as well. So we’re hoping that is the case. that there is nobody on the campus actually. with a gun here but they still gotta check on everything. So we wanted to bring that to your attention. right here. on live down from Fox’s. We continue to bring you the latest updates. really from across the country and around the world. But again, this alert Going out. She’s students and really a community members in and around Chapel Hill,

right now the local school. districts also received it. in alert. as well. This is their alert Carolina system. being texted out. She’s so many in this

area of so Carolina. so we will definitely be keeping an eye on it for you here on

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