BMW i7 xDrive60 Review in Malaysia /// 2022-2023 Luxury Car of the Year //

Sitting in the back seat of an i7 Just reminds me My first time flying Business Class business class When I used to take Economy Class You just think that’s what airplanes are like you sit up straight You can adjust the chair back I’ll give you a tray in front eat Take it back when you’re done eating There is a small screen That’s it No matter if you fly for two hours five hours flight You fly 10 hours That’s how you are You will feel sore in your back you will feel uncomfortable It’s because there aren’t

many things you can adjust. The reason why this i7 looks like Business Class Or Premium Economy Class behind the passenger seat Its chair gives you this function You can adjust this You have more than 10 massage options Lumbar Massage Back training Random Massage It’s all here You’re driving a long distance like this You go from JB to KL From JB to Penang You go from JB to Hatyai You go from JB to Bangkok You are sitting in this position to your body to your waist to your whole senses You won’t be so burdened It’s the

same as if you were taking Business Class Of course I know what you’re thinking i know what you are thinking “What can’t you

do to lie flat on your back?” “Business Class is for lying down.” this problem I was riding a Rolls-Royce Ghost before With the Rolls-Royce Phantom I have asked They said that according to the British Medical Association They don’t recommend it in the car Have the passenger lie flat I believe it’s not just good for your health I believe it has something to do with safety as well. Because the car still travels on

the road with four wheels. sometimes a lot of shaking I feel like lying down Maybe in terms of Safety Not so ideal In addition to allowing you to stand on the ground, i7 It can also make you proud It’s a panoramic glass sunroof There is also 31.2 inches falling from the sky 8K Resolution screen Um At this time you can enter a Home Theater a moving castle a mobile cinema One with four wheels 8K Resolution screen fold this thing up also a button They all went up What is Luxury Limousine Ceiling It might have been

Bentley before. Probably Rolls-Royce Probably Maybach But i7 Even if it’s not an Ultra-Luxury brand Just Luxury Brand it has broken down that wall Break that barrier broke the boundaries So that i7 can become many bosses The first choice of many CEOs Seventh generation BMW 7-Series Finally came to Malaysia BMW Malaysia offers Purely electric i7 and PHEV’s 750e. i7 duty-free price starts from RM729,800 750e locally assembled in Malaysia by CKD Price starts from RM649,800 Available in Pure Excellence and M Sport M Sport in Malaysia Only limited to 48 units The price is about RM700,000 This BMW

i7 When I first test drove It’s in California, USA Palm Springs It also arrived for test drive in the United States. its this Semi-autonomous driving system this time This i7 comes to Malaysia The RHD right-hand drive version I am most familiar with The road I am most familiar with How will driving be different from driving in the United States? Then Malaysian i7 on device Like the German or American version I drove before Will there be too much difference? Will a lot of equipment be removed? Let’s take a look before the video starts I am Dai

Zuyi Remember to Follow Instagram Subscribe Youtube channel The i7 uses a 101.7kWh lithium-ion battery Mileage up to 625km The 750e uses a 22.1kWh lithium-ion battery (eDrive) cruising range up to 87km This i7 offers 195kW DC fast charging 11kWAC 750e offers 7.5kW AC slow charging It takes about 3 hours to fully charge This 195kW DC is about Usually within 30 minutes can reach 80% This appearance I believe I don’t need to explain more. I believe you a year ago half year ago saw what it looked like You know it all in your mind difficult to digest

hard to accept But after I watched it for a long time I don’t think it’s so strange anymore. It’s like when you go to a room There’s a certain smell in there You stayed… One hour one day, two days one year later You’re used to the smell I’m not used to not having this smell. M Sport version There are black embellishments high gloss black like a beard Pure Excellence doesn’t have this thing Looks more Elegance M Sport version of the i7 It’s used a lot at the rear of the car. high gloss black The entire

bottom part is High Gloss Black Mirrored chrome trim There are also tail lights here. The shape of the entire rear end of the car is relatively simple Here is the i7 logo And the xDrive60 nameplate Next there is eDrive50 (rear wheel drive) This is four wheel drive There is also an M70 version This new generation of i7 7-Series I think the rear shape of the new generation of cars There are not so many people who have opinions If you want a dual tone i7 BMW Malaysia offers this additional option Price starts from RM50,000 Seventh generation

