Marvel Legends Deadpool Head Premium Interactive Head Unboxing Hasbro Toy Review

look at you talking to a toy I want to
say a big thank you to Hasbro for the
opportunity to get this this early as
well it’s only just been announced not a
lot of review units have been sent out
so far I think I’m the first
sorry youtuber I know like I know is
have you’ve reviewed one already and I
CNET and plays like that they’ve got
them but I think I’m the first like
geeky youtuber so to speak I’ve done one
I know foosh I think might have one but
I’m not sure so yes I think this is
probably gonna be about as many people
as we’re gonna get right 17 of you guys
– thank you very much all seventeen be
taking some time out this afternoon to
celebrate with me I’ve got my wife’s
phone here because you do need an app to
utilize with him we do have a Deadpool
app which we will connect a Deadpool and
you can make you do stuff with the app
so that’s quite fun right it’s
fifty-ninth I’m just gonna start busting
out guys so this is the Deadpool it’ll
say 18 plus not not for kids and it does
have an app basically that you’ll use
with him you don’t need the app though
he will just work without it but just
randomly he comes in a box which is made
to look like Deadpool has been shipped
to your house and it’s just in his head
and stuff like wow so that’s pretty cool
I wanted to keep this intact so I’ve
gone ahead and snipped it from the box
because I wanted to make sure it was
like working before I did this review
for you guys today I didn’t want to
start doing it in there after screwing
batteries and things so I kind of had a
little go in this morning to get used to
it so this is a the Deadpool head guys
it is absolutely amazing
I will be taking this to my parents
tonight for giggles
it’s my birthday dinner and I’ll be
leaving in turned on through out there
cause this thing’s hilarious so when you
get him guys you’ve got a plug in
batteries in the bottom and may I just
warn you it’s not any old battery I
didn’t have any of these in my drawers
rebel my lovely wife didn’t have to go
out and buy me some this morning it
takes these bad boys and it takes four
of them so just to warn you it’s some
big-ass batteries in there right I’ve
teased you enough let’s turn it on right
let me just get a box to put him on
because I’m gonna be a bit low down here
something in here I swear it wasn’t me
the only thing for me is what they see
that you come you come here the
mechanics working in it quite loudly and
interesting take but let me put it this
way care to respond but I love the
thought that they gave an actual
eyebrows you can see and stuff and he’s
knows everything moves that really takes
my breath away it took mine away is in a
way with words
let’s get real what’s your sauce well
the barbecue rum she’s definitely chef
special sauce right that’s what how
about we bring in your sister Wow Wow so
you see they truly
so if she didn’t see me guys and he will
just sighs not I’m thinking that way to
talk about our Lord and Savior Charles
I’m trying not to talk over here it does
he doesn’t shut up so if we lift him up
guys you’ll see under here there’s a red
button so he says that when you
connecting to this phone because
actually you’ve just connect connected
Deadpool for the internet probably not a
good thing Grand thanks to Jane is not
if you just tuned in but it yeah you can
plug him up now now as you can see I’ve
got the app open here I wish I’d a way
of showing my up screen right now but I
don’t so this is the app and as you can
see on there as you can see it says on
there make me do shit make me say shit
or ma shit he does like to say she’s
actually starred out same as how you’ll
notice he doesn’t actually swear that I
found out I haven’t worked out if
there’s a mode where he will swear he
does automatically bleep himself but
it’s still pretty vulgar the stuff he
comes out with and you can for some
reason they’ve given you the option of
muting him why would you mute him if
you’ve turned him on and so you can go
to settings at the bottom and you can
turn the music and sound effects up and
down and stuff and you can like say mute
and stuff like that so my favorite thing
is if you go to make me do shit is
master you can make him do different
pranks so if we were to say and I want
to do a fridge prank no sorry they
where’s the bathroom one the bathroom
prank so you meant to go ahead and leave
him on the hair on the top of the toilet
basically he will activate when there’s
a light change all this noise
so I’m activating the prank he goes
through a set of process that downloads
to the device takes a few seconds
