What Do Eagles Have to Prove Tonight vs. Vikings?

y Night Football. Kyle We got to win the heavyweight fight, guys. We got a boxing poster. Slay and Jefferson ring the bell. Let’s go. Slay versus Justin Jefferson. Ring the bell. I’m very excited about this one. You don’t see a lot of these old fashioned and Dion versus Andre Rison type things. Here’s the deal. Last year, these two teams played in the same week and it was Slay versus Jefferson. It was Slays coming out party. He won resoundingly. He had two picks. He could have had four. As you’re going to see the stats bear out

that when Kirk Cousins threw to Jefferson with Slay Guardian was one for five for seven yards and two picks, he won the battle. It’s been talked about a lot this week. Justin Jefferson straight up says there’s quote tension going into the matchup. There’s slay is going to be chirping. Slay is going to be talking before the game, during the game. This is a great thing. And I know the broadcast is going to be all over anytime. Slay One name only is matched up against Justin Jefferson. I also think there’s a thing where Justin Jefferson has

looked at right now as the guy. He is the number one wide receiver in the league. He’s the biggest star. The kids love him. The grownups love him. I’m

also looking over at AJ Brown and Devante Smith like, what do you got? Because allegedly Elvis is in the building. Like, why don’t you show out a little bit and have a huge big game and say, he’s not all that. We have the best wide receivers in the NFL. We have the best corner in the NFL. We have the best team in the NFL. The Jefferson thing

is he’s such a rock star that the slay factor. But even the same position on other team. I want to see what they do to kind of take him down. And I’m watching 18 all night. I like that because you look at the Eagles last week, Brown Smith didn’t have big game. Smith had a touchdown pass but the offense couldn’t get going. And a lot of that was Jalen Hurts struggled less than 200 yards in the air had the late game fumble And we go back to a year ago that first game in Detroit Jalen

hurts goes off 250 yards in the air 90 on the ground had a rushing touchdown. Then we got to Monday night and you say week one is a liar Last year Minnesota beat the brakes off the Packers in week one and we were all fired up going into this Monday night game. Philly wins a shootout against Detroit and then we’re at the link and it just everything went Philly’s way. Jalen Hurts was all over the place. He had two rushing touchdowns, five seconds within the second quarter. They just could not stop him. They were gashing

the Vikings off the Vikings defense. And then this past Sunday in New England, Jalen Hurts, just didn’t look comfortable. There weren’t many opportunities to get the ball down the field to whether it was Dallas Goddard who didn’t have a catch or AJ Brown or Devante Smith, nothing looked the way it did last year when he jumped out on the scene. So you talk about what can they do tonight? I don’t know if it’s a prove yourself to the entire league. It might only be prove yourself to yourself when you’re looking in the mirror. We talked

about offensive coordinator Shane Steichen taking over for the Indianapolis Colts and Brian Johnson now becoming Philly’s OC for Hurts and Johnson like, let’s start to get this thing rolling. Let’s have some positive plays, let’s make some big plays, get the ball down the field. That’s what I think everybody wants to see from Philly to just to start to see that offense clicking. Swift Probably get a ton of opportunities tonight. Welcome yourself to Philadelphia. Going there. Let the fans cheer for you and have those number zero jerseys possibly come out after Thursday night. Football should be

exciting. One, I’m excited to watch this game because I think, you know, you look at both these teams they had disappointing week ones. I know the Eagles fans are watching like we won. What are you talking about? It was it was not a performance like the Cowboys had. It was not a performance like you said the 49 ERs had. It was like a get out of there and survive. And maybe I give them credit. Hey, going into there and it’s on the road and it’s New England and Brady and the whole thing and but you’re

up 16 nothing and almost let that game slip away tonight I’m looking at that interior offensive line of the Minnesota Vikings and the Buccaneers destroyed them like Fada. Vaya was just like literally like remove you out of the club. I love Vito and I’m looking at number 98 in Philly. First time that I’ll have my eyes the entire just all attention there’s not a to a game against the Chargers going on there’s not another Yeah there’s not fields in love focus give me the Jalen Carter experi since 98 had as good a rookie debut at

the defensive tackle position you could imagine in the safeties were non-existent. The whole middle of the field was there for the Patriots. They literally lit up that defensive backfield. I’m Sean Desai. I’m looking at my safeties and all the injuries we got and I’m a little worried about that, but I’m not worried about up front and they’re going to need him. They’re going to need Jalen Carter to be this good. Jordan Davis was next to Jalen Carter, the two college teammates. It looked like. I mean, honestly, it looked like the old days of when you’d

