Book Review | The Tempest

tempest is written by William Shakespeare.
I’m going to show you this book because
It’s one of my favorite stories written
by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote
a lot of plays and poems, I have been reading
his books in a series of abridged versions
that make it easier to read and understand
for kids like my age. I read the whole collection
including 16 Shakespeare’s plays. But, the
Tempest is my most favorite on. This story
was originally written in the year of 1611.
The tempest is a really complicated story
but that is what I like about it. Basically
every character is a villain and does something
evil. It isn’t clear who is the hero in
the story and I thought that is exciting.
After I finished reading this book, I watched
the movie film by a lot of British film stars.
To be honest I thought the movie was bad.
Prospero was a witch instead of a wizard and
the characters were meaner.
In the tempest Prospero the wizard makes a
storm called a tempest to wreck the ship of
a rival who is his brother. He has a daughter
named Mirinda and she falls asleep from a
spell he puts on her to let her rest.
Surprisingly Caliban, who is kind of a monster,

to kidnap Mirinda to marry her. Meanwhile
Ariel, who is a nature spirit, comes back
to tell Prospero they had sunk the ship and
washed the people onto the shore. Then Prince
Ferdinand found Mirinda and they fell in love.
After that two drunk sailors named Trincolo
and Stephano find Caliban so Caliban asks
if they are gods and they say yes. Caliban
tells them to kill Prospero and if they do
he will give them treasure. He didn’t really
think they were Gods tho, he was just tricking
the sailors to think he was stupid.
Later Prospero’s brother, Antonio, finds
food and Ariel tells them to apologize to
Prospero. Then everybody meets up with each
other and goes back home. This feels like
a super random happy ending. Caliban gets
the whole island for himself. But the story
is complicated because it is obvious everybody
has done bad things before or during the story.
It isn’t like a normal story with a knight
fighting a dragon. Clearly you can make any
type of story you want.
It is a story where every character you can
like or hate as they all try to trick each
other to get what they want. I felt like there
should be a different sad ending like some
of Shakespeare’s other stories. For me This
story showed a new type of fantasy play where
there are no heroic characters. This story
was also shake Shakespeare last play.

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