After playing Generation zero for over 60 hours
on pc
and still going hot,
there is every reason to bid
on a review!
This video
specifically made
for those
who are not familiar
with Generation zero and
might feel curious
if it´s worth their
and time
We will be looking at
the standard game
which does not include dlc`s such as
Alpine unrest and
Fnix rising
I will give you my personal opinions
of the pros and cons and the reason for it.
If you as a viewer, also play Generation zero
then please share your thoughts and opinions,
and make sure to remark if there is anything I forgot to add.
With that being said,
I would like to welcome you
to Retroactive Opinions
When I first tried this
robot killing,
a lot of running and
looting cases game on ps4,
I was merely impressed by the idea.
Come on, so what?
The 80`s,
the Swedish landscape and
boom boxes
provided me with the feeling of nostalgia and affinity.
Being useless at aiming with the controller

/> and not being able to prone,
well I was not entirely convinced.
The sound of the ps4
teased me something tremendous which ruined both interest and experience.
Pc, however,
generation zero so much better
and gives me the experience I wanted from the beginning.
The aim,
improved empathy
and a smooth ride that could be comparable
to driving Volvo instead
of Nissan Primera -98.
Being able to prone feels amazing
as eager bullets enables a brand-new haircut
and the chance of survival seems
somewhat graspable.
So, what is Generation zero?
You are in your late adolescence
and discovers that some kind of disaster has occurred.
Very soon,
you come across a kind of machine-like object that wants to kill you,
and open fire!
This is, of course, a traumatic event..
Added to the dish,
you got, abandoned buildings,
unfinished meals,
dead people,
vehicles with unusually persistent batteries
and absent news broadcasts!
You are alone with lots of questions and nobody’s around to answer them.
On your adventure, you will encounter clues that are part of your motivation, to prevent the possibillity of a
Fortunately, the game’s layout, allows Sweden
to be better prepared to respond to a sudden attack when
accustomed to weapons and how to use them,
could well be perceived as the citizen’s obligation.
Then I will do like this
(whining and feeling pain)
somebody says charming
that was like, ehhhh..
Although the game has been on the market since 2019,
I will behave properly and not tell you anymore,
regarding the story.
In my opinion,
it is excellent and worth the time you put into it.
What can one expect, playing Generation zero?
Based on what I like, there are plenty.
Starting off with the graphics,
I can’t get enough of the surroundings.
It is both beautiful and cozy to explore.
If the developers could add some more wildlife such as,
Just a suggestion and an example:)
it would have elevated the game even further.
The sounds of various weapons and explosions are brilliant.
It provides a great experience!
The sound of the machines is really good,
everyone has their own character and is nice to receive.
The AI of the machines may vary at times.
However, it plays well with the era which makes their sometimes-clumsy behavior defensible.
They are heavily armed, well armored and mostly come in two, which i consider to be hard enough!
If there is anything to interfere with,
then it is the gameplay mechanics.
It can get bumpy and frustrating.
Not being able to grab the stuff you want is strangely stressful!
Especially the first aid package on the kitchen fan.
In addition to running the game on solo, you can invite 3 friends.
If you want to run with strangers, you can easily make your session available for players to join.
You will then be paired with players who have chosen the same difficulty level.
As your level rises, you can choose skills that suit the way you fight.
There’s quite a lot to choose from.
The possibilities for tailoring your protagonist in a rather creative way are detailed in a fun way.
Variety of weapons and accessories is not overwhelming but is compensated through a satisfying experience as you get better at shooting.
Yeah, motha..
Is Generation zero worth your money and your time?
Look, I’m not going to shy away from the fact that I at first was a little skeptical.
However, things have changed throughout my pc experience.
I’ll be honest with the fact that the problems with the game doesn’t bother me to the point where I lose hope.
Quite the contrary!
I really appreciate Generation zero and think that the developers at Avalanche studios have done and are doing a fantastic job.
They really listen to their customers and the errors are excused with their continuous updating and hard work.
It is important to acknowledge!
You guys are great!!
You might want to ask yourself a couple of questions,
before embarking on a game that for some after a while can be perceived as lifeless and boring!
Ask yourself:
Are you a maverick who appreciates experimenting with your strategies?
Do you like to explore, loot, sneak past the enemy to prioritize your ongoing mission instead?
Is a handheld and intense story less important to you?
If your answer is yes and have patience with the shortcomings you may encounter,
then I think you will love generation zero!
It is wonderful to follow the development of the game as you constantly discover improvements and new additions as you explore.
I would like to thank you all for watching and I hope that this video helped you make a decision!
What do you think of Generation Zero?
Until next time!
Take care of yourselfs!
I’m Kongdell, and once again, thank you so much!

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