QUANG VINH : Review Booklet Album Mơ Một Giấc Mơ – UNBOX

Hi hello everyone Welcome back to my channel Today
I would like to introduce to you the collage of singer Hoang Vinh’s album, all of you
have not seen the disc review clip. then you can go to my channel
to see this album, then I’ll make it my sister’s nick and now
it finds this photo book to make a review clip that will show you
all the lyrics, here is the lyric of the song The sand pool,
Quang Vinh, was famous in the past and had a lot of good music
, my favorite is the song If You Don’t Come Before and you came into my
life Vinh The Rose House too has many sold out. If you
color this album, I’ll make you and me,
milk is so beautiful. If you want to see it, I’ll just have one here so I’ll try to
find it with the previous album, if I can find it, I’ll review it for you. you can watch it later
hey you look over here, it will end for you all to see
here is how to install music to wait for you guys Yes
then I would like to end the video here guys when I see you again

In the next videos
, I will review for you the photo book of the album Singer Thuy Tien Thuy Tien
, I have found an image and then Hi, Hi Hiep, see you in the next videos.

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