15” MacBook Air Review after 1 Month! – Makes NO Sense..

after using and testing the 15-inch MacBook Air for over a month I have to say that it is one of my favorite laptops ever so why in the world is Apple having such a hard time selling them with volumes being half of what they expected well in this long-term Real World review I’m gonna focus on five killer features of the 15-inch MacBook Air along with three major downsides that is not helping apple with this machine and what went wrong starting out with the design this thing is simple it is elegant and it is extremely thin

and lightweight I compared it to the previous Intel MacBook Pro with a large screen and it’s a lot lighter thinner it’s better in every way less expensive if you compare msrps especially with inflation and it is way faster we don’t have speaker girls on the sides and the ports are a bit limited but this is the laptop that so many people were asking for you have a screen size that is not too small like the 13 inch and not too large like a 16 inch which requires extra bulk it is just right now the second

thing I want to talk about major win for this thing are the speakers not a lot of reviewers like to talk about this but not everybody wants

to wear headphones or earpods you can just sit there lay there watch a movie with somebody else and the new six speaker system in here is great it’s a big upgrade compared to Old MacBooks and Windows laptops it is not as good as a 16 inch that’s a lot thicker but most people will be absolutely floored with it now above in that Notch we have a 1080p webcam but

of course you don’t have to settle for this you can use my favorite webcam the 4kc one which I told you about last month and I’m Still Loving It this thing is built like a tank and the image quality difference is massive even in perfect lighting but in realistic the cases it’s mind-blowing even compared to using the best iPhone which also requires your phone to be locked up their software is easy to use but very powerful and you can use it with multiple devices thanks to opal for sponsoring this video check it out using the

link below or watch my full review video for more details as for number three I need to talk about the performance now yes we have the same M2 Chip that came out a year before this laptop in the 13 inch but in the 15 inch model it performs better now the first reason is because the graphics are unbanned if you buy the 15 inch and second because the chassis is larger even though it does throttle it throttles less so so you get about six percent more performance but for long-term use the throttle difference is even

bigger because the full heat soap that you can get with the 13 inch after about a half hour this laptop doesn’t really get there to that point now we we made a full comparison against the 14-inch MacBook Pro and in a lot of cases the laptop’s performance were very similar and I would argue that for most people that are looking for a laptop the performance is going to be way better than their previous one and they will not care whatsoever so unless you’re doing some massive tough tests that are super long maxing out the CPU

and GPU which in those cases a 14 inch MacBook Pro can be a lot more powerful this thing is incredible and good enough even for our uses now that leads me into number four as far as pros and that is the battery life everyone knows that Apple silicon gets great battery life and the 15 inch has a slightly larger battery than the 13 inch but I compared it to my previous Intel MacBook Pro that is similar in size and even though the battery is much smaller when we are pushing the machines the 15 inch air

lasted for six hours compared to two and that’s pushing them hard now for simple use you get 15 hours of real world battery life which is incredible and I know a lot of people will be upgrading to a 15 inch from an older Intel model but what I didn’t mention in that video is the low power mode that you can use that brings down the total Peak wattage from about 23 or so down to seven and a half and a lot of times you’re running at about three watts and this will bring up your battery

life up to 22 hours compared to 15 hours and I can use the low power mode most of the time because of how fast this works you don’t really feel it being slow which is absolutely crazy for those that care about battery life and for positive number five we need to talk about the price tag because Apple surprised us when they said that you can buy one of these for 2 12.99 I was expecting 14.99 because they’ve never sold a large screen laptop at these price points you’ve always had to spend way more money on

a MacBook Pro now of course with that price tag you get eight gigs of RAM and you get a SSD that is half the speed of the 512 model and so even though the price tag is a positive at that low end I have to go into the negatives with the first one also being the price tag because if you upgrade this to 16 gigs of RAM and 512 and that is when the performance really starts to scream and it’s an absolutely amazing laptop well then you are getting close to a 14 inch MacBook Pro

and that’s the way that Apple likes to do things they want you to have this little step ladder where you kind of want to upgrade a little bit and then that point you might as well spend a little bit more money now with that the 14 inch M1 Pros are also available for about 1400 refurbished so we actually did a video on that and and well it is hard to beat that kind of value if you don’t care about the design the slimness and the really great battery life and that is already getting into number

two which is the value at Seventeen hundred dollars equipped like this that’s a lot of money for a laptop and going back to the original kind of question what went wrong why is Apple having poor sales half of what they expected well it’s because they are still sticking to that 8 gig 256 gig as base now those ssds barely cost Apple anything it would literally cost them five to ten dollars to give you 512 as at a base the ram is also not expensive and I feel like if they would have gave us a bump

up in either one of those the sales would be a lot better now issue number three and you guys could see how these issues aren’t really really related with the laptop itself but that is the M3 chip a lot of people are waiting for three nanometer chips and now we have confirmation that production is going on we’re gonna see a launch in October November time and people have commented just saying hey I’m gonna wait for the three nanometer chip because with a three nanometer chip the M3 and a laptop like this those thermal limitations will

pretty much be gone and the performance will also go up at the same time so this thing being released about a year after the M2 Chip came out well it’s kind of right there in the Middle where some people are like you know what I’ll wait a little bit for that other people just don’t want to buy a product that is going to be replaced in a way with you know better performance better battery life less throttling very shortly so you guys let me know does that matter to you guys that much down in the

comment section below and if you thought about buying one of these and you didn’t you were part of that 50 percent uh less purchasers getting one why you decided to do that now to wrap all of this up I want to say that I absolutely love this machine but in a lot of ways it doesn’t make sense because in the low end it’s a great price but you have limitations and when you upgrade it well Apple itself has a lot of competition with a lot of great upgrades to this laptop if you don’t mind a

larger or heavier design with that said I have a full comparison right over there for you guys to watch see all of the differences in the real world go and check it out but if you don’t need the best of the best in terms of specs and performance I would highly recommend it this has been Max and I’ll see you in the next one foreign

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