Mia Fishel Is The Game Changer USWNT Needs! | USWNT vs Colombia review

. Okay. Darian, proves lal right. There’s so many topics that I want to touch on there becausthere was so much excitement that we talked about lot. One, I would say that consistently across the two games. Lindsey Horan has stood out as a leader on this am. That’s not something that I really ft when she was named as the captain. I will go bk on my word and say w le, Wh? Lindsey? She has proven that across these games pyed really well. Yeah, she’s played really well and she seems li this great leader. She’s obviously puttineverything

on the field for her. So congratulatis to her. On getting her goal as well and seeing her with the young ayers was great. But I want to justinofeteay to deiler about me official, because that’s alayer that we have to talk about because when Alex Morgan was on the field, the first 45, it was a complely different style of play. ah. And Ihi ites ofiney Horan, in that first 45, she had a few different headers. She’s clearly the aeri target in the box When the starting lineup that’s out there is outhere. The tngtid aus immediately her

physicality on e pitch. She wants to play ba to goal. She wants to receive the ball at her feet and hold o multiple defenders. Any

time there’s an rial challenge. Official is going to be up and challenging for it, winning a lot of them as well. And to have the versatility to not only have official winning challeng inside the box, but Lindsey Horan It takes pressure off of her and so she doesn’t ha tbehene getting her head on it every single time.Oft mber nines that we’ve seen because of her vsatility. She’s g t aiapren. She

can play back to goal. She can coine really well with the playerunderneath of her. If it’s Lindsey Hor, if it’s Jayden Shaw out wide, she can get into the box. She loses her defends. I meanthli gs onore.ffia S ia complete number. Nine Yeah, I agree. And I thi something that’s really important about her game that maybe we han’t had with the wom’s national team is how she checks to the ball and pulls center backs ou of position bau wvelws had great wingers who like to go one by one. We know they’ going to be fast

and physical and get in behind. But I think in the first half, all the forwards were making the same runs. Everne was running away from the ball. No one was real coming to. And when Mia official came i she was checking off of the line. It allowed so ch space. How much better was the US switching the ball, whipping the ba into space? Even Jdeawase opposite side of the pitch, whicI was like, this girl is on fire. She’s playing like she’s 27. I love this. But it just it gave so much more depth the attack

of this women’s nationaleam, and it proved it with all of the goals. And when Fishel drops deeper into the miie, s tt Shaw then pressed higher into that higher number nine in bind role and the way that theystem was set up. Emily Fox was on the right at that point. She was able to get higher and that’s how she got the sist. To Lindsey Horan’s goal because of that movement a tt eem at iwh is alls team to flourishThat freedom that we’re talking about, that they’re acallynttwind eyon flo e to just go one way streets

is what the difference that we’r seeing with this national team. And that’s exactly what we need to see going forward. But ase talk about Mia official, there were some comments on her in the ess conference and her playing with theories and now being with the national team. Let’s go ahead and take a listen. Alejandr from San Diego Punto football. Mia Fisher has been aying at this level for the past couple seasons with Tres Femenil. What do you think took so long for the US national team to take notice of her? Well before she answe that,

I’m going to say she wasn’t playing at this vel because she was playing with grass and not at the national level, but you can speak toer talents. Yeah, I think. I think we will. I know we were wahing Mia with Tigres and she did a great job with them and we also had some other talented forwards in the mix and it wasn’t the right time for the coaching staff at the time to bring her in. And I think that she’s benefited a lot from her time at Tigr. She I’ve known Mia since she was a

young, young player, very young player. And you can what she developed playing for Tigres is more I think actually some of that back to goal and combination play underneath and things like that were well practiced with Tigres and now you see her adding a different element to her game at elsea. And this is just part of her journey. d now she has a next step with her journey with us. Um, but I know she real values that time at Tigre and so do I. I enjoyed watching her there. I actually got a chance to watch

in person before I joined the nation team staff. And after I joined the national tea staff. And it’s a great, great club and she had a high impact there and now she’s on to a different chapteof her life. And both have an influence inhe player that she is that is now with us two very differt reactions there. There’s ron Heifetz, the PR for US Women National team cutting in. So saying what we heard there, the official has be pyi o srybere she answers Mia wasn’t playing at this level. She was playing in taters and not

at a national team level. We’ll get into it, but Twila Kilgore’s answer was very different. I appreciate her answer, but it feels like that comes into question about how these American players are being judged and evaluated and whether there is an American and Eurocentric biaso yi, ah , she’s not playing at this level. She’s plang with Tigres whereverhe was playing, she was completely dominant in the league and she was scoring 30 goalin a season. I mean, it’s incredible. Yeah, I, I kind of scoffed that he cut Coach Twila Kilge off and said that. And I

thin I don’t know, watching her reaction, I was really surprised. Yeah, I thought that that was kind of distastef. Tell me Offici has been killing it from college to pro in every level of her pro career d I think it’s been a long time cominthat she gets this opportunity to be in the Women’s National team. Yeah I really didn’t like that. But he also wasn’t ask the question. I don’t know why he jumped in at at moment. I think Twila Kilgore answeredt. I liked her answer at the end.heas just developing that part of her game

and we wanted to give her a chance with Chela to develop more, which I totally agree. She’s training with the best of the best eve single day at Chelsea with a really amazing coach. But yeah, me officials, that girl, she has been that girl coming in, scoring goals. She’s adding layers to this women’s national team and I think it’s just going to be more and re creativendow th’rgog tutizheaying with her b. And that’s what the US women’s national team has been missing for a really long time. S I hope she has a chip on her

shoulder hearing that and it’ like, You know what, watch this next game I got. think me official alreadyad cp rhodeberes because she got she chose not to play in the NWSL and she chose too to Ti-grace after being drafd and teams wanting her in the end of USL and she chose to play in Liga MX, Femenil and get 30 goals across a season or across the year f tm.nd th s snsitChsean she was able to develop her game, I think, in a really differt way than if she was in the NWSL. She definitely she played

and won the Golden Boot and was incredible throughout them. And I think that the level of Liga MX Femen can’t be in question rht now bau yokcrs thee multiple clubs that have rtnered with the domestic league in Mexico to have friendlies and to compete with them a tinteheto tit Ste and goo and play during the season, preseason for both sides and to create that competition and also that partnership. There are Concacaf partner, as we should want, and there’s definitely a joint bid coming from them. So you would wanto irtrship and ne xican national team. There

are about four members of theMexicas si awell to say, hey, no, th is not that level. Like you said, a official has been that girl no maer where she is, like, don’ton tnko ea down upon it. Yeah. It’s just been part of her development as a as the plar that we’re seeing her now and whether he rees or not is honestly irlent. She’s here. Yeah, exactly. And scoring goals So yeah go go me official You’re lling it. Don’t don’t listen to that. You made the right decision. Your ceer is skyrocketing, right now. And yeah, well

deserd.he controls her career right now and she has. I love that because we actually don’ see that a lot from players that are likeyou know what? I’m n going to go there. I

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