Video Full HD – The Suicide Squad Review – New Box Office Movie 2021

hello dude back with us again today we 
want to review and recap suicide squad 2  
the box office movie directed by james 
gunn okay here we go check it out
at the beginning of the film we see savant who 
is spending his rest time in jail throwing balls  
on the floor and walls he is a bomb and fighting 
expert then savant is summoned by waller director  
argus and leader of task force x savant is asked 
to undergo a mission impossible for the sake  
of the country if he succeeds in this mission 
then his sentence will be reduced by 10 years  
but if he escapes then he will be immediately 
executed by waller by blowing his head
the task force x team is commanded by colonel 
rick flagg the team consists of captain boomerang  
blackguard mongol javelin tdk wissel and harley 
quinn they all left for corto maltese the team  
had arrived near the coast of corto maltese and 
immediately plunged into the sea but the funny  
thing was apparently this wissel couldn’t swim 
he immediately drowned and was saved by savant  
but his life can’t be saved after everyone arrived 
at the beach they thought the mission would go  
smoothly but it didn’t it turns out

that this 
blackguard betrayed he has leaked this mission to  
the corto maltese army so the team is trapped on 
the beach and as usual if we betray we will also  
be betrayed at the first blaggards died seeing 
this they fought back even though they had far  
fewer each team members shows their skill but 
because they are not compact and seem to attack  
individually so their resistance is not effective 
boomerang is killed followed by the mongols who  
are burned by the heli explosion javelin and 
tdk are killed in their respective places  
when see this savant immediately runs 
away waller warned savant to come back  
if he ran away his head would be blown up but 
savant was already scared so he didn’t care  
so finally his head was blown up while harley 
quinn took cover she met javelin who was already  
covered in blood the javelin gave his wand 
to quinn to take care of quinn is trapped  
by military forces while rick flagg ran into 
the forest and was surrounded by troops there  
apparently this mission didn’t fail waller 
was cunning she sent another team to land  
on another beach corto maltese the 
second team was led by bloodsport  
so the first team to distract the military 
while the second team will infiltrate  
our next scene is taken to three days before 
here we see bloodsport being an office boy in  
prison he is being seduced by waller to join the 
suicide squad team but he doesn’t want to then his  
daughter visits him here his daughter said that 
she had been arrested for stealing and would be  
in custody even though he doesn’t get along with 
his daughter he still doesn’t accept that his  
daughter will be thrown into a cell for stealing 
and waller takes advantage of this he gets angry  
waller says that the only way to keep his daughter 
from entering the cell is by joining suicide squad  
because there was no other choice he was forced 
to agree and then he was introduced to the other  
teams namely peacemaker nanaue aka king shark cleo 
cazo aka ratchatcher ii and polkadot man after  
that the five of them were explained about their 
mission namely by infiltrating corto maltese and  
destroy a building called jotunheim where there 
is project starfish this project researches about  
a dangerous alien so they are assigned to 
destroy the jotunheim facility along with  
all its documents to be able to break through 
they must be able to catch gayus grieves aka  
thinker and force him to help them he was 
the chief scientist in jotunheim with the  
appearance and quirky the next scene we 
are transported to the present the time  
when the teams have managed to safely enter 
the corto maltese coast and into the forest  
in the forest the team decides to rest taking a 
break it turned out that nanaue was hungry and  
decided to eat ratchatcher who was deep asleep 
fortunately this incident was seen by bloodsport  
he managed to prevent it from repelling nana 
after rachatcher woke up she immediately called  
the mice to surround nanaue but it turned out 
that bloodsport was afraid of the same rats  
he was afraid to see that many of rats 
seeing that the other team members laughed  
at him especially the peacemaker who 
turned out to be only wearing underwear  
finally ratchatcher made peace with 
nana and considered him as a friend  
before the team continued to head to town 
they were given a new task and coordinates  
to save rick flag who were caught by the 
enemy they have arrived at the enemy’s  
campsite because of the orders here they went 
in by eliminating all the enemies they saw  
without a sound they were slaughtered one by 
one nanaue helped by eating the people he found  
after all the enemies fell they headed to the camp 
where rick flagg was and they were shocked to see  
rick flag who was apparently relaxed chatting 
while drinking tea inside it turned out that  
it was not the military who arrested rick flagg 
but instead rick flag was saved by the rebels so  
actually they are being on the same side 
that means they have killed their own friend
soul soria the rebel leader was furious 
when she found out that her men were dead  
but rick flagg was able to convince her to 
stay focused on defeating their common enemy  
soria finally agreed to help rick flagg and 
his team because she thinks she has to make  
a deal with the devil to overthrow 
the dictatorship in corto maltese
the scene moves we are brought to harley quinn 
who is being held captive but then she is given  
a dress to wear after that she is made up so 
that she looked beautiful and was taken to the  
presidential residence of luna when she got there 
she was greeted like a vip guest and later she met  
president luna who took her around the palace 
harley was surprised when luna wanted to make  
