K-beauty Review: LUMINIEL LED

hello everybody it’s mesme and welcome
to another korean beauty product review
so let’s start our video
for my spanish speakers please click the
subtitles you have to turn them on
and let’s get started today i want to
introduce to you
luminil by the company komar
komar is a korean cosmetic global
company and what they have created are
patches that go on your skin using
photodynamic therapy
what is photodynamic therapy well you
heard it in other words like low level
light therapy
and it’s mostly used with led mask
now my issue with led mask
is that when used incorrectly it could
have some it could give you some skin
damage some side effects and
could even damage your eyes if you use
it incorrectly
that’s why at the dermatologist they use
these goggles
to protect the client’s eyes the second
issue i have with led mask
is that it doesn’t help under
this area because you’re wearing goggles
when you put on the
led mask and that is where i have my
problematic area
as you know i have dark circles i have
sun spots
i i’m getting closer to turning 30 in
the next couple of years
and i’m starting to develop wrinkles in
area so i complain about it a lot
so this product focuses on
brightening and with
wrinkles so let me explain how
that happens this product has a red
and amber lights right here and when
they’re going to help with skin
and promote collagen production now
it doesn’t come by itself it comes with
a little special serum and this serum
you combine it with
your patches to help your skin and it
only takes 30 minutes
before we show the demo let me talk to
you about the serum
and it has two special ingredients which
i have to read because i
can’t i’m going to mispronounce this the
first one is called
naismind which sounds like a bad word
but it’s a very important ingredient
because this ingredient helps with
redness helps minimize the pores helps
with hyperpigmentation
and the second one is called
adenosine and this one is the healing
ingredient so this is going to smooth
out your skin
make it look younger and then help
with wrinkles now what i really like
about this product is that
it is portable now let me show you
that it comes with a little charging
now this is just the prototype the real
one’s coming out
in october um a newer version which i’ll
put up
here but for now it comes with its
charging station and then you don’t have
to worry about it falling because
yeah you can move around like that
second of all it’s small enough to take
with you third of all
it’s wireless so a lot of the led
products you have to plug
in with a cable and then just stay there
but with this one
you can just put on your skin walk
around do your thing
so mess me how do you use this
well you’re going to take your serum and
you’re going to
place it in the problematic area
then you’re going to turn on your
for this prototype it turns on by
tapping this bottom part
and then you’re going to place it on
that area
and it’s going to take about half an
hour for the skin to
absorb all the syrup
and yeah you can do whatever you want
get on your computer
do some work paint your nails half an
hour later
take them off and you’re done so how
about i show
you the demo right now and then we’ll
come back and talk about
my final thoughts so enjoy my demo hello
guys so let me show you how
we use this product as you see i have a
lot of problems
dark circles spots wrinkles
so let’s try to fix this first of all
you’re going to get your lumineel
serum as i mentioned and you’re just
going to put
about a little drop and that should be
for both of the under eyes and let me
show you the consistency
it looks uh thick and sticky because
that’s kind of going to be like the glue
to hold
the patch together and you just put
a layer on the under eye area
where you have your discoloration
and one layer should be enough don’t put
too much because
then it’s going to slide off one layer
is enough
a little bit goes a long way now you’re
going to take your patch
and you’re just going to turn it on you
can turn it on after you put it on your
but i wanted to show you my way
and it should just stick right on uh you
just press it a little bit
and there we go now i already put the
second one on here but i wanted to show
this little blue light will tell you
that it’s on
now on this side it’s off that is wrong
so make sure
that the blue light on the corner is on
because that lets you know
that it’s on bye-bye
all right ladies and gentlemen we are
back with my final thoughts
final thoughts i think it’s a really
cool product it’s a really great piece
of technology i’m really excited to see
how much this company grows because this
is really great
it’s portable it’s awesome and i’m
really excited
because i’m very sure is going to be
helping this area
um because i’ve been complaining for it
years so this is approved by the fda i’m
going to leave more information
over here now if you’re interested in
getting this product
it comes out very very soon in october
i’m going to put
all the information down below check it
let me know in the comment section what
you think about this product you want to
try it out
how do you feel about this technology
and yeah i said korea awesome they have
amazing amazing beauty products
so let me know what you think in the
comments i’ll see you all later
and take care bye

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