BMW 7-Series Short wheelbase version no longer available Standard wheelbase 3,215mm Mercedes EQS: 3210mm But EQS uses Fastback Streamlined body look younger 7-Series returns to the traditional four-door sedan Four-door Sedan model Looks more calm More domineering More like a CEO tire size Seventh Generation 7-Series From 19 inches to 21 inches 750e Pure Excellence in Malaysia Is using 19 inches This i7 uses 21 inches 3,215mm wheelbase It’s really very long It is longer than many seven-seater MPVs on the market three-row SUV But because the i7 comes standard with Integral Active Steering Rear axle steering system When I

let you drive When you make a U-turn Actually it’s like a 5-Series Very easy to drive You can’t feel the length of this car at all Original tires for BMW i7 Bridgestone Turanza 6 It is a tire suitable for PHEV and BEV Compared to the previous generation Turanza Rolling resistance reduced by 4% Because of Enliten technology Make tires lighter dropLow Rolling Resistance can extend the EV Range recharge mileage And this tire emphasizes quietness Compared with other similar tires 2dB lower than them It’s a pretty quiet tire And attaches great importance to Wet Performance Braking on

dry ground Wet braking Wet cornering performance Better than tires of the same class Currently in Malaysia You gotta get Turanza 6 latest tires Only on BMW i7 Only then will he be the original match With this tire Seventh Generation 7-Series Added a very important function This function Bridging the gap between BMW and Rolls-Royce Automatically closing car door Before You have to reach for the doorknob it’s far Sometimes you wear a suit again Wearing Slim Fit Very inconvenient but now You don’t need to be so embarrassed Just press this button It will automatically close with you

Very strong It seems like your girlfriend kicked you out in anger Pam So powerful You can use this button Or step on the brake pedal The door will slowly tighten This is a soft-close door You can also do this on the screen One click to fully open or One click to close everything The door now opens very wide You can’t pull it off like this Let’s press one more time As a 7-Series As a flagship model Everything used in it is First class It’s the best one What we have seen in Malaysia in the past

3-Series 5-Series Probably used Dakota Leather Vernasca Leather Nappa Leather But the i7 comes standard with Merino Leather This Merino Leather This one is in orange a bit brown color I think it’s very beautiful Last time I sat on Merino Leather It should be on the 8-Series Compared to Dakota and Vernasca Very soft to sit up The covering feeling is very good very comfortable Not a little bit worse It’s a lot different Merino Leather totally. BMW should use Merino Leather Merino Leather is made from the highest quality cowhide during the manufacturing process No artificial fuels or

coatings are used It is the most natural leather Because there are no Protective Coatings Requires very careful care Maintenance is relatively difficult BMW Malaysia offers i7 Tartufo truffle color Amarone wine red Merino Leather in white or black The 750e is only available in Tartufo truffle and black i7 M Sport center console Used black Finewood trim With M Signature trim strips CraftedClarity crystal setting components crystal knob Crystal gear lever crystal volume button Crystal cut center console trim at night Particularly dazzling The Malaysian version of the i7 comes standard with an M Sport steering wheel There is

also a rather anti-human design You want to open glovebox no button You need to press this button Close, just close like this This is a bit redundant There are only Max and Rear air conditioners. Everything has to be adjusted through the screen Screen and steering wheel This is not a new creation of i7 We have already been on iX for the first time See the 14-inch Curved Display Wireless Android Auto Wireless Apple CarPlay Can be projected on… Google Maps/Apple Maps Can be projected on a 12.3-inch electronic instrument panel Of course one important point is Now

this i7 Comes standard with 17 speakers 655W Bowers & Wilkins Audio And it’s not Harman Kardon This 17 Speakers by B&W Not the top one yet The top version comes with more than 30 speakers Diamond 4D sound system Equipment Wireless Charger It has this… Because it uses Air Suspension You can raise the body you press this button It will adjust itself But I can’t do it with the car door open… Overall I think it’s very nice Personally I would prefer this More than EQS But coming back Be it 7-Series or EQS More emphasis is on

