Davy Crockett : My Itty-Bitty Bio / Texas Heros / Kid Book Review / Emma Haldy

Hi everybody, It’s me
Jenisha Stanley again. Today I’m going to
review the book
‘Davey Crockett’. This book was written by
Emma E
Haldy, and illustrated by Jeff Bane.
This book has no actual chapters, because
it only has
24 pages. This talks about Davy
Crockett’s life,
and who is Davy Crockett. He is a hero
of Texas, and he also said this very
famous quote
“You may all go to hell, but I will go to
the lone star state.
Davy Crockett was born on August 17th
1786 to John
and Rebecca Crockett. He was fifth out of
nine children, and do you know that
he was born in a state that no longer
It is called the state of Franklin. In
two years before his birth, it declared
independence from north Carolina,
and is now part of Tennessee. When Davy
Crockett was 13, he got into a fight
with a bully. So he ran away
fearful that he might get punished by
school master and
his dad, because his dad was a very
strict man.
Running away from home is a terrible
because even if you have… if you want to
stay home by yourself,
you have

to be 16 or 18, if you want to
stay home by yourself.
So it was a very terrible idea. For the
three years, he has been traveling to
Virginia, and Maryland and then he said,
he was like… Ahh I’m so tired.
Maybe I want to go back home. So he went
back home,
and worked for his father’s debts. Davy
met his first wife
Paulie at a harvest fest… festival.
Soon after they were married, they had
three children together
and Paulie died in 1815, and then a year
he met his second wife Elizabeth,
and a while later they were married.
They had three children together leaving
Davey, a total of six
children. With his six children Davy
moved to Alabama
looking for a better life. While he was
Alabama, native Americans were on the
and killed more than 500 people. So
joined the Tennessee militia. A group of
people that were trained to fight
but are not soldiers. They fought
under the commander Andrew Jackson. Do
know who Andrew Jackson is?.
If you read about him, you should know
that he is the seventh president
of the United States, and I have a sad
fact. During the battle Davy got
malaria a terrible disease at the time.
So people left him on the road to die.
They thought he would die, but
he recovered from the disease and joined
with his family.
In 1836 Crockett moved to Texas,
and when he went to San Antonio, there
was a big fight going on between Texas
who wanted freedom in Mexico.
There were 200 Texas soldiers guarding
Alamo fort. Davy Crockett loved Texas so
So he said ‘you may all go to hell and I
will go to Texas’. So he joined the Texas
guarding the Alamo fort but they were
and Davy Crockett died on March 6,
1836. He was one of the final men
standing. What would you like to ask him,
if he was alive?.
Davy Crockett is a very famous man
in the history of the U.S. There are
dozens of
parks, streets, and schools
named after him. There are also… there’s
a forest and a nuclear system
named after Davy Crockett. The nuclear
is named Davy Crockett nuke and also
there’s a
song named after him ‘the ballad of Davy
which was very popular in the 1950s.
Even i know a school that is named after
Davy Crockett,
Crockett elementary school here in Texas,
and everyone go and read this book to
more about Davey Crockett, the hero of
the lone star

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