THE WITCHER Season 3 Ending Explained | Book Spoilers, Season 4 + Henry Cavill & Liam Hemsworth

now before we start yes Henry Cavill is in all of The Witcher season part two no Liam Hemsworth doesn’t appear but the producers assure us he’s quote unquote awesome apparently Henry will have a Flawless exit and though that remains to be seen I have to say I enjoyed part two much more than part one I was very very disappointed in that and I went into this thinking it was going to be something that would kill off the show thankfully I think part two vastly improves on the first half of the season and in my opinion

there’s way more to like here now this does kind of make a bit of sweet as we know Henry cavill’s exited the show for the world of Warhammer as he said many times this is his major passion and after losing Superman I’m I’m glad he’s getting something that he’s really excited to do now was Henry’s exit Flawless well we’ll get into it and I think this season does suffer a bit for having more innings in Return of the King we’re going to be going through them all but obviously heavy spoilers ahead and if you enjoy

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make sure you subscribe if you want to see our season for breakdown it’s a long time away I know that but yeah huge thank you for clicking this now let’s get into The Witcher season three a big problem is that the producers Insurance wanted to add an artificial Cliffhanger after episode 5 having been inspired by stranger things as stunning one in season four this is obviously something that Netflix have mandated that worked really well

in my opinion as not only did it see the long-awaited events of the Hawkins Massacre but we also got the reveal of Wagner’s backstory part 2 picked up right where we left off and we watched as the terror continued however with this it just felt like they added it in last minute with the Cliffhanger being something to just drag out the season Netflix have been trying to get people to come back and they’re almost in a sort of hybrid weekly release thing whilst also doing the binge model so I think that this was added just

for the sake of it because there’s no way that anyone thought dextra could actually kill geralt if the continuation just feels like a natural next episode but I have to say I really enjoyed the 6th Century now where we leave the world of The Witcher at the end of the season sort of feels like a soft reset for the show there’s lots of memory of the cast that end up dying and most of the plot lines get wrapped up as well during season 3 merch was made of geralt’s neutrality and wanting to be above all

of the conflicts he intended to keep his child of surprise serious safe as possible but with her being who she is everyone so dead or at least impregnated looking at a resume she’s got a lot going on and here’s just some of the things that she actually is he’s the emperor’s daughter the child of Elder blood and also the rightful ruler of sintra he saw in season three how many sides petition geralt to have her but in the end his neutrality stop this he refused to play politics and as we’ve seen through the show politics

can be a dirty game his refusal that I decide is put her in a lot of danger and in the end this is left to right an even greater risk that’s something automatically ties in at the end of the season but where did we leave off and who wants Siri well even though she’s his daughter the emperor wanted her just like in the books and he wanted to marry her and have a child with her he’s fully wrapped up in the prophecy and he believes that his ascendant will be the most powerful being belgaforce has

allied with him in secret for this entire time as he also wants Siri believing she’ll help increase his magic now whilst this is going on he’s been using kidnap Mages to make a fake Siri who we later see at the end of the season the wild Hunt also wants Siri so that they can use her powers to bring more troops across the Multiverse and this will give them a vast Legion to take over and enslave everyone Francesca wants her due to the prophecy and this States at the end of everything that she’ll find a safe

home for the elves problem is she has United with Siri’s father bismir wanted her to ensure that Daniel was the most powerful in the north and by handing her over the nilf god they will receive radanya it’s just one problem the king is an idiot thus dextra and Philippa engineered vissimir to hate nilfgaard and make sure the emperor doesn’t get his secret daughter they have attempted to get Siri too and as we learn have started a plot to purge nilf God’s Allied Sorcerers in this Source material this is known as the thanet coupe and this

happens during the book time of contempt events play out here a little differently though as in the book series used as a lie detector medium but here she runs off and even comes into contact with kahir more on her in a bit as she has some full Homer simpsonesque fever dreams like that moment in the show when he ate that really big chili and Easter thinks that he’s got one up on almost everyone but as usual he takes a fat L it comes to like that vilgafort is working with Ryan to nilf God which adds