How should the boss take care of him later? This is the point Notice Although the i7 is a pure electric vehicle But it’s not like iX The floor behind is flat middle There will still be a raised place sit in close this door There is also this Automatic shutdown function The biggest focus of i7/7-Series is This thing on the head There is a TV set three feet above the head This is really a TV Here you can choose My Modes “Lazy mode” You press the button Theater mode sunshades Front and back, automatically raised This 31

inches 8K Resolution The 32:9 screen falls from the sky Paired with Bowers & Wilkins speakers This screen can be touchscreen You can go to touchscreen yourself I’ll use an HDMI TV stick for you later. What’s behind now is Something from another brand Rather than like me before in the United States Or Europe They have Amazon Fire TV It’s Built-in This TV stick in Malaysia You need to find it yourself You can also connect it to PS5 There’s a cup holder here It can be extended further After opening The remote control is over here You can

watch Netflix here What TV Box can do it all works Because it supports HDMI Port You want to watch Youtube You want to watch Netflix You need to see everything it all works You have to close it up OK this button You can also press fold up it will return to its original position The focus of this 7-Series Not in this place This is behind the driver’s seat Your seat This allows the entire seat to be extended Because it can… The bottom of the seat can be adjusted up This is the real Massage Seats The

feeling of a ‘king chair’ BMW Executive Lounge Setup It takes a little time First, the passenger seat will move forward Then the chair back slowly tilted forward Make sure not to block the driver Look in the rearview mirror on the left It’s close to 30 seconds at this point Put your feet up About an extra 5 seconds It will be done There are also very soft headrests in the back You have to lean over here Totally one Very suitable for long distance rides BMW Sedan It’s top notch No more 9-Series You might not believe it

if I say this I have driven the BMW i7 The best BMW electric cars to drive Really easy to drive Although iX is very powerful The car is huge The space is very spacious But because it is the height of an SUV whole body roll The overall driving experience will be a little bit worse It’s not so BMW i4 is probably the best But the i4 again spatially Ride behind Uncomfortable to sit up The car is not that comfortable A little more bouncy So i7 I’m not sure about i5 I won’t know until I test

drive it. The current i7 is really easy to drive It has 544PS and 745Nm 0-100km/h 4.7 seconds But these things You can mash it into a ball and throw it away No need to look at these things at all Ne is not important w Caption It’s really not important As long as an electric vehicle has 400Nm of instant torque All will fly 745Nm Then you don’t need to try Need not you got it you know You know you have so much money in the bank You don’t need to bring it… No need to carry a

briefcase Carrying cash on the road You do not need you need to use You transfer money again You don’t have to show it to others. I think the most valuable thing It’s not about It can be like the rush of an airplane taking off no What is commendable is that Its body weight starts from 2,715kg The point is This i7 rides too smooth Very smooth and sharp at high speed This is nothing strange But at low speed drive slowly You drive slowly Your steering is left Put right it’s so quiet It is comfortable to a

certain extent You won’t believe you’re driving a 7-Series I think the i7 will go with 21-inch wheels I think it is 21-inch tires are pretty big But I really want to emphasize it again This is The first in Malaysia to adopt Bridgestone Turanza 6 Enliten car it’s really quiet Every electric vehicle will Amplify tire noise Can’t run away Because there is no engine There’s no exhaust pipe to cover it up So every video of an electric car Everyone saw it “Why is the road noise so noisy?” It’s not that it’s noisy Because of… it dropped

