[W24] Asian Top Band: Review 4 (ENG Sub)

How was the vibe
There were 5 teams left at last
It was… so empty
Because the place was the same
There were 10 teams at first but turns out to be only 5 teams left
Everyone was like
“We survived!!!”,
Felt someone was missing, like “where is everyone”
We checked the stage costumes for each other
The costumes, when we sang ‘Why are you out here’
And for the stage ‘Stay a Moment’, were like the clothes for the award ceremony
So when we dressed up, everyone was like
“Wow what an Idol~~~~”
Being surprised
There were so many fun turning points,
That 406 Project band, We actually got so close
So the pianist from that band, Came up and talked to me
That the reason why she stood up playing the keyboard was because of me
At the last round, She said it looked so nice
So I said “Yes, we need to stand up and play the keyboard always.”
“It was so fun”
– I heard that day, it was rainy so everything got delayed
“W24 takes control of the rain”
Every time we have schedule, it mostly rains..
Is it because I like rain?
But actually at that moment

It was a tough time for staffs rather than us
They kept put everything in and back forwards
They couldn’t use the lights which they prepared
Screenwriters’ faces were almost melting
It was a hard time,,
Thank you for the hard work from all the staffs.
Staffs always took care for the artist, and I was really thankful.
and I was really thankful.
Especially with the snacks,
Yes, it was always there for us
There was Iceboxs too
– We had a stage with the audiences, How was your feeling when you saw the audience through the show
It was first time participating that kind of online system
I really appreciate all the reactions that audiences brought to us
It was fun. The new attempt
I know that it wouldn’t be easy with this new attempt
And it won’t be same through the audio comparing to the live stage , so that was what I was worried about a bit
Thinking how much will the audience
Feel what we actually wanted to express through our music
So I kinda felt bad a bit for that
Every stage costumes were so awesome
How did you guys prepared for it?
Shout out to our director!
(Aaron didn’t understand)
We have our style director ,
When we send her the music and the stage references
She always prepares the best for us with the best ideas
Always dolled us up with the best outfits
Which outfits did you like the best guys?
‘Stay a Moment’ One
Me too
And ‘Mirotic’ one, too
I liked the purple shirt.
‘Passion’ one.
For me, the outfit from the first round
Did you wear the Jumpsuit?
Yes / It was nice on you
It was nice
It was a surprising choice to pick ‘Why are you out here’
Who’s idea was that?
Well we actually had two choices in mind
Red Velvet – Psycho & Yound Tak – Why are you here
The reason why we chose Trot genre, is
Because Howon fits so well with that genre
Well, of course we need to remake the song somehow
But no matter how, we were sure that It will sound energetic on the stage
And there are so many interesting parts in this song
we have interesting things in us too
So I felt that it would be fun to choose this song
Well I remember everything
We actually had that 2 songs chosen
But didn’t howon hate both?
So Red Velvet – Psycho & Yound Tak – Why are you here, 2 songs
I played both songs with the keyboard with my idea in it
Everyone wanted to do “Psycho”
I wanted to do “psycho” too, at first
I actually liked both
But for ‘Why are you here’
What if people think that “I knew they’re gonna sound like this.”
And I was afraid about it
Because we showed them “Lonely Twist” at the beginning
What if people think that our team is only just fun and chill
So I chose Psycho
And thought to remake and perform like a actual psycho
That was one of the idea I made
Chords and progressions, everything.
Wanted to make it so unique
But we decided to draw lots
And the result was Young Tak’s song
It was a stoke of genius
Who’s idea was the beginning part of the song “YEOYA YEOYA” (one of Korean traditional song)
I actually sang “DUGGEOP AH DUGGEOP AH” (another Korean traditional song)
*singing the wrong lyrics*
Isn’t this right?
Isn’t it YEOWOO? (Which means ‘fox’)
He was so confident singing the wrong one
The nickname for Young Tak was the Fox
But no one knew about it
I talk a lot when I improvise a song
While I was talking
What I was drawing in my mind was
Being like an idol like Block B
But also having strong energy with styles of Rock
So make our stage so interesting
We talked about ZICO
*Explaining how he talks about his opinion with improvisation ideas*
In the original song, there is Narration and we took that as one idea too
*You guys are watching how they got the first part of their song of Young Tak*
We really didn’t know that Fox was the nickname of Young Tak’s.
Do you think if he have watch our stage or not?
I hope he did
The Judge YoonSang talked about the catchy chord chorus, which part actually is it?
The show actually showed the wrong part of it
That was not the part, so we wanted to explain
It is this part
So for this song, we can divide it to 2 parts
Intro, verse and the bridge is taking as one part
And I think the chorus counts as one part
wanted to put a bit with strong rock genres sound at the intro part
We actually changed this improvisations a lot
And wanted to put styles of pop in it
Because this song is a genre of Trot with minor chords
But by mixing the styles of pop in it, it would sound more attractive
And it did sound so attractive
And our judge YoonSang is just like me
Familiar with music theory and chords progressions
So he could catch that improvisation so well
But that was like the hard point for Howon though
With melody
Because the whole sound changed
Yeah it was not easy
The hardest part was the 2nd verse
Because I added the rap and the narration also
There are dynamics through out the songs
But actually because of those points, this song sounded so nice
So many interesting points to tell as our stories to express
That might be the reason why everyone love this song so much
I also liked those reactions like “Yay” “Whoa”
It’s like this, “OOOH”
Mixing all the reactions
Doesn’t Yoonsoo actually become a different person when he play his guitar solo?
I honestly don’t want to react like that
It looks kinda ugly, personally
my eyes are like… (weird)
No, you look fine
Well you guys may not know how I feel about my guitar play
I’m not actually confident with it
I think that’s why I express with my body more
Like I felt like I had to fill my guitar skills with my moves more
Nah, we feel like you’re really confident with it
actually couldn’t stand it
And so you go into that vibe through your body
So How I felt was
Cuz they are not satisfied with their music, always, forever.
You’re exactly like them
“Yes your a Maestro, Master of Music”

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