I watched a Christian horror movie! Nefarious. My honest review.

the day of his scheduled execution a convicted serial killer gives a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon let me ask you some questions I’m not Edward I’m a demon demons aren’t really a thing this is considered a psychological Thriller we own him we they actually called it a horror movie but it’s a Christian movie I think it’s time we tell you exactly what it is that we’d like you to do okay I went and saw the movie nefarious and I’m gonna give you my honest review here this is not going to

be anything super spectacular professional I just want to give you my thoughts on the movie I went and saw in theaters if you don’t know what nefarious is the synopsis is on the day of his scheduled execution a convicted serial killer gives a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon and further claims that before their time is over the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own this is considered a psychological Thriller they they actually called it a horror movie but it’s a Christian movie just being clear I think it was the

creators of God’s Not Dead it’s a Christian movie I did get an early screening link via email uh before the movie was out in theaters I didn’t watch

the early screening link I was planning on it I kept trying to but I just couldn’t make the time and so I thought you know what this is the type of movie where you need to watch in theaters let me go watch it with my wife in theaters so let me give you my thoughts on it uh the good and the bad and whether I would recommend it

or not and actually my answer might surprise you I know the creators I’m sure will watch this and I have mutual friends and stuff like that but I I want to be honest in this I’m not Spa sponsored I’m not getting paid to say what I’m gonna say there’s no sponsorship involved I’m freely able to just give my opinion on this so let’s first start with the good and then we’ll start with the bad I don’t want to start with the bad because you know it just feels weird so the good is the movie does

show there’s a real war going on in the spiritual realm again this is a Christian movie and the man who’s talking throughout the movie or the demons speaking out of him the demon does reveal throughout the movie the war going on in the spiritual realm you know me I’m a Christian that believes the Bible and that means I believe in casting out demons I cast out demons I believe in the spiritual war I have 100 something videos on spiritual warfare on the channel so I believe the spiritual war I’m always trying to bring awareness to

that and one thing I love about the movie is it brings awareness to the spiritual realm also the acting is good the acting is really really good the two main characters that are throughout the whole movie are incredible actors there’s some other actors that were not very good but they weren’t in it very long the two main actors I thought this was like an award-winning acting I mean uh it was it was that good it was that level so I I thought the acting was good it definitely exposes Satan’s plan in humanity which is another

thing that I did like about it uh exposes the plans of the enemy when it comes to well I can’t say the words I’ll get flagged but the a word which is the murder of children and other things it shows the truth behind it and so theologically the movie is sound it is sound theologically it’s it goes right along with scripture it tells the story of they call him the carpenter in the movie which is obviously Jesus they don’t ever mention his name but they say the Carpenter and so theologically it’s a sound movie it

is a Christian horror movie or psychological Thriller which I don’t even know where to put that category but at the end of the day it is a Christian movie and it does show the story of Jesus and how he defeated the enemy and brings a lot there and I want to recommend this movie listen I really want to recommend this movie but there’s some other areas of why I just can’t recommend it and I’m going to tell you why and then at the end I’ll tell you is there anyone that I could recommend it to

so that was the good the acting theologically sound it reveals the war in the spiritual realm the bad was it makes demonization look extremely dramatic and outlandish one thing we always tell people is when we’re casting demons out of people it’s oftentimes normal people it’s oftentimes people that are just average you know School teachers and doctors and nurses and police officers and people that work at coffee shops these are all usually average people that have demons that need to get delivered it’s usually not a serial killer or someone that’s some high level in the occult

now that is the case for small majority but the one thing I didn’t like about the movie is it makes demonization look extremely dramatic when oftentimes you’re not gonna have an hour and a half conversation with a demon in the practical sense so it really does make Deliverance look it gives a false picture of demonization and a false picture of how Deliverance happens and I know the movie’s not about deliver or casting out demons but if you’re going to show a demon for an hour and a half I just think that dramaticizing it and making

it look like people look oh yeah demons are real but only in serial killers so I think it does a negative in that sense also and I’m trying to be nice in this review it gave me a sense of hopelessness I can’t describe it any other way as a Christian who believes in casting out demons my wife and I agreed the people I went and saw it with agreed I just felt at the end of the movie a sense of hopelessness there was no in my mind redemption in the story it was just complete hopelessness

um I think it can cause unbelievers or even Believers to have their demons exposed with no hope of Freedom so I was thinking about if you’re an unbeliever and you go see this movie and you have a demon you’re just going to feel hopeless you’re going to feel like there’s no hope there’s no Freedom there’s no deliverance and so being a Christian movie I could hear the criticism saying like well they didn’t want to be overtly Christian but they were a Christian movie so I felt like they stopped right there at the 10-yard line and