evenly Nothing else to cover up So you will think it is noisy But to this extent It’s really very quiet certainly You drive a BMW You can still play these Modes Especially like Sport mode When you are in Sport mode There are more things you can adjust step on That powerful G-Force It will pull your whole body back So you will… How many times do you start to accelerate? You’ll be a little car sick This is no joke It’s not easy for you to play with this thing You just need to gently… No need to

play with this thing anymore We have been talking about power acceleration useless This is a 7-Series If you want to drift away and drive an M3 M4 M5, that’s fine. It’s not for you to play with When you corner in Sport mode brake Because the lithium-ion battery is placed under the seat Underbody when you are braking Its center of gravity is to press down It won’t feel that way Your whole person is very smooth Very calm Really calm and calm Let’s switch to Expressive mode This IconicSounds Electric I really never tire of hearing it These

little bits and pieces of pavement Small sand, small hole, small pit It has nothing to do with you at all Because EV tires it must have Low rolling resistance characteristics Because it will greatly affect the driving experience You drive 300-400km If the noise is 1dB more 2dB more You have to endure +2dB for 3 hours So this BMW i7 Prices now start from RM729,800 it has no rival Because EQS Driving EQS 450+ for me before Or when I drove the EQS 500 I’ve said it all EQS It’s good, it’s fast, it’s good looking It has

Hyperscreen But EQS has a Too impulsive Too radical I don’t just mean appearance Even driving Every time you hit the brakes while stepping on it’s too much It’s just too young I think i7 shouldn’t be so young It should have a little vicissitudes of life It should take a little experience it should be a little mature It should feel a little more stable I think the i7 is at this point do very well I think 2-Axle Air Suspension for i7 Really very good Because electric vehicles weigh more than 2,500kg It’s hard to use ordinary suspension

anymore You must go to Air Suspension Because only Air Suspension Only then can we bear the weight of this car not simple Because a suspension has to bear 1,500kg With a suspension it has to bear 2,500kg 1,000kg more This is not an easy thing to do So many kung fu skills are not that good. A car factory that lacks skill It will make a mess The straight road is fast Too close to having any friends It’s almost time to fly to outer space But once you enter a corner, you have to slow down. When exiting

a corner You should also control the car carefully don’t let it slip Don’t let it torque steer Don’t let it understeer I think the 7-Series is i7 for this reason Do it very superbly Excellent martial arts Because I have already test driven it in the United States before 4.4L V8 Twin-Turbo G70 7-Series Also tested in California I’ve driven… Because the current 7-Series No 2.0L four-cylinder No 6.5L V12 Twin-Turbo either No It only has a 3.0L inline six-cylinder 4.4L V8 Twin-Turbo Or this BEV In terms of overall smoothness sense of acceleration explosive force That 4.4L V8

Only one place has ever won it It’s Cornering Because the car is 300kg+ lighter Not a little lighter it redefines What is a ‘good luxury car’? Good luxury RV Good electric luxury car i7 is the Best Congratulations here on the BMW i7 Got 2022-2023 Editor’s Choice Luxury Car of the Year It won the Luxury Car of the Year There is no label EV of the Year here. Or Performance EV of the Year Because i7 has Everything a luxury car should have Quiet Missing six-cylinder engine Less interference from an eight-cylinder engine It’s very quiet inside

the carriage Paired with Bridgestone Turanza 6 Silent tires Overall body work materials Overall tightness Sealing Do it very well Electric cars are actually Game Changers But i7 focuses on Premium and Luxury It’s on top of Game Changer again Game Changer that turns into Luxury Sales in Malaysia are currently very good In the United States, sales in China All very stable This is quite a difficult thing Because we move from ICE to BEV Many of these old brands Everyone will be acclimatized But BMW tries its best to In close cooperation with CATL (Ningde Times) It has

its own set of battery recipes Coupled with CATL technology Let’s take a look at the powertrain of the BMW i7 Also placed on the Rolls-Royce Specter i7 success I think it’s overwhelming Electric vehicles can really change a lot of things i7 well deserved Luxury Car of the Year BMW open the door BMW Close the door BMW fold down the screen wah

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