LANKELEISI MG740 Plus Dual Motor eBike Review – 50km/h, 2 x 1000W

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back in today’s video we are checking out a very cool bike this is also a very powerful bike so this is called the mg 740 plus so we have 26 in Wheels with 4in wide tires so we have the fat tires as they are called but this bike also gets dual motors so we have one motor on the back and one motor on the front so 1,000 wats of power on the front and 1,000 wats of power on the back with the pick power of 1,00 Watts

for the front and of course the back so if you’re looking for a bike that has an insane amount of power well this is definitely one to consider now let’s start a bit of an unboxing just so I can show you how the bike comes packed in the box and what you have to do to get this ready and on the road all right so this bike comes in a pretty massive box the box is also pretty heavy the bike itself weighs 34 kilos so this is definitely not easy to carry around so it is

a heavy bike so you’re probably going to need that second person to move that box around now when you first take this out of the box

you do have to do a bit of an installation you basically have to put a front wheel together you have to put a handle bar together you have to put the pedals together and this front modu guard plus the light so it’s going to take you about an hour to get this ready and as I said if you’re by yourself it’s going to be a bit difficult to put that

front wheel together because the bike is heavy the wheel is heavy so having the second person would definitely be helpful taking a closer look at the bike well this looks like your regular mountain bike but with fatter tires I’m going to say and I absolutely love how this looks and wherever you ride these people do turn their heads and look at you first of all because of the road noise these tires do make a bit of road noise whenever you are riding normally obviously because they’re that big but since we have these Massive Tires the

bike is also pretty comfortable over bumps over uneven Terrain not to mention it you can actually ride on Sand with this because you have traction on the front traction on the back so if you want you can ride on rocks sand or whatever so there is really no terrain that will stop this bike with those tires and of course the power that you have all right so next I want to show you how the bike does uphill we have a pretty steep heal up here I’m not sure you can actually see but it is fairly

steep so we have the bike in the second gear and the assistance level to as well so basically I’m going to start by accelerating with a throttle and then I’ll start pedaling however with this bike you don’t actually need to Pedal because it has so much power so I have the front and rear motor and um we’ll get going so I’m not actually pedaling as you can um see for yourself so if you want a bike where you don’t actually have to Pedal at all well this is definitely it because any heel it can basically

go up any heal without any problem and if you want a pedal of course you can start pedaling and then the bike will start um assisting you as well but as as I said earlier if you don’t want to Pedal at all you have the throttle here and you can just Accelerate from here so this easy so any Hill that you want this bike will be able to go up any hill without any problem with all that power of course you’re also going to need a lot of stopping power so this bike is equipped with

hydraulic disc brakes the disc brakes on this one also are a bit larger than most other bikes that I’ve tried in the past and the stopping power from these brakes is also really good but again if you’re riding at 50 km an hour so if you do unlock this it can go up to 50 km an hour well if you do pull on these brake livers you’re definitely going to lock that front and rear wheels so maybe breake slower is I’m going to say but there is a lot of stopping power that you can actually

lock the front and the rear wheels no problem the bike is also equipped with a seven gear Shimano shifter and shifting through gears is done flawlessly so moving up moving down no problems at all so if you don’t necessarily want to use the electric motors you can actually ride this just like a regular bike but keep in mind the bike is heavy so it is a bit more difficult well not difficult but you’re going to have to put a lot of effort into pedaling if you’re not using the motors but you can definitely do that

the battery pack is located in the center here you can easily see to actually have a little button on the battery pack here you can press that and you can see how much power you have the battery pack can also be removed so there are two keys that come in the box and you can easily remove that battery pack if you want to charge it upstairs for example because the bike is a bit large so maybe you’re not going to be able to keep this in an apartment in a small apartment because it is a

large bike now the range for this bike really depends how how you ride it according to the manufacturer you can get up to 150 km on one charge now I don’t really see that happening but I guess if you just ride on assistance level one and you use only one motor maybe that’s possible but in my experience you’re going to get about I know 50 km if you use the front and rear Motors and you don’t really ped that much we also have mod guards on the back and of course on the front these are

made out of plastic stick but this is what happens every time you ride a bike so they do move a lot but luckily they don’t actually make any noise so even if you’re going over an even terrain and they do move like crazy they don’t actually make any noise so that’s definitely a good thing the seat here is larger than most bikes that I got to try so there is a lot of padding so you can easily go for extended periods of time before you get tired so very comfortable seat talking about comfort so The