some more issues into the mix the Mages are tied up in dematerium and Francesca and a squirrels having shacked up with the emperor by the way of kahir are here to take Siri and also aratuza rangelo also arrives as she’s attempting to get back into favor with the emperor after being imprisoned for lying about killing Francesca’s child in this episode it was a pretty decent one mainly for the action and sheer savagery we got on display for me it’s been the highlight of the Season as it felt for once they were actually allowed to have

fun making this series Francesca gets extremely traumatized as her husband’s literally exploded in front of her face despite her crew having arrows which can go through force fields Ryan’s civilian seasons in the making meets a swift end as he instantly loses his head and seeing the Mages in elves fight is a completely brutal Affair it’s capped off by to say realizing that the brotherhood’s essentially over and the universe sees her powers being up to extreme levels this allows her to wipe out the forces by using a spell which will kill everyone in her gaze irregardless

of Allegiance she uses something known as alsas Thunder whose namesake also was immensely powerful his backstory involved creating the witches and the Spells also occurred in the in-game card game which is known as gwent unleashing her unlimited power it turns her hair Witcher white but hey at least her face didn’t get messed up like how it did with Palpatine she’s destroyed after being played by belguphorts and she ends alive marking an end to the Brotherhood some things to also keep in mind is our boy yesterday red who went off to get the books about all

of the monoliths now you get a sense of where things are going to go at the end of the season as the success is set up we get the first meeting of the lodge of the sorcerers but this time no keys is allowed these are gonna set out and try and help Siri and they play major roles in the game which is two and three which act as an official sequels to the books now this sort of ends the big battle on that side meanwhile geralt and velga forts have a showdown just like the books

now I don’t know about you but I never found will before it’s all that menacing or an interesting villain in the show and while their Showdown was expected it felt anticlimactic he was defeated by kahir earlier so this kind of nullified the defeat of geralt cavill’s dedication in the choreography though it really shows his season and I actually feel seeing him getting knocked in his butt would have made a far better Cliffhanger ninety percent of the last episode of part one I feel could have cut down and topping it off with this battle would have

been a much better way to close things out and the last two episodes episodes deal with the mop up and really just Center on Siri and where the major players go next with geralt defeated velga Ford’s pursues Siri leading to an unstable portal being exploded in the box which appears similar here this was the Lara portal built by the elves but due to it being unstable it explodes destroying the tower the tower coming down leaves wilgeforts disfigured and Siri sent to the Korat desert which is where she’s helped by unicorn the unicorns will play majorly

into the future of the Multiverse and it is important that they at least introduce one here he actually comes across a vision of her mother and grandmother asking her mother why she left on a boat without her this is a majorly important part of her backstory as Siri’s still unaware that her father is alive now in the books vilgafort’s approached Emir after Siri’s birth offering a way to use Siri to help reclaim nilf God he lost his Birthright to usurper who killed his father and from this point they then took the throne and this involved

faking his pavetta and Siri’s death on a boat but pavetta found out and this ended with him inadvertently killing Siri’s mother his identity of dunny was dead and he then went on to take nilfgaard back I would imagine we will learn this fully in the show including all of that backstory in the next season in the books Siri has a vision of herself ravaging the continent which is a possibility of many of the prophecies surrounding her now here we meet falca who has been mentioned in the past is struggable used her story to justifies racism

towards the elves Falco was a child of the rodanian king ridang who was supposedly very Elven looking but she lost her Heritage after her father remarried later she would lead a rebellion and kill her father but would also go on to be burned at the stake and she would state that the descendants of her executors would suffer at the hands of the child of her bloodline this is the other prophecy while Ethan’s prophecy said only elves Will Survive the end of the world by an offspring of the Elder blood this is a descendant of Laura

