Shaans Logic : E9 ASUS ZENBOOK Unboxing and First impressions and Review – Best Laptop? Kid Reviews

guys i finally got my new laptop here
i’ve been waiting for it for a few
weeks and i’m really excited i wanted to
share this moment
with you guys and here we are
unboxing this laptop so we’ll see
what all does this box have included in
it and the features of this laptop
and guys don’t worry i’ve already
sanitized this
package when it came
so let’s unbox
as you can see here the package has been
properly packed it has bubble wraps in
everything seems good till now and
this is an asus laptop um we were
searching for a lot of
uh options there were a lot of options
like up me and my dog’s preference was
buying a dell or a hp laptop but
according to the availability of specs
the specifications
and everything this was the best laptop
and also the reviews were pretty good
so let’s start unboxing first time i’m
doing an
unboxing i hope i don’t spoil this
seems pretty hard i don’t know how
the other videos people do it
yeah i hope i’m doing this right till
and as i said before this package has
been properly sanitized
person the delivery guy
everything is going good
and everything and availability of
laptop nowadays
could pretty hard like people
the laptops are not available demand of
laptops has
been risen because of all the online
work from home
yeah and school is doing pretty good
portions are being covered
as you can see here this is the first
look of the laptop
seems quite good the gray color i like
the gray color
so as you can see here
this is the acer slatter asus zen book
hold it like this
it’s quite good
let’s open the box now here we go
laptop open this box first
i hope i’m doing this right
yes so this is
how it looks inside
it says in search of incredible
you can see this well this is the laptop
right here it’s all protected so
so here’s the laptop first i’m going to
remove the laptop
check what’s there in the box
here and let’s open
this here you have the
instruction manual here
incredible again this is the startup
guess this will have the charger
yes the charger well that’s it for the
box so we have the instruction manual we
have the startup manual
we have the charger and of course we
have the laptop
first let’s look at the charger i like
the look of it
it’s pretty sleek the length
looks long enough it’s a pin type
charger and see this
i guess you know when you have to charge
like there are a lot of stuff in the
like place in the desk and then you just
gotta fit it in
i guess and it’s not fitting anything so
i guess i think that it solves
this problem this thing right here
so that’s it for the charger it’s on
that charger looks pretty good
and has asus written on it here
i am really excited you can see that big
smile coming up
there were a lot of color options there
for this
laptop but the only colors available due
to the pandemic was
gold and silver and as you can see here
i did go with gold and you see this
it has asos written here right here
it’s quite shiny i do like the look of
it’s pretty thin
and it has its speakers right here the
dual speakers here looks pretty good
here’s the laptop
it’s quite good oh my god it looks
wow sorry uh
yeah it’s quite good golden color
and the keyboard cookies are all black
the hinges are pretty good too they look
really good
it has the inbuilt camera right here
and it has smart touch pad
also they’ve also given this
it says harmon or cardin
and it has also hdmi port this
sd card slot right here and
usb port
and this is for fitting in the
and yeah
that’s the first look of this laptop
so as you can see i have this startup
guide here
it says that you’ll have to charge the
for about three hours before using it
for the first time
as you can see if i’m not facing anytime
i’ve already plugged it in
and it says once we have charged it it’s
all ready we can open
and then we’ll have to set up the
and whatever we want the windows 10
sign in so if you can see here
it talks about all the comp the
functions everything in the computer
so let’s look at it let’s open the
i’m really excited like it looks really
good oh my god like it’s amazing
just what i wanted
so here’s the laptop as you can see here
it says continue in selected language so
choose english of course we choose
and yes
we choose english
it’s pretty good oh my god
wow it says cortana
no as you know i’m from india so let’s
just see
but before i do all of this let me talk
to you about
what all this laptop has so
i personally don’t remember everything
that’s why i’m gonna use
assistance of the phone here and
let me tell you so
as i told you before it’s a asus laptop
it is a asos zen book it has a battery
of one lithium polymer okay
and it has a drive ram size of 8 gb
and a storage of 256 gb
and it’s a 256 ssd
ssd and the processor brand is intel
it’s also written here it is also
written on the box
and it has four process accounts it has
a processor type of core i5
8250u it has
a graphic card integrated integrated
wifi of uhd graphics 620
it has a mounting hardware of laptop pc
adapter user guide and manual as we saw
here the
manual is there you have the laptop
user guide etc the supported software is
ordered by ic power um in our garden
as we said before i told you harvard and
cardinals looked in here
it has a display technology of lcds lcd
right here it has a standing screen
display of 14 inches
and the display type is led black lit
it has a resolution of 1920-1080 it is
hd yes the average
battery life for this laptop would be
about nine hours
that’s pretty good for me because now i
can use it for my school which will take
about seven to six hours
and also for my tuition so that’s pretty
good for me
and the battery is required of course
and that’s it and the item weighs about
1.3 kg
because quite light
yes now let’s move on the setting
so here you can see it’s united states
i’ll just change that
to india
yes yeah
so like if any student like me is out
who wants to buy a laptop this is the
student laptop available
later once i actually start using laptop
so it looks like the setting is going to
take some time
i’ve got a glass in about 15 minutes so
i’ll do
the settings set up later and
my dad wanted me to buy a laptop with a
strong hinge because i’m a bit rough
with my laptop
and also typing really hard so
the keyboard seems pretty good the
hinges are good and
i do need a strong keyboard because i
said i have school
so i need to type in really fast and
literature and also coding of course so
before i
stay in touch with the teacher so it
seems a
pretty good laptop for all of that and
there were in the reviews and i think
there were some issues about oil binding
but for now they don’t like there’s no
coil writing in this
but for now there’s no issues or no
negatives but once i start using it
i may come across a few of them
so i’ll compare this laptop with my
mom’s laptop
my mom is pretty excited about this too
and of course this looks amazing
ah just really getting up and dancing
so as i said before i was gonna compare
my mom’s laptop with my laptop so this
is a microsoft surface laptop
they both look premium the difference is
this is 14 inches it’s 13 inch they both
the same this is golden color and this
is quite silver
and my mom really likes my laptop
because of the color and the display
they both look good and feature wise
microsoft surface laptop is much better
it has
many features and of course it’s quite
expensive compared to my laptop
and it has start screen which my laptop
doesn’t and its processing speed is
much better completely so that’s it for
the comparison between these two
and yeah so guys that’s
it for today and as i said i have a
class in about
10 minutes but i’m still quite excited
just look at this laptop it looks
amazing and i know this
isn’t a shark tank video this is an
unboxing video and i won’t be doing
many of these but then i was quite
excited about this one
i wanted to share this with all of you
out there
and thank you for your time and guys
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