Handlebar here can be adjust adjusted in height now in a way can be adjusted in height so you can actually move it lower or higher so this makes it much easier to ride in a straight position so it really depends how you want to ride if you want to ride all the way straight you can just lift this up all the way straight but if you want to ride a bit more inclined you can just move the handlebar lower so that’s definitely an added bonus because with a lot of these bikes bikes that look similar

like this don’t have any adjustment for The Handlebar so the Comfort on this bike is superior to all the other similar looking bikes that I got to try in the past talking about Comfort well on the front here we also have a front suspension this has about 2 in of travel so not an insane amount of travel I wouldn’t say that this bike is designed for off-road I mean sure you can jump a couple of Curves you can go over some rocks because we have the Massive Tires but I don’t believe that this is actually

designed as an off-road machine so I would just go over the occasional uneven terrain but I wouldn’t take this on the mountain to go jumping U I don’t know stuff with it so yes we do have a front suspension it TS well overall with the big tires and the comfortable seat so it can keep you comfy whenever you’re riding this on the front here we also have a light the light is bright enough to be seen during the day and of course it’s bright enough at night but strangely enough there is no light on the

back and I find that a bit disappointing I was really hoping to have a light on the back now maybe there is a reflector that comes in U in the box that you can install but there is no actually light connected to the battery pack and the overall system of the bike the horn is also located in this light here and it is extremely loud as well so get ready so very very loud all right that brings us to The Handlebar here so The Handlebar is nice and wide the grips here don’t seem to move

at all on the right hand side here we also have a throttle this comes enabled from the box but the bike is locked to 25 km out of the box you can unlock it and then it will go up to 51 km an hour but I left mine locked to that 25 kilm an hour so on the left hand side here we have some buttons so you can basically change modes see the odometer and all that on the screen that we have in the center here talking about the screen the screen is fairly large but

on a sunny like today you can barely see the screen mostly if you have some sunglasses on you can’t really see this screen so I’m not a fan of the screen the brake livers are made out of metal and as I mentioned earlier these are hydraulic brakes and they do work really good as well and of course the shifter is on the right hand side here all right so let me quickly show you how you drive this bike so we have the power button right here if you hold this pressed for about 2 seconds or

so the bike will come on and basically the screen will be on from here we have the plus and minus you can change assistance levels so now we’re in assistance level two and if you hold the plus button press for about 3 seconds you can change between the front motor the rear motor or both together so now we are in dual motor but as I said you can have just the front or just the back I’m not sure if you can actually see the screen on the camera but we are going to go in U

dual motor mode so the front and the back so you can start um going with this bike in a couple of ways so you can accelerate from the throttle here or you can start pedaling and the bike will assist you as soon as you start pedaling now we do not have a torque sensor for this bike we actually have a speed sensor so you basically have to start moving and the bike will um assist you whenever you start moving so we’re going to start by pedaling and you can already hear the motors assisting me so

this will take you up to the speed that it’s set this bike is limited to 25 km an hour but you can easily unlock it and if you do unlock it it will take you up to 51 km an hour or you can accelerate them with a throttle it does have a lot of power so watch out if the ground is wet or something like that maybe don’t accelerate to the throttle because it does have a lot of power and that front whe um will spin but you do have the option of not pedaling if

you don’t want to Pedal I’m going to show you how the brakes work so we’ll do a bit of a brake um test after rep pass these people the ground is wet so I don’t want to break too hard so we’ll break here so you can easily stop this bike these brakes do work really good shifting through gears is done good as well oh man everything is so wet around here so no problems um shifting gears so if you’re looking for a bike where you don’t actually have to put any effort into pedaling this is

definitely it now of course you can also turn off the bike so now the bike is off and if you want you can pedal right a regular bicycle that doesn’t have a motor or two in this case so you can use this as a regular bike as well so this easy to ride this bike basically all right so to quickly conclude this video I do like this bike quite a lot it is very well built I love the fact that it doesn’t actually make any noise whenever you’re riding it with a lot of other bikes

they squeak they make certain noises well this one doesn’t actually make any noise the motors that we have on the back and on the front are extremely powerful you can actually spin that front wheel if you are on gravel or riding on rocks and stuff like that so there is an insane amount of power and this is the type of bike that you can actually ride without pedaling at all and it doesn’t matter what kind of a heel you are on if it’s a heel that’s this steep the bike can actually do it without you

having to do anything so it is extremely powerful it’s also very comfortable and very quiet as well so no noise at all so I do like this bike quite a lot and I think it’s priced right as well so if you’re looking for a new monster bike definitely consider this one all right guys hopefully you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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