Doran which in the end is what series it it’s muddy as Siri is so by some actually be falca’s daughter as a troops in prison a woman named Rhiannon a descendant of Laura Darren and both Falcon rhiannon’s kids were mixed up and no one knew who bear too yeah we got pretty deep there made it sound very complicated but the show itself is actually quite simple balker is just saying to Siri that she needs to break the wheel and burn it all down which a bit like Daenerys has the same as well now she ends

up using incredibly dangerous flame magic to help heal her unicorn and in the end asks to go by the name falca we leave her with a group known as the rat which is something that happened in the book these are a group that steal from the rich and Netflix is actually making a rat spin-off not too sure that’s who eyes after blood origin because that was one of the worst fantasy shows of all time now it hasn’t officially been announced but the website rodanian intelligence who who’ve been very very accurate with leaks reported that it

has been pushed forward in production in the book Siri joined the rats before being pursued by vulgar thought once more and her meeting with travel at you you will know from the books games or blood origin if you made it through the ladder I managed it but at the time over Christmas I had had a lot of booze and cheese to to kind of dull my senses now the rats aren’t exactly liked and I feel like adding a lot of millennial writing to a group disliked by fans will be a recipe for disaster all this

is going on we get a rather dull story of geralt healing with the dryer to themselves are harboring refugees most of this latter half of the Season follows the events of time of contempt and part of the next one known as baptism of fire we meet Mel at this point and if you recognize the actor that’s because this is Menge Zhang who appeared in chongqi another feature partner is kahir who he actually saw helping Siri and weirdly in the books he was in love with her and wanted to help her fulfill her Destiny this is

because he wants his light to be taken by her which does sort of Riff on the box as in that they forward but she ended up sparing him and this kind of all comes together thematically and as we mentioned before geralt machete’s neutrality and shackles of the past it’s clear what he did to Ren free as sat with him for a while as he kept seeing her in season one he’s healed by Jennifer to set off and finds Siri who she calls her daughter in her own way and actually comes across vilgafort’s experiments on the

fake one but he and his discussions with Melva decides to just stop playing around and finally go out all on the attack it’s him in the dandelion with Melva as he does what he wouldn’t before and kills nilf God soldiers and threatens to take Siri from the emperor his change is underscored by Jennifer’s voiceover which says how they will all be the last to fall she in the Lord shall be working to take out velgeforts and I did like how he saw the crouching crate once more who was played by a different actor either way

he has a big role in The Witcher 3 and I feel like they’ve brought someone bigger in because there’s gonna be more to do she wants to make the world safer Siri and I expect next season to finally see our felga forts for good and move towards yenge that will likely deal with the wild turn and the elves trapped after the conjunction of the Spheres I’ll find it very weird that complete with the experiments and seeing the Siri look alike you didn’t think hold on Siri’s on her way to the emperor but vilga forces aligned

to the emperor maybe he has the fake one and the emperor has given this fake Siri here titles well in the books he knew instantly she was fake and in reality an orphan child of nobility presumably in the show he knows she’s fake too and is just using this to give him time to go and find the real one this is no doubt what velga forts is thinking too however the evil Mage also wants her for his own gain either way he heads off and that marks the end of Kabul in The Witcher and time

will tell how we get our face change now the show does do a good job of setting up a brand new status quo and won that so far heading into a more book Accurate Way Lodge is being set up and geralt with Melva and dandelion who are off to find Siri radovid is finally king of radanya and this comes in the wake of him wanting to run off and this happens because filbert comes in a clutch for dextra and kills vizimir just like how she used the same assassin for his wife I do wonder if

they will start to blend some of the game’s stories into this as with Cavill garden and the quality plummeting it’s questionable how long this show will run for to even get to the games they have filmed seasons four and five back to back so we at least know her getting that but I kind of feel like after that Netflix is just gonna pull the plug either way Francesca’s deal is paid off and in the end she gets a land for her people albeit she must turn the squirrels over the emperor it’s also finally revealed to

her how it was actually the Emperor who killed the baby this will no doubt cause a major Rift between the new Queen of the three elves and also the emperor which will probably be something we explore in the future now overall I feel it was a slightly dull season and with the source material is good I feel that it should be rivaling Game of Thrones and also House of the Dragon however the quality has fallen majorly short and I feel that it lingers on things for far too long at certain points we almost had a

whole episode of Siri just wandering the desert whereas episode six you know that’s more what I think they should be and once again I feel Henry cavill’s fail largely by people who think they know better I wish him all the best for Warhammer as shows like this in invincible and to an extent the boys proved being more accurate is the key to success anyway I’m off to paint my Space Marines in anticipation and I hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the show please drop a like on the video and if you want to support the

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