Wonder of the Seas – HONEST Cruise Review (Food, Crowds)- is This Cruise Right for YOU?

hey Cruisers I’m Sheri with cruisetipstv.com we just returned from a seven night Caribbean cruise on board wonder of the Seas and were eager to share our experiences with you if you’re considering a cruise on wonder of the Seas we hope this answers some of your questions and helps you to determine if this ship is right for you we’ll share our honest Impressions on the ship embarkation debarkation and the food including the new main dining room menus we’ll also cover the entertainment some minor annoyances and what type of Cruiser we think this ship is best for

if you’d like to hear a more long-form overview of this ship we’ll link to our two-part podcast review in the description of this video let’s start with embarkation our boarding experience was lightning fast and we never stopped walking from the moment we were dropped off by goport to the moment we stepped foot on the ship the total process took about 15 minutes debarkation was similar our stateroom Steward told us to be out of our room by 8 A.M and we were on the go Port bus to the airport by about 8 30 a.m We did

run into the typical bottleneck in the terminal with the lines looping down the ramp it was slow here but it kept moving

Royal Caribbean really shines with getting you on and off the ship quickly and this Cruise was no exception let’s talk about the ship for a moment wonder of the Seas is bright cheerful and easy to navigate thanks to the neighborhoods which clearly distinguish one area from the next it’s obvious the moment you board that this ship is made for family fun and wonders new top deck attractions were nearly always busy with families getting

in on the action this leads me to one of the number one questions that we received while we were on wonder of the Seas does the ship feel crowded our Voyage was at full capacity and the honest answer is yes we felt the ship was extremely busy in a few areas especially on sea days namely the pools and the buffet area the buffet crowding may have been somewhat caused by the fact that the solarium Bistro was closed to the general public on our sailing we attempted to eat lunch and breakfast a few times at the

buffet and ultimately left because we couldn’t locate a seat hopefully this won’t be your experience on the other hand we never found the bars on board to be crowded the service was excellent And Timely and the crowds just didn’t spread to the bar areas which was good another factor that we know is so important to you when you plan your cruise is service I am so happy to share that we found service on wonder of the Seas to be exceptional during our sailing the main dining room staff are room Steward and timeliness of bar orders

were pretty much a 10 out of 10 for us all week long very impressive for a full ship we never waited more than a few minutes for bar drinks and our dining room stewards went above and beyond to serve our food quickly and ensure we were happy now you may have heard that Royal Caribbean is rolling out new main dining room menus across the fleet we had a chance to try out the new MDR dinners on six out of the seven nights of our cruise are you ready to hear our honest thoughts we were totally

impressed with the food quality the speed and the selections on a seven night cruise you can expect a different menu every night here’s how it works the first night is the welcome aboard menu then French night for the first formal night followed by Mexican Italian Caribbean and Royal night menu for the second formal night with lobster tails available and the final night was called the bon voyage menu now we’re going to link to these menus in the description of this video because I know that you want to check them out for yourself here were our

top five menu items from the new menus on the cruise all week first the formal night lobster tail was high quality and larger than we remember the portion for the entree itself is still smallish though so we suggest ordering a second entree or a few appetizers there’s an up charge if you want an extra lobster tail so be aware of that but you can order another entree other favorites throughout the week included chicken parmesan on Italian night spaghetti bolognese that was offered a few nights and of course the Indian chicken dishes offered throughout the cruise

for dessert the coffee pot creme on Italian night stole the show for the whole week for us the best appetizer of the week in my opinion was the Asian style pork bow Tacos on Caribbean night so good overall we think the new MDR menus were a hit and the staff worked really hard to ensure that the food came fast and at the right temperature they would always ask us if we needed to be at a show at a certain time and they ensured that if we were in a hurry that our service was more than

