Vampire Academy – Well…I watched it | Peacock Original Series Review

hey guys Sarah here and welcome to I want my Angst TV reviews and today we are going to be talking about the peacock original series Vampire Academy now I’m gonna be honest I did not read this book series I didn’t watch the movie until watching this series and I will explain why I did that the Vampire Academy is set up in this magical world of vampires who used to live among humans and now they don’t they live in their own little town with their own rules and their own hierarchy of sorts when it comes to

the series and someone who came in completely blind and not knowing anything I still can’t really explain what this world is to you I learned more from a tweet than I did watching the show and the problem is they came at this series for those who’ve already read the books for those who watch the movie for those who are familiar with this world and Julie pleck is usually better than that I mean I am a huge Vampire Diaries fan I tell people all the time what a great show that is and how they need to

watch it and you know Justice for Bonnie Bennett but when it comes to Vampire Academy I can’t tell you really who anyone is what the storyline is why

anything is important or really anything about this world I found myself wildly confused and about four episodes in I was like I’m gonna watch the movie let’s watch this movie um thanks a lot of friends for me and then after watching the movie that actually does a really great job of setting up the world for the viewer who is an outsider looking in I was like oh okay

so some of this is starting to make sense when it comes to the vampires of the Vampire Academy world all we really know is there’s Royals there’s like second tier people and then there’s rabid vampires and they kind of loosely explain how you become one of those vampires and throughout the series you kind of pick up on more of how it happens and these vampires also have powers like they can control the elements and they are supposed to uh I don’t even know what it’s called I don’t know what anything is called they gave you

so much information yet they told you nothing and what is going on I would really like someone to explain the magic of this world to me because it feels like we’re mixing like the Winx Saga with a little bit of vampires with a touch of The Hunger Games but it’s just like all the worst parts of each thrown into one there are so many characters in this series outside of rose and Lissa who I feel like are supposed to be the core storyline but then they’re completely forgotten about halfway through and because there’s so many

characters there’s no what’s the word I’m looking for what’s the meaning of this it’s just rather unclear who we should focus on and who we should care about so then we care about no one I want to protect my best friend from danger and I want a life to call my own I would never bet against you Rose Hathaway another thing I’m a little confused on is how old are we supposed to be are these kids in high school are they like 16 17 18 are they supposed to be in college what is the dynamic

here because at this point the only characters I even care about are rose and Dimitri however when I watched the movie he was obviously significantly older than her and that whole dynamic is creepy but in the show they look more similar in age and maybe that was done on purpose but is he her teacher so it’s like an awkward power Dynamic are they both in college and he’s just like a tear above her is he 24 and she’s 16 I don’t I need answers Vampire Academy gives you so much information up front but that information

actually tells you nothing I watched all Eight Episodes I watched them I watched the movie in order to try to understand what in the world I was watching and I still have no idea do you wear the crown or not you have the power to change things personally one of the biggest downfalls of Vampire Academy the series on peacock is that they’re trying to make everything mysterious the motives of every character are mysterious anything surrounding the car accident is mysterious like I’m like not everything needs to be a mystery because when you Cloud the world

with mystery nothing makes sense and nothing has stakes and nothing really matters it also feels like that the show doesn’t quite understand who its audience is is it someone who watches Riverdale and like the CW or free form or is it someone who watches things on HBO because there’s moments where all of a sudden they’re talking and they’re dropping f-bombs there are dark sex scenes happening in cars and elsewhere and I was like whoa all of a sudden they’re like oh yeah we’re on peacock we’re gonna do what we want and then other times they’re

like oh no we’re a kid’s show and then they’re like no we’re not and I’m like who what are you and who do you want to be who’s am I oh I don’t know who anybody is I don’t know what story lines are important I don’t know why any reveals are important because they don’t explain anything well enough for you to care and I just feel like I wasted like eight hours of my life honestly so curious to see how book readers feel about this show is it close to closer to the book than the

movie I honestly don’t know also the movie’s characters had so much personality and everyone in this series is so boring like paint watching paint dry boring they’re so boring can someone have a personality anyways I guess that’s all because all I’m gonna do is complain for the next 20 minutes and I’m gonna try to keep this short she’s my family I would die for her thank you guys so much for watching again I’m Sarah make sure you like this video comment subscribe ring the bell so you don’t miss out on any more angsty videos bye

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