have like Sam Adams next to a big Ted Washington. Ted Washington, Yeah. Remember that? It was just two beasts inside of all the defensive tackles last week in football. This guy in his first NFL game had the most pressures on a quarterback. That’s insane. So I’m looking if this is the difference maker, I know we’ve got bigger stars on the field and I think DeAndre Swift is going to play a bigger role. And obviously Jefferson in and Slay is eye candy. I’m going to look a little bit within all that. Look at you. I’m looking

at 98 and I’m looking at him against guys like Ed Ingram and Ezra Cleveland, not household names, but it could be a long night for the Vikings and it could be a really long night for Kirk Cousins and if we have any history, the Eagles kick the snot out of the Vikings when they come to their building. The NFC championship game a couple of years ago. Remember the flea flickers, all that and then last year on that Monday night game, the Vikings didn’t even board the bus. It was wild to watch that game last night.

The Vikings got a multi view treatment for me on Sunday. YouTube boxes out of my multi view. Oh you took them out. I took them out once I saw those three. Yeah that’s like Myspace top eight like you demoted. I just I had so many options. I had so many options and I was like, I can’t watch this anymore. After this, after the second drop, snap, botched fumble. And then there was an interception. It was like, again, Vikings fans. I think they’ve given the Vikings a proper treatment. This week it was dismay, frustration with the

offensive line. Then Monday, choose the article start coming out. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. No, no, no. That’s not a good thing for those miscues on your offensive line to happen in the first half of a home game to open your season. When I looked at the segment, I first thing I wrote was fix it. Kirk, this is on you, man. You are the leader of this offensive line. You look at their eyeballs and you tell them what’s what. You tell them what counts. What? Cuz what are

we doing here? Now? You got to go to Philadelphia and you just had a reputable person in NFL media say you didn’t get off the bus last year. Like fixed it. Kirk you can’t walk into Philadelphia and have this go down the way it did in Minnesota. That’s what drives me nuts about last week was that these offensive line miscues, now you don’t even have your starting center. Ray Bradbury’s out. You’re going to walk in Philadelphia and think it’s not going to be loud, that you’re not going to have to go hard count, that you’re

not going to. This was so frustrating to watch. They’re they’re working their way down the field and it was all in the first half. And then for Minnesota articles, The Star Tribune coming out well, actually the Pff grades. No, no, no, no timing is everything. And if you don’t get this thing right, it was going to be a long night. I don’t care if it’s one guy or ten guys. The defensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles is unbelievable, Bill. And it could be a bad night if fix it, Kirk. Fix it wasn’t that we had

the summer of Kirk like everyone fell in love with cousins and the Netflix special and it’s like poof, you don’t want to start. Oh, and two, you know what I’m saying? Like, you got to get this thing right. All the goodwill and all the outfits and roasting marshmallows, like, let’s, let’s play some good ball tonight. And it’s a good story for the league. Come on. No doubt about it. And to that point, watching that game in the first half, the guard hit the ball out of Kirk Cousins hands. Yes. Winfield comes off the edge free.

Nobody blocks him. I will say they didn’t play horrible. They just had dumb mistakes in that game. And really bad times really bad times. And it set the tone. I think for the rest of the game. Like the second you give Week one, the Buccaneers. Real quick Jason, I’m talking that the Eagles didn’t make the statement like as a player when you hear that like we went on the road and beat the Patriots in New England is that like are you looking at the TV? If you’re hearing me say this and be like, are you

ridiculous? Or do you feel it? And say, well, Mac Jones just ate in the second half all over our defense? Oh, no, because you watched the film. So when the other quarterback has over 300 yards and three touchdowns and you’re in there and you’re watching it with your DB coach, like, yeah, you’re a little bit more relaxed because you won the game, but what the hell are you doing here, son? You’re still getting that. So I think for the players, you’re happy you walk away with a win because it’s hard to do in the NFL.

But you know, you have corrections and you want to play better. You can be a guy if you gave up three touchdowns and you won 42, 41, you’re like, They may be getting me out of here. You do? Was talking about Kirk cousins. Everyone was laughing at Jonathan Gannon and all his speech

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