Popular food reviewer leaves impact on metro Atlanta resturants

Well, new tonight at five o’clock, a Fairburn restaurant is experiencing a big boom in business. After this Tik Tok food critic Keith Lee, a lot of, you know, him gave it a positive review. Well, the new brunch spot has barely been open a month and our Teresa bowl spoke to him about how this has completely changed the restaurant’s trajectory. The dining experience is one of few metro Atlanta restaurants to pass the Keith Lee test owner, Kenya Keesha Johnson Septin says she’s still recovering after a long weekend of business she hadn’t seen since this place opened

in March when you’re competing with a long list of popular metro Atlanta brunch spots. You’ve got to put the work in to win pride is, was normally kind of slow. We probably about 25 to 30 people. That was until a very popular influencer stopped by Kenya Keisha Johnson Simpkins restaurant, the dining experience, salmon, egg rolls, fried salmon and grits, meet Keith Lee. If you compare it to the rest of the customer service we’ve had since we’ve been in Atlanta. This is pretty good. He’s a viral food critic with over 14 million followers on Tik Tok

and his anonymous visit and positive review brought those followers right to Simkins store. Now, I think he Lee, a line wrapped around the door having an hour wait, the

business just reopened at this location in September. Lee said when he was there, the parking lot was empty. But after Lee, the love came pouring in were not prepared at all. I’ve never been formally trained as a server. They’ve only been doing this for really about a month when Lee stopped by server Joshua Smith was about to rap for the, I had just finished a party of

one. I was thinking that was gonna be my last table of the day. The last minute meal earned Smith a $1000 tip from Lee Smith works a total of three jobs and squeezed in a video chat with me on his break. He handed to me. He’s like, you deserve every bit of this. You have a great rest of your day. And I’m like, oh, you guys too, not even looking at it. And I had to do another double take because I’m like, that’s a common home. Smith can finally buy a car. Fairburn residents commented on

Facebook saying they didn’t know the restaurant existed until Lee posted about it. And for that Simkins says, she’s grateful to give the great experience. We have to make sure that we have enough people on staff to accommodate. So right now we are hiring in Fairburn Teresa Bowls 11 a live news and love to see that business getting a lot of love and a lot of customers. But we gotta be honest. He didn’t leave great reviews for everyone. And that’s been a big part of the conversation here in Atlanta today. He has been doing this for

a very, very long time and he goes, he pays for his own food and he leaves an honest review and people if they don’t know who he is, you know, he goes and he doesn’t say I’m Keith Lee. He wants to go and get the real restaurant. Go on social media type in Keith Lee, you’ll see what we’re talking. Some people love him. Some people don’t. But hey, you got, he does help out a lot of people, those restaurants have lines out the door.

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