American Tries RUSSIAN KFC Chicken! (HONEST Food Review)

SE in the chat drop a like you know what it is I’m bringing you the best content in the world right now because we’re in Russia but we’re at KFC they call it Ros stics rtics I call it KFC because I’m from America we got the Z Army up on the screen we got the KFC let’s go in and let’s uh see how it is we’ll compare it to my favorite chicken chain in America Kentucky Fried Chicken I mean it looks pretty good I’m not going to lie I don’t know what any of this says

I still don’t speak Russian but what are you in the mood for uh chicken wings and some and some burger you want a burger yeah like a chicken burger yeah that one looks pretty good to me bacon chicken lettuce sauce yeah you want that one yeah all right Anna’s getting this one what what’s in it um chicken bread salad cheese tomatoes sauce be pretty simple I’m going to try this one and then of course we’re going to get some chicken all right so we’re wrapping up our order we got two of these uh chicken burgers

chicken burger an the got the spicier one I got the less spicy one with bacon got two orders of fries loads of ketchup because you know we like it Saucy

we got the semi sour semi sweet sauce no Ranch that’s an L that’s going to they’re going to take a hit continue the red one red one yeah and we got all the chicken so let’s see how it is I’m upset with the lack of ranch ranch is a staple you got to have the ranch so that’s unfortunate otherwise it’s looking pretty good th far not

going to lie we got a lot it was $17 that’s pretty good it’s so crowded here there’s so many people and what I love is they all still repping the KFC hats like they also have the KFC hats on pretty base they’re saying screw the sanctions we’re keeping our KFC hats no we this we got our KFC we’re on the Move let’s go we’re going to give it a taste all right we’re back we got the KFC you know what it is okay we’re going to give it a score one out of 10 now I

do have to admit the cat hairs are not supposed to be a part of the menu but uh we’ve already put down a few of the fries and I got to say the fries are good yeah the fries are good fries get for me get like a nine out of 10 eight out of 10 N Out of nine nine out of 10 it’s so good my favorite fries are the fries I gave you in when we were in California the In-N-Out fries that have the stuff on them they’re called animal style fries I prefer classy

I’m a classy classy girl classy french fries okay well we got a lot to try here so uh let’s see here first we got we got some chicken apparently these are spicy these are not we got plenty of sauce cuz we like it Saucy and then we got few burger sandwich things so we’re going to give it all a go and see how it is I’ve recently learned how they make these nuggets and it makes me not want to eat them anymore but I’m still going to eat them texture good tastes good I mean it’s

a chicken nugget there’s not much to it I don’t know what to expect but pretty good pretty good here’s where maybe KFC Russia is lacking raw sticks is lacking because they only got sweet anded sour sauce as you can see here and ketchup they got other sauces but they got no Ranch you need to have ranch with chicken mhm so let’s try the sweet and sour sauce it’s okay it’s good it’s good I like McDonald’s uh sweet and sour sauce like their honey mustard and all that stuff that stuff so good nuggets could be a

little bit crispier but that’s just me I like my stuff crispy same quality is before sanctions and War mhm which is not the same for McDonald’s like everyone says McDonald’s is way worse worse yeah and your friends got food poisoning when they went to the new one it kind of makes me scared to try I want to try just to make a video like we’re doing the KFC video cuz this is going to be a great content but but I’m like is it worth the food poisoning like text a comment and we yeah they got

to they got to drop a few likes to get the the McDonald’s food poisoning video I want to show you guys the consistency of the fries so little flop not much to it pretty good and they honestly taste a lot like McDonald’s fries which I love McDonald’s fries lots of salt it’s good that’s a winner fries get a 9 out of 10 the McNuggets get a 8 out of 10 could be a little bit crispier for my liking the sauces decent I have no qualms with the sauces we also got like chicken wing Wings crispy

chicken wings and legs so let’s try these everything at this place doesn’t look that good and then you try and you’re like that’s actually fire they are a little spicy mhm but it’s not too much it’s good spicy mhm so the chicken wings those get another it’s like a nine out of 10 for for fast food chicken wings those things are damn good okay all right now for the chicken burgers let’s give it a go one bite everybody knows the rules it’s not crispy enough for me I’m going to give it like a but it’s

good there’s a good sauce ratio I mean they got the pickles bacon sauce the Buns actually pretty decent it’s not flaky I love Chick-fil-A sandwiches I’m going to give this one like a 7 and 1/2 it’s pretty good could be a little bit crispier I think anyway so that’s my KFC Russia review hope you enjoy it drop a like if you want to see me review McDonald’s and maybe get food poisoning overall we gave an eight to the or what do we give eight to the nuggets nine to the Wings Nine to the fries 7.5

to the chicken burger which place is pretty good if you’re in Russia you need a quick bike to eat do I recommend coming here no because there’s plenty of other better food you could get that’s not fast food but if you really want fast food if you’re craving that that American tradition of some KFC you will not be disappointed by stop at Raw sticks thanks for tuning in thanks for watching that episode of the dive if you enjoyed what you saw be sure to drop a like subscribe comment below and be sure to share this

video with your friends also my YouTube channel has now been permanently demonetized by YouTube because of the truth that we tell here for that reason I’m asking you to join as a supporter on my locals Community which you can find linked Below in the description of this video or in the comment section thanks for watching thank you for your support I’ll see you back here next time

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