didn’t cross the finish line so I don’t know I don’t really know how to explain it other than I felt like really hopeless and I feel like if someone had a demon that was an unbeliever even a believer they would just manifest that demon would be exposed during the movie they would feel that sense of weirdness because if you know if you have a demon and someone’s talking about demons oftentimes it makes your demon manifest I feel like someone would just manifest in the theater and there actually was some people coughing and stuff in the

theater while we were watching it and there was some manifestations happening to someone by me but there was never a chance of Freedom there was never any hope there was never any gospel presentation I know they weren’t trying to do that in the movie but still if it’s a Christian movie it’s already labeled Christian when you watch it I think that they really missed a massive opportunity so I didn’t like that I didn’t like that those listens of hopelessness um I think it stopped short because there was no preaching of Freedom or salvation it’s like

the man has a demon you you might have a demon but that’s it you know there was a there was a real hopeless ending in my opinion even to the very end I won’t spoil it but even the last scene it’s just like basically my the gist was like you’re always gonna have this demon following you or demons following you so and then lastly the bad thing I know I’m kind of naming a lot of things I thought were weren’t the best about it is this is not how the average demonization is and so again

it paints that false picture this is not the way we see demons often in scripture it’s not the way that we do Deliverance if you look at mark one Jesus’s first deliverance we just go to the Bible was a man in the synagogue so this wasn’t some serial killer it was a man in the synagogue you look at the woman in Luke 13 you look at the young boy you look at the side for Venetian woman’s daughter these are just deliverances I could come to mind the man that was a mute and deaf or mutant

dumb Spirit you know there was one man at the tombs who was cutting himself and that was a dramatic of a dramatic demonization but the all the other deliverances in scripture were not these crazy serial killers so I just feel like it did a disservice there there was a sense of hopelessness and even after the movie was over there was a group of younger probably late teens early 20s and I missed an opportunity because they were kind of like they kept saying like we just feel weird they were like we can’t describe it because I

was ear hustling listening to them they were like we can’t describe it we just have this weird feeling after watching it in my mind I’m like well their demons probably manifested during the movie so there’s no resolution what do they do you say well that might open them up to the gospel I mean what are they going to do they’ll Google it Google I have a demon so yeah that was what I would say I know some pushback would be well Isaiah wasn’t trying to be a Christian movie like that I was trying to be

undercover but in my mind it’s like it’s already a Christian movie Why Stop short of the most important part and that is Jesus and getting free he offers freedom and there’s an ending of the movie where you’ll know if you know where they had a perfect chance to be like There’s Hope in Jesus there’s freedom in Jesus there’s deliverance from bondage but it just fell flat and so for all of those reasons I can’t recommend this movie again I think it exposes the spiritual realm it shows I gave it some good things there I can’t

recommend this movie to unbelievers I can’t recommend this movie to new Believers now is there a place for this movie I think if you’re a solid Christian you know about the Demonic realm you know about spiritual warfare and you’re solid and you’re okay with watching uh something labeled as a horror movie I think there’s definitely a debate of could you get a spirit of fear from watching a movie like this there’s a debate there but if you’re okay with watching a psychological Thriller I think the ending was graphic just warning then um I would say

maybe go see it I I did like the movie generally I was like man that was good but again for all those other reasons I just felt like they outweighed me being able to give to my big audience here and say everyone go watch it um so I don’t know if I would say like two thumbs up one thumbs down or one thumbs up two thumbs down or I’m very mixed on it but I wouldn’t recommend it to unbelievers I wouldn’t recommend it to new Christians because I think it would just cause a lot of

fear and confusion with them I would say if you’re a solid Christian maybe go watch it pray about it use discretion but other than that that’s what I thought about nine minutes nefarious I went and saw it there was some good there was some bad but to me the the negative outweighed the good and the feeling of hopelessness was the big thing for me there was no presentation of God and if you’re going to be a Christian movie I think there needs to be Redemption because if it’s a Christian move movie should be a christ-centered

movie and if we’re promoting this to churches and trying to get our churches to go see it um especially churches out here don’t even preach on spiritual warfare or Deliverance or any of that then I think there could be some dangerous things that could happen with people just manifesting and not getting free and that’s a whole nother video that I’ll make but that’s my thoughts you guys asked my conclusion on nefarious pray about it use your own discretion and we’ll see you guys in the next video

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