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foreign labor social I’m Graeme Hughes I prefer with nothing I’ve decided to make a video today about Creepy anti-vaxxer conspiracy Peddler fascist bald short learn celebrity stick insect what’s up around we know that over the last few years he’s become increasingly right-wing has gone from pretend man of the people to actual man of the mega rich and Powerful with glowing endorsements in the likes of Elon Musk Andrew taint and Peter Thiel Peter Thiel being the far right billionaire nutcase who has a company called planetia literally named after the crystal balls from The Lord of the

Rings that corrupt the minds of both Sarah man and King theater a man is known by the company he keeps indeed but today I don’t want to talk about that neither do I want to address the rumors that are currently swirling around the interwebs I will leave that till tomorrow today I want to talk to you why I blame about why I blame him for brexit or rather why I believe brexit wouldn’t have happened had he not had a shitty poorly written book to sell so 10 years ago the so-called comedian I’ve never heard him

tell a joke but that’s beside the point Russell Brand found himself on the publicity Trail flogging his upcoming book Revolution a very white very middle class substance-free

Revolution which involved whining about the way things were about without offering any credible Solutions such as PR or Ubi or bringing back the guillotine in the run-up to the books publication instead of doing the usual minor celebrity thing of shredding the talk show circuit bran decided or was advised to start getting all political in his own old age get yourself on news night that’ll be good for the pre-orders

I could imagine someone saying and so came the infamous car crash interview he gave with an increasingly exasperated Jeremy maximum which is a bit like watching a wise old Jedi Master having to deal with a toddler throwing a tantrum in a busy Supermarket neither of them came out of it particularly smelling of roses but what struck me at the time was how helpful for the right for the right wing Brands political publicity tour to sell the book was the reason being that his Central conceit that in all his interviews that politicians were the same you

might recognize that classic hit from such songsmiths as the sun The Daily Mail the express the telegraph The Spectator the times just about any publication that tells its readers that having a bol on a political campaign when you’ll lead to the opposition is exactly the same as holding coke-fueled orgies in number 10 every other week when you’re actually the Prime Minister oh yeah and the rest of the country weren’t allowed to be with their dying Nan all politicians are liars is a music to the ears of the powerful and the corrupt but arguably even worse

than that brand bragged that he had never voted before saying there was no point considering most of Bran’s audience were young people and while it might sound like a bit of a stretch to say has a sizable impact on the results of the 2015 election you might want to bear in mind two things one only 43 percent of the population age between 18 and 24 turned out to vote in the 2015 election while 78 of those age 55 and over voted mostly for the Tories uh two we have a stupid first pass the post system

on the night swivel eyed Tori Andrea Jenkins beat Labor’s Ed Balls by just 422 votes similar results were seen across the country the constituency of Bolton West was a tour he went from labor by 801 votes Telford by 730 votes the veil of cluid by 237 votes Derby North by Jose 41 votes and Gower by just 27 votes if those six seats have gone the other way the Tories were the rather working majority now look and then there’s a million factors that go into the outcome of a general election not least Ed miliband’s inability to

eat a bacon sandwich like a normal person but there is clear evidence that the youth vote could have made a difference but sadly didn’t I guess 52 of them felt there was no point in voting I wonder who gave them that idea bran changed his mind a couple of weeks before the actual election endorsing Ed Miller band’s labor but that was long after the opportunity to register the vote had passed and something the older Generations don’t necessarily have to worry about by then it was too little too late in the end the overall turn up

for 18 to 24 year olds was one percent down from the 2010 election the final result the Tories winning a slender 12-seat majority was the worst of all possible worlds it fueled it directly fueled the Mayhem that was the brexit fraud of random and Beyond even the Tories were surprised expecting to plot on with the lib Dems in tow the pre-election promise of an in-house EU referendum something that could have been kicked down the road for another Parliament to deal with like you know on the 4th of never and the absolute chundering bellwiths of the

ERG would not have had the power to override any hint of Common Sense emanating from the more centralist parts of the party his job done brand then jumped on his private jet and disappeared he was nowhere to be seen during the brexit campaign I guess he didn’t have a book to sell this is why his recent far-right content doesn’t feel like much of a pivot to me this is who he always was when someone shows you who they really are believe them the first time I’ll see you tomorrow

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