accommodating now unfortunately we noticed a major issue with something in the dining room and that was Casino Smoke drifting into the main dining room entrance just on Deck four Once you got inside the main dining room it was fine but the hostesses and maitre D’s were often coughing and it was uncomfortable for guests waiting in line again this was just on Deck 4 while you were waiting in line but it seems like an obvious issue that needs to be addressed it’s just really smoky in that area we also tried the Mason jar for brunch on

day one and our whole family was impressed with the service food and Cocktails my favorite entree was the Savory blueberry Johnny cakes but we enjoyed everything we tried and believe me we tried a lot don’t miss the cocktails here as well the drink menu is unique to the Mason jar and you can use your Deluxe beverage package here so tasty in addition to the Mason jar we also tried Wonderland and I’d say our experience was typical for Wonderland you go to Wonderland for the Whimsical unique event of it all not really for the gourmet food

and while we didn’t leave hungry none of the food really stood out as excellent I still love and recommend Wonderland though and I think it’s something you should try once if you’re not a super picky eater they really accommodate kids here too so don’t hesitate to take your children there were so many kids there when we were there just know your kids are going to be full of cotton candy by the end of the meal oh and the cocktails at Wonderland are amazing try the smoke rings cocktail if you like strong drinks really strong okay

let’s move on to entertainment on board we had the opportunity to see the ice show 365 Seasons on ice the aqua theater show intense and effectors to crash and burn the stage show we thought all of them were top-notch but entertainment is super subjective so go see them for yourself and let us know in the comments what you thought of all the entertainment on board before we get to who we think this ship is right for we want to point out a few minor annoyances that we noticed on this ship bear in mind we’re really

positive glass half full Cruisers but these little details seemed odd for Royal Caribbean first the trash cans around the ship in public areas aren’t Touch free to actually lift the lid to throw trash away which is honestly kind of gross next we had a lot of issues with reservations in the app we went to guest services for help with this and they manually assisted us which is great so don’t waste your time in the app if you’re having problems just get to guest services in our stateroom there were a few things that rubbed us the

wrong way first the bottom sheet didn’t stay put on our bed probably because they were using top sheets instead of fitted sheets so of course the Sheets Were a tangled mess when we woke up every morning it’s a little bit weird second and this is something we heard a lot of people struggling with on this Cruise was the poorly insulated cabins unfortunately the cabin walls seem really thin and we were Jarred awake by cabin doors slamming and some strange metal on metal sounds in the wall that seemed to flare up around between 2 A.M and

5 a.m every single morning lastly some of the hangers didn’t really work well in the closet there were two kinds of hangers and the smaller ones just wouldn’t slide well it was slightly frustrating when trying to arrange our clothes but again this is super nitpicky small stuff just good for you to know so was this ship a mistake for us for our family no and we will absolutely cruise with Royal Caribbean again with the awareness of what cruising on a relatively new ship at full capacity will be like now let’s wrap up this review with

our take on what Cruiser we think this ship is best for and who it’s not good for again this is just our opinion we think you will enjoy wonder of the Seas if you’re cruising as a family with kids of all ages from infants all the way to teens you are a Royal Caribbean Oasis class ship lover who likes the neighborhood concept you like a lively activity-filled cruise with lots of like music top-notch modern entertainment and high high quality upcharge dining so if you’re one of those people you’re probably going to love wonder of the

Seas now you may not like this ship if you’re someone who just doesn’t care for crowds you prefer quiet cruise ships and staterooms and Ultra traditional Cruise experiences you’re looking for a ship that’s built to focus on the sea this like other Oasis class ships is focused inward you may not like it if you consider yourself a small ship Cruiser you may not like this ship if you’re looking to get away from children or lastly if you’re looking for a cruise with lots of other single or solo Travelers the ship is really full of families

and couples we hope that you have enjoyed this honest review of Wonder of the Seas your experience will be very different from ours that’s just how cruising is Every curse is so different tell us how your cruise goes we’d love to hear from you down in the comments below just let us know all about it and until next time friends we’ll see you on the high seas bye-bye

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