Disneylands Tiana’s Palace SNEAK PREVIEW Plus Food Review | Is This Now THE BEST Food At Disneyland

hello everybody I’m Chris Provost you’re watching Provost park pass and tomorrow the day this video comes out is actually today Tiana’s restaurant opens up and I’ve been invited to a sneak preview the night before the restaurant opens up to check out the food now here’s the thing I don’t know how much they’ll let me film sometimes they let me film a lot sometimes they don’t so I’ll film everything I can and show you a sneak preview of Tiana’s food let’s do this all right so I’m about to go in the restaurant I’ll to show you

what I can all right I’ve been giving permission I can show you a preview of some of this food and when you walk in guys it smells so good okay check it out here’s the menu and you get this uh house filled beignet they have this house gumbo seven greens gumbo seven greens gumbo with chicken and then this is the Cajun spice half chicken the beef pboy sandwich the golf shrimp and grits the muetta sandwich now I talked to the chef and he recommended he recommended the GF shrimp and grits so that’s what I got

and the other recommendation was the gumbo the the seven greens gumbo then they also have they have special coffee they have

a chory cold brew and buttermilk cornbread and then down here they have their roasted chicken drumstick and toasted ham and cheese sandwich for children and baked macaroni all right are you prepared to see the golf shrimp and grits oh my gosh you guys look at that look at that and if you want you can ask for they they can do it without shrimp they said so and then this is the Beet the be is

amazing and I’m going to go over here be no we’re going like this right here and this is the the jumbalaya which one it comes with cornbread which one okay I’ll eat it I’ll tell you how it is my friend is stirring up his coffee it’s the uh it is called the joffre’s coffee with chory cold brew there it is these things I get giggly because I’m just like I’m like trying to be all cool and professional and then I eat the food I took a little bit before okay this is the this is the

Grits it’s like cheesy with it tastes like and then you’re like but I don’t know and then and then at that exact moment you’re like it’s just that good that’s my review it’s amazing all right I’m going to try it with the sauce get a little Sauce mix in this really is to be honest with you this could be one of the top meals I’ve ever had in Disneyland I’m not even joking well that’s it it’s done that’s it you come here get the shrimp and grits hands down done you can also get bread and

but bread and butter pickles these are little pickles a little um what is what is that uh jalapeno I guess little jalap little peppercinis and it’s very good is it tastes exactly what you think it’s going tastes like this reminds me of my grandma I remember going to my grandma You’ have like this like on her table on special occasions we would have this guys I can’t talk enough about this food at the end of the video I’m going to talk more about this this is the best dish I’ve ever had at Disneyland hands down

hands down all right so this is the um the corn rad and I don’t know there’s a word I hate I hate it I don’t know what other word to use uh it’s the m word means super hydrated it rhymes with hoist but this is that it is very good um and it’s sweet and it’s not dry it’s excellent it’s excellent so cornbread is a must you guys that is my bowl this was was so good I actually talked to the chef about it he says they take the Grits they they put this kind of

like a chicken cream broth and they then they fold in cheese and they just make sure and they really observe it make sure that it doesn’t that the cheese is perfectly folded in I don’t even know what that means so that way you get the perfect temperature and it’s just creamy and cheesy now this is a is a is a beignet that has filling in it so you can see right over there that’s what it looks like let’s try it all right let’s do this I was just talking to somebody it say it’s almost like

a h pie it was I was not expecting that it’s not like a beignet just it’s excellent though but it was it’s very different all right I’m inside the restaurant right here and I’m going to show you a little bit here this is a continuation of the story right and this is there’s some really cool things and details if you want to keep a sharp ey out for let me show them to you there’s a photo of her and her dad right there uh well I guess it’s not really technically a photo but you know

there you go a drawing of her and her dad they also have uh she’s got some thank you notes here you can take a look at look at this do Tiana up right over there you’re going to see a pot let me move over so you see a little better that’s a reminder of her dad the little pot right there and then when you come in you see Tiana what has she done she has hung up her coat and hat cuz she’s ready to work she’s working here her hat and coat are hung up and

