Killers of the Flower Moon — Official Trailer 2

Whose land is this? My land. ♪ William: Well, well, well. Our war hero has arrived. William: You made a good choice coming back here. The Osage are the finest, William: wealthiest, William: and most beautiful people on God’s earth. William: They outsmarted everybody. ♪ William: They have the say William: who gets the oil. ♪ William: Son, I got a question. You like women? That’s my weakness. ♪ William: Well we mix these families together William: and that estate money flows the right direction. It’ll come to us. ♪ Mollie: Sho-mee-kah-see. Mollie: That’s how you are. ♪ I don’t

know what you said but it must’ve been Indian for handsome devil. ♪ Why did you come here? ♪ Ernest: I work with my uncle. You scared of him? ♪ No, he’s a… Ernest: the nicest man in the world. ♪ William: The Osage, William: their time is over. ♪ William: We’ve got to take back control of our home. ♪ Tom: I was sent down from Washington, D.C. to see about these murders. ♪ Paul: We have so many deaths we’ve lost count. William: It’s just bad luck. Tom: Seems more like an epidemic than bad luck to me.

♪ Paul: The Osage is dying by the enemy. Do not let them die alone. Mollie: Evil surrounds my heart. ♪ William: You gotta pick a side. ♪ Mollie: I

don’t even know if you love me anymore. Of course I love you. ♪ Mollie: Then kill these men who killed my family ♪ Tom: Did your wife say who she was most afraid of? ♪ William: Don’t do something you’re gonna regret for the rest of your life. ♪ Ernest: I ain’t got nothing but regret. ♪

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