so now if I make noise with the toilet
it will alright partly noise isn’t what
you want so what I’m gonna do is shine
my light to you
lightly lightly lightly about the sensor
he’ll repeat it three times just shine a
light on him again so basically it
sounds like someone’s in the toilet when
you try to walk in on the toilet plus it
would freak anyone out but you’ve got
these moving mechanical head on top of
your toilet so there’s different
versions you can do that’s that does
feel like a kid’s mode almost there’s
bathroom prank
there’s bed prank which is just weird
and then obviously the fridge prank or
you can do your own custom one where you
can basically choose from welcome
agencies prank Bank and you can choose
from whatever you want him to say do so
flat now he does also have a night mode
which is amusing so quit said night mode
I’m Deadpool give you a kiss goodnight
he’ll go to sleep with you basically so
yeah it was your favorite comic book
character of all time and he’ll talk to
you to go until you go to sleep but if
you actually tilting backwards like this
it’s not where you do it
no well basically he would normally go
to sleep let’s turn off night mode he
does have a party mode which I’m going
to use tonight my birthday by chump i
mode now man
interesting so basically the idea is
he’s in shrink mode by the sounds of it
so big he’ll just sit there spouting off
scripts whenever anyone comes near him
that’s what pi mode is technically there
he goes
then you can do make me safe shit which
basically you can use your phones and
respond here miss you one or two and
things like that you can make him talk
about food well tickle me sweetly and
call me
gambit I think we have a winner by now
what you want in our next episode of DP
so that’s that yeah he doesn’t he
doesn’t mobile things like threats and
the best part is if you have access to
this and if a friend was taking herself
with him you could hit the selfie button
and it says cheese or he says so that’s
that and then you’ve got another section
of the app which basically you can put
do not press and we’re gonna press it
obviously it gives us a little red
button and he says do not press and well
then that we can choose alarm clock and
turn that on so alarm clock will be on
yes and when the channel only stories
change it to 3:10 turn it on and it says
basically the alarm clock is inaccurate
four out of five times but try it’s your
wait wake up wake up on time sometimes
maybe so we’ll wait for it just to tick
over to 3:10 and hopefully hopefully you
should go off I have noticed this thing
doesn’t work all the time thank you to
everyone that’s safe happy birthday in
the comments by the way I really
appreciate that thank you and I really
wish I could see if you guys have
commented I really can’t see you don’t
think I’m not even able to commenting
right now I can’t see anything
I’m really sorry oh yeah I can see you
know woo stupid they have a Def Con
sterner like a fool
that’s three times that bull you’re
gonna whip me up yell I’m stand on it
says it said on yeah come on there you
you imagine that alarm clock that is a
strange alarm call right it’s such a
strange alarm clock but it’s fun and I
think that’s pretty much it let me turn
the alarm off oh it’s already off now
anyway you gotta set it daily it doesn’t
go off daily by the way weapons X weapon
X just it just is another weird sector
in ways you can throw chimichangas into
his mouth and of course is Deadpool
fashion he shouts throwing star or I can
use gambits cards only to draw me like
one of your french mutants occasionally
gives you the gambit card like that on
the screen so you flip out of him I want
you to draw me like one of your french
mutants so that is basically everything
with this one guys I hope I’ve given you
a thorough look through the Deadpool app
as well as what he does and as well you
don’t need the app guys and the app is
there to do more fun stuff like the
alarm and things I think it could be
novelty so obviously have an alarm that
his Deadpool but that could be fun
this never happens I swear
so yeah well if not he will just sit
down and talk Freddie so I think we’re
gonna say goodnight now Deadpool look at
talking to a toy so thanks guys I hope
you enjoyed this review thank you very
much for watching and thank you wait if
you had my superpowers and good looks
what would you do I’m gonna turn you off
now you’re gonna go to sleep
yeah don’t I know it yeah tell me thanks
very much guys I’ll see you in the next
video may the force be with you and have
a wonderful day bye

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