her luna’s wife harley did not refuse harley 
was still considering but after harley heard  
if luna is going to kill anyone who gets in the 
way including children she immediately kills luna  
she likes luna but she doesn’t like the cruel 
way that he wants to kill the children too  
she finally shoots luna to death hearing the 
sound of gun guards came in and catch harley  
because their president died the 
leadership fell to general matteo  
back to the suicide squad they got ready to enter 
the city using a mini fan that would be driven by  
milton a rebel nana was not allowed to come down 
because he was a shark so he couldn’t mingle with  
the locals heard that nana is upset meanwhile 
rick flagg told soria that when they destroyed  
jotunheim the presidential palace would be empty 
because soldiers would be sent to jotunheim to  
help soria could take this opportunity to 
kill the generals who were in the palace  
after they finished they set out and made it 
into the city with the help of the rebel group  
they went straight to the bar where thinker used 
to come in the bar they mingled with the locals  
and relaxed while waiting for thinker while 
nana waits in the car when thinker shows up  
bloodsport without wasting time immediately 
pointed a gun at thinker and kidnapped him  
but unfortunately the military has arrived at this 
location they have come to look for americans who  
are suspected of being a gang of harley quinn 
bloodsport peacemaker and rick flag surrendered  
to the military so thinker can be taken away by 
ratchatcher and polkadotman the three of them were  
transported by military car to headquarters in the 
car flag found out that quinn was still alive they  
beat up the three soldiers in the car then the car 
driver was killed by the peacemaker this action  
made the car fall and overturned the three of them 
got out safely and milton picked up immediately  
but flag intended to save harley quinn first 
before they continued and they immediately got  
ready to attack harley quinn’s detention location 
back to harley she is being hanged and tortured  
by general matteo who asks how many harley’s 
friends have come but harley remains silent  
mateo then leaves the room this opportunity 
is used by harley quinn to escape from there  
she beats the guard and immediately opens the lock 
using her toes after releasing lock quinn took a  
guard weapon and barged out then she beat all the 
guards around one by one the guards died on the  
spot harley’s skill was extraordinary there she 
found javelins spear which she immediately took  
and immediately used it to beat the guards 
after out of the building she ordered a  
taxi in the taxi harley saw bloodsport and 
flag she immediately approached the two of  
them who were getting ready to attack rick 
flagg was surprised harley was already free  
after that complete action planning team started 
they entered the complex environment without any  
trouble cause rain and fog barriers helping them 
enter undetected in front of jotunheim they barged  
in by killing dozens of soldiers with ease after 
entering jotunheim they immediately told thinker  
to lock the building that’s because the military 
group was heading there they began to carry out  
their respective beauties the explosive team set 
up explosives while flag went to the location  
where project starfish was located in that 
laboratory flag and ratchatcher were surprised  
to see so many people who became experiments of 
this thinker they were sad but thinker laughed  
and said that flag and he actually have the same 
employer namely the american government thinker  
said that this project is an american project but 
because it has fallen to general matteo america  
wants to destroy the evidence of their involvement 
flag annoyed to hear this he immediately took the  
hard drive inside the computer and intended 
to give it to the public but this action  
was prevented by peacemaker he said that he 
was specially assigned by waller to destroy  
all evidence including the hard drive while they 
were arguing the building exploded and collapsed  
starro was freed from his prisoner he immediately 
pulled thinker because for 30 years he was  
tortured thinker was immediately mutilated by 
starro while rachatger fled hiding to avoid starro  
peacemaker survived the explosion but rick flag 
was stuck by the debris of this building causing  
him to be a bit weak against peacemaker but 
his spirit can compensate for the difference  
in strength them until finally peacemaker 
managed to stab the ceramic shards into  
flag and tore his heart finally flag fell 
too this incident was seen by ratchatcher  
she immediately ran away while taking this 
hard drive before she had time to call his  
rat friends she was caught by peacemaker 
who immediately wanted to finish her off  
the scene moved to eight minutes before this 
incident bloodsport who was setting explosives  
with other team members saw military 
reinforcements had arrived in jotunheim  
he immediately rushed to install the other side of 
the explosive nanaue instead entered another room  
here he saw that there was a large aquarium inside 
the aquarium there was a kind of cute fish which  
could form a formation like nanaue nanaue himself 
was happy to see this and invited the fish to play  
while the other team was attacked by military 
troops in the building milton was shot down saw  
this polka dot was angry and killed two soldiers 
with polka dot shots another troop arrived and was  
immediately beaten by bloodsport and polkadot but 
the polkadot shot detonated the bomb on the floor  
of this explosion triggered another bomb explosion 
so that the building was destroyed including the  
aquarium with nanaue it turned out that the cute 
fish were very vicious they immediately bit nanaue  
due to the explosion the jotunheim building 
tilted and caused them all to come out  
nanaue fell down while bloodsport managed to 
