Herald Review and Tour | Star Citizen 3.11 Gameplay

sometimes less
is more but sometimes
less is just less the herald
looks like drake’s engineers attached a
cockpit to an engine block
so how does that stack up in game
i’m farrister and in this video i review
the star citizenship the drake herald
star citizen is currently in alpha
testing with the herald as one of the
flyable ships
the herald is a multi-crew capable ship
so you could bring a friend along with
and is described as a data runner
for those of you who’ve seen other ship
reviews on this channel you’ll recognize
the usual format for this video
this review is split into five sections
starting with a ship
tour assessing combat performance
reviewing handling
and visibility looking at the operating
costs before finally
summarizing i’ve included timestamps in
the video description to help navigate
to each part of the review
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part one ship tour
and somewhat unusually for star
entrance to the drake herald is

on the right or starboard side
just behind the cockpit there’s visible
a door with a yellow keypad
and this drops down a ladder which
allows entry into the herald
upon entering the herald right at the
front is visible the pilot’s chair in
the cockpit
there’s a weapons rack
and a support station for a second crew
throughout the herald are these little
storage boxes and most notably the
servers for data running
there’s also a small toilet and sink
at the back finally there’s a bed for
safe log out
part two combat performance
whilst the herald is not a combat ship
per se
it does carry an interesting armament
the primary weapons are a size three
slot by default swapped for size 2
gimbals and 2 weapons at size 2
defaulting to size 1 gimbals all of the
stock weapons are ballistic repeaters
which is nice
and the arc on the gimbals is fairly
forgiving too
so you’re likely to start landing rounds
on target fairly quickly
all considered the armament is weaker
than you’d find on a dedicated fighter
at a similar price point and unless you
use the size 3 hardpoint with a fixed
is likely to leave you feeling that the
herald is a little lackluster in the
firepower department
that said against smaller targets
especially the sort of interceptors that
are likely to compete with the top
speeds that the herald can offer
the armament actually does a reasonable
the herald also carries eight size one
missiles which are
fairly weak but also fairly cheap so you
can just throw
multiple missiles at a target if
defensively the herald carries two size
one shield generators
that’s fairly standard for ships at this
price point
but it does mean that the herald can’t
really stand
much punishment time spent in the ship
definitely borne that out with a couple
of untimely explosions
more than would usually be expected so
from a combat
perspective the herald largely doesn’t
stack up well
but then again this isn’t a ship that
really wants to be in combat so
that makes sense part three
handling and visibility starting with
actually the herald is one of the better
offerings amongst the drake ships
although there are some struts that
slightly obstruct your field of view
visibility to the sides below and up top
is fairly reasonable straight line speed
also a strength for the herald which is
able to achieve well over
1360 meters per second
acceleration two or breaking from those
speeds however takes a little time
and as soon as you want to start turning
that’s when things fall away
so the herald is definitely a data
runner until you want to change
direction in atmosphere things get
even tougher because the power is
derived from the engines at the back
straight line performance continues to
be okay
but critically any other movement
keeping the nose up is really strained
with the thrusters just not able to keep
most notable for anyone who tends to fly
aircraft with wings
is the very slow roll rate and the
limited strafing performance
this is a ship you’ll want to get to
altitude as quickly as possible
somewhat confusingly at low speeds
however the herald is actually
fairly easy to land largely due to the
fact that the engine placement
keeps you fairly straight and level as
far as quantum drive goes usual spiel
here replace the stock drive
but actually the quantum fuel stores in
the herald are very reasonable
offering a decent range for such a small
part 4 operating costs
the herald is very cheap to operate with
repair and rearming costs barely
scraping three figures
moreover the high speeds of the herald
means that it can use the hydrogen scoop
somewhat effectively if you’ve got some
open space to run in and a little time
as far as making money with the herald
its intended purpose of data running
isn’t yet an option in game however
it’ll make
bit of money at using the internal space
for box delivery contracts which the
herald handles just fine
sadly there’s no on-board cargo space
it is possible with some care to make
money from simple combat missions in the
although you’ll probably need to be a
super fan or a very patient
pilot part five
the verdict so it’s important here to
reinforce that the intended gameplay for
this ship
isn’t yet possible in game that said as
with all of my reviews
i try to focus on the here and now as
that’s what i can fairly assess
one thing in favor of the herald is that
it’s one of the cheaper ship
options coming in at 85 or 1.2
million alpha uec that said there are
really compelling alternatives at that
price point
including some better options for combat
such as the gladius
or some more versatile options such as
the nomad or the avenger
that said the herald is one of the
proper multi-crew ships out there
meaning it has a dedicated seat for a
second crew member
as well as a bed for log out the other
interesting thing here is the drake
style personally it’s
not for me but it’s really unique and
for some players that rugged
more industrial environment will be a
real plus
so i’ve i’ve danced around it a bit but
unless you’re sure that data running is
what you’re going to be into
and you’re confident that cig will
deliver exactly what you’re expecting
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