this is the interior you first coming in you’re going to see the beignet station you can then grab a tray and you get to go around look down this amazing floor and if you look up you’ll see it’s like we’re in a gazebo you have this beautiful French artwork and look at this the poles are gorgeous they’re like lily pads and it is absolutely amazing now if you look the story continues cuz what do you see the two stars looking out the window in a little biou and they’re going to have a mobile order pickup

you have see Tiana’s place right here this is the entrance that you’ll be able to walk in to go into Tiana’s place you’ll notice the crest got a j trumpet for jazz music you’ve got the prince and princess you got a spoon for food and then this to be maybe like kind of like a lily pad for the Frog and be sure to look up where you first come in cuz you see these plant holders what are they frogs a little frog over there and right over here got a little frog holding those little plants

and if you look up what you see I think that’s Prince nein it’s like his little guitar and his hat right here you have it a giant menu but you see these are the different ingredients it talks about each of the different ingredients let you kind of you see like it’s like they and these are reminiscent and know younger kids won’t know this but back in the day in the kitchen you’d have a recipe card and you put it in a little box you write your favorite recipes on it and you got flip through it

to find your recipe this is what those cards those recipe cards would look like so those reminisent of those old recipe cards talking about like Gulf Shrimp chory hairloom rice little recipe cards this is the look at that looks beautiful you can see the steamboats looks gorgeous now the walls will be coming down because this is a s preview but those walls will be down be open to public but it looks nice and right outside they’ve got these little I love it little music like little Jazz posters over here you’ve got New Orleans own Rhythm

Club Jazz nightly it’s amazing abs absolutely stunning I love it I’m just going to get a little bit closer so you guys can see this back here look at that firef five Firefly 5 plus L look at the drum up there and those are amazing little lamps up there you see that lamp is a stained glass with a firefly in it so so you look right above here you can see they got like some jazz music uh instruments you got tuba the banjo trumpet the accan it’s amazing by the way do you guys know how

to cut a tu by in half use a band saw the cast members all just like oh that was terrible it was terrible all right so this by the way that’s one of those fire Insurance plaques I talked about in my New Orleans Square video a secret if you don’t know about that but you’ll notice that there is some like rust there but I come over here there’s no rust because the rust they have over there they have to paint that on that’s faux rust that’s not real rust so they haven’t painted it because this

is just too new for rust no fake rust painted on it I love that though look at that line very Sleek looks awesome love it this is a little window you can see right here theyve got the beignet just kind of like beignet okay so it’s the end of the night I just want to take a quick little moment to talk to you and I am talking to you I think you’re amazing I have to let you know that uh Tiana’s place that food was awesome some of the best I’ve ever had at Disney but

it’s nothing compared to you you were awesome and you make the world a better place and I’m so glad that you’re here so that um I can talk to you for just brief moment if you are suffering from depression or you’re feeling sad or you feeling that you’re not worth anything that is a lie you are amazing you are awesome and you make the the world a better place did you know that you do you really do I want you to know that you have a friend in me I think you’re amazing and if you

ever get sat or you ever feel like hey uh I don’t know you just come here watch a video Let’s laugh together and just know that I think you’re amazing okay all right all right I’ll see you in the next video guys bye-bye oh and the next video tomorrow’s video is going to be Halloween Horror Nights I’m been going up there on a sneak preview of the Halloween Horror Nights and I’ll show you that so that’s tomorrow’s video guys all right thanks so much for watching hit the Subscribe button bye I recorded a whole video

about Tiana’s place it’s a brand new restaurant at Disneyland now guess what I made a mistake and accidentally forgot to record the part where I ate the beignet but it has lemon custard in it and it was absolutely amazing but I didn’t realize I wasn’t recording because I was so happy cuz I was eating some amazing be did you notice that

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