hang by holding the concrete iron nanaue who fell  
looked faint the army commander ordered his men 
to shoot nanaue and bloodsport who were hanging  
he managed to climb up because he was assisted 
by harley while the nanaue has thick skin so  
bullet shots don’t work to him he even wakes up 
and just got angry and ate one of the commander  
and the slanted building finally fell too the 
three of them ran away and jumped to the part  
that didn’t fall the debris of the building 
fell on nanaue below and some of the soldiers  
blood sports hook rope was not strong enough 
to hold it he fell down and landed perfectly on  
the floor but the floor was not strong enough 
and fell down he continued to fall along with  
the floor until he arrived just at the moment 
peacemaker was about to shoot ratchatcher saw  
that without thinking bloodsport shot peacemaker 
maker also shoot him their bullets colliding in  
air but bloodsport bullets are smaller and denser 
so they can hit the peacemaker’s neck he collapses  
ratchatcher also tells what happened and gives the 
hard drive to bloodsport the other team arrives  
including nana who is busy eating head and because 
they felt starro wanted to get out of the building  
they all ran out even though hundreds of soldiers 
were waiting for them but outside the military  
troops did not attack them because they saw behind 
them there was a giant creature this creature was  
as big as a kaiju without thinking the soldiers 
immediately shooting at staro starro then took  
out his small seeds and then attacked the soldiers 
every soldier who was hit by the seed will die and  
his body will be controlled by starro seeing this 
the general immediately went limp and resigned  
he knew that his soldiers would not be able to 
face starro he was finally attacked rachatcher  
realized that the seat attacked the face 
so if you cover your face it won’t hit  
the others immediately covered their faces except 
for bloodsport who kept shooting at the seeds  
meanwhile in the palace the rebels saw the troops 
leave provide assistance they entered the palace  
with minimal resistance they immediately eradicate 
all the generals who were there while in jotunheim  
the soldiers who were hit by the sea then wake 
up like zombies they say that the city is theirs  
starro is getting bigger and starts attacking the 
city he destroys the buildings in his path and  
sows the seeds again this seed started attacking 
innocent people the team reported this incident to  
waller but waller didn’t care about the incident 
she ordered the team to go home the mission was  
over the team had no other choice but to go home 
but in the end bloodsport couldn’t stand to hear  
the screams of the people innocent victims of 
starro immediately turned around and wanted to  
help them seeing this ratchatcher followed then 
followed by nanaue harley and polkadot waller was  
furious to see this and threaten them if they 
didn’t come back home then she would activate  
an explosive on their head all of them but 
the five of them didn’t care anymore forced  
waller wanted to press the button to activate the 
explosive but before she pressed she was knocked  
unconscious by her staff who didn’t like the way 
she sacrificed innocent people the staff then took  
over and helped the task force x team the five 
of them went after starro after meeting starro  
bloodsport activating his weapon he immediately 
aimed at starro after being hit many times starro  
was seen angry and attacked them bloodsport 
also ordered harley quinn to go up to the roof  
and nanaue to bite starro and make him like food 
while at polka dot bloodsport told him that the  
monster is his mother in his hallucination 
polkadot saw that it looked like his mother  
he immediately got angry and fired a shot at 
starro he really hates his mother seeing his  
successful shot he was immediately happy but 
unfortunately a moment later he was crushed by  
starro while nana was thrown by starro hit the 
building and made harley fall into a building  
bloodsport was surrounded by zombies he fought but 
couldn’t fight anymore because there were so many  
but before he fell he saw ratchatcher who was 
about to be hit by starro he immediately jumped to  
save her but he couldn’t fight anymore because all 
his weapons had run out and he was surrounded by  
zombies to help them the rats immediately came and 
attacked the zombies who couldn’t fight the brunt  
of millions of rats the rats immediately naught 
at sttaro’s body harley managed to climb onto the  
top of the building and immediately jumped up and 
stabbed the javelin stick into sttaro’s eyes the  
rats also entered sttarro’s eyes which were like 
a pool of water the rats that had entered directly  
bit starro’s nerves and nerves facing the rat 
starro finally couldn’t fight back and he finally  
collapsed harley quinn came out of the eye 
sockets because starro collapsed automatically  
zombies fell along with them ratchatcher was 
sad to see polkadot died bloodsport joined in  
bloodsport told waller who is still dizzy 
because she was hit he threatens waller if  
waller detonates explosives on their heads 
then all the data on this hard drive is  
automatically spread to the public so waller 
is forced to agree with this bloodsport threat  
bloodsport and his three colleagues were picked 
up by helicopter in heli they look very tired  
while bloodsport is seen trying to overcome 
his rat phobia by trying to stroke the rat  
on his thud in the last scene we see wissel who 
apparently still alive and walking to the city
in the end credits in we see waller 
staff were walking in the hospital  
they were told that there was a team member who 
survived even though he was seriously injured  
but could still be saved and it turned 
out that the survivor was peacemaker  
that’s the end of the suicide squad 2 
movie dude see you again in the next movie  
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