Perfect Practice Putting Mat | Full Unboxing and Review

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Shout out to my amazing, awesome and
beautiful wife Emily. This past ather’s
Day she surprised me with Perfect
Practice Putting Mat. If you’re on
social media like I am, you will see ads for
this on your Instagram and Facebook feed. Especially if you’re an avid golfer
which if you’re watching this video I
bet you are. So I clicked on it. It’s
endorsed by a lot of pros out there. And
I’ve had a lot of putting mats over
the years. Some have been good, a lot have been bad.
Well we’re gonna do a full on unboxing
and review today. Stay tuned!
All right so sort
of reviewing the box here. Pretty big box.
It’s probably about, oh I don’t know 2
feet by 3 feet maybe 6 inches deep. But
the pictures on the front. Guaranteed to
dramatically improve your putting in a
few minutes.
We’ll see about that. A couple of the
features on the back. I’m a big features
guy. One of the things I didn’t notice. I
thought it was just two holes but it
seems like one hole is your standard cup
size one’s a little bit smaller.
.Aka aim small, miss small. You have
printed markings on out from every two
feet two, four, six, and eight feet which
is cool. That’s like that crucial must
make par saving range. If you’re hitting
it tight, hitting it right you know
you’re probably hitting birdies from in
there. Has this
nice drop in natural wood backstop which
when you open it, we will get into. I like
this description right here everyone.
It’s sort of cool. Unique velvet material!
Features true roll. Rolls 10 to 14 on the
stimp. That’s fast. Also what I like is at the
end, has this nice uphill putting ramp.
That’s gonna require you to make a
firm confident stroke. And then finally
some alignment training tracks on the
bottom which is very cool. I like to stay
square throughout as well as keep my
putting stroke pretty darn square, so
that’s big for me. Maybe some of you
inside to inside sort of opening the
door closing door type putters, you may
not like that as much. But I like that a lot.
So says right here the contents include
one nine and a half foot crystal velvet
cutting mat. It’s attached to a wooden
base. I expect it to be pretty sturdy.
Three piece magnetic wooden ball return
track which is pretty cool. One drop in
wooden protective back stop. And it
measures about 11.8 inches wide. So about
twelve inches wide by 118 or close to
ten feet. So one foot wide ten feet deep.
Make sure you got room. We’re gonna get
it set up here in the gym. See what we
got. So let’s unbox this bad boy. Okay?
Enough waiting around. Enough talking. Alright so we’re gonna open this guy up.
Proudly designed in the US but made in
Pop these tabs up.
Make more putts.
First thing you notice, it has this nice
cool sort of mahogany smell coming out
of it. I don’t know if that’s a stain or
just the wood but that’s pretty cool. (sniff)
Iit’s like when you unbox a fresh new pair
of golf shoes, that nice leather smell.
Alright so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna get the camera in a little bit
closer here and show you what’s going on
inside this bad boy. Alright,
so here we go. It looks like it’s packaged
nice and well to protect that wood
finish. I’m just gonna slide one piece out. This
protective cover. It looks like four pieces
of wood right here. It’s probably like
the tracks and stuff for the ball return.
So what we’ll do is we’ll just set
those aside right down here.
Bubble wrap over here.
Next up, looks like it’s pretty
close to put together, which is cool.
I haven’t seen anything that requires you know
assembly like screws. But we could see.
That looks like everything right there. It
comes in a few pieces.This looks like
the wooden backstop right here. Okay so
we have four pieces down there for the
track one piece for the wooden backstop
Looks right here that we have the main
piece for it. Some of this packaging is
not too complex
just some styrofoam on the side and some
bubble wrap which is always nice you
know how sometimes these things can get
a little bit crazy
Looks like the construction is pretty
darn good. You know I always look at sort
of the seams you know and they have some
cool joints in there so it looks like
it’s constructed pretty darn well. We’ll
see though if it stands the test of time.
See right here as we unwrap it a little
bit this is one of the features you have
your standard cup size right here and on
the right side is a bit smaller
got a nice titleist pro v1 shots a
Titleist if you want to sponsor me just
hit like subscribe comment below I’ll
give you my address sort of give you a
frame of reference you know not that big
looks to be about your standards where
the two balls can fit sort off a cup or
a little bit less than two balls you
know how about you say let’s unfold this
bad boy out
and get it constructed and see what
she’s got all right so we’re gonna
unfold this guy okay looks like much of
the mat comes rolled up underneath
again I’m just looking at the
construction looks pretty well made to
tell you the truth pile first bad
nothing’s really rattling
just roll this out
the carpet looks or the putting that
area tenses it looks like an eighth of
an inch thick so you can see this
thing’s rolled out to about eight feet
right probably got a maybe late let it
lie overnight put one of these boxes or
some weights on it to flatten it out I’m
guessing you don’t want to roll it up
and back too much create smooth some
cracks in it or excuse me create some
folds in it but first look it looks
pretty darn cool there so you can go all
the way out eight feet that’s pretty
cool comes out to around maybe a little
past seven but then you just grab the
oh yeah over here is aim small miss
small buff smaller hole this is the line
for the larger hole you should have your
cup we got our backstop so it looks like
right here goes the backstop
all right there you know it also has
back there
looks like ball holders if this was more
permanent that’s for me storage there is
a slight kink right here that’s probably
because of the packaging
you know scooped up in that box for so
long probably yeah there you go so sort
of smoothes out right there and start
too soon without overtime what’d you say
let’s hit some putts and see what’s up
with this thing you know all right so I
got this bad boy set up I’m gonna set it
to about three feet start off with some
three footers what I tend to do out on
the course as I get warmed up again you
can break this thing down so it will
come out four feet but I’ll just move
thousands of bigger holes and then try
something smaller see our idea and I
wanna do is load up above get you came
on inside make you have to know it
that’s the stuff that I love that I died
we can be friends if you wanna we could
just talk if you wanna lick your hand if
you wanna
we could slap if you want hey guys if
you wanna give you what you want
it’s like the story in my life bad
friend but we rock you’re not saying
things say you need me but you really
trying to change legs
well I don’t leave
in my life I don’t battling over
fighting dragons always been a real one
back fixed rate always our pain like he
could be friends if you want
all right so overall perfect practice
putting Matt you can see there I had
some problems past six feet so I got to
work on it if anything on the downside
there tends to be this little kink right
there which some of the putts I would
notice when they get about right here
would be thrown off but I think with it
sitting on the box for a little bit
longer that will probably take care of
that overall I think the construction is
great I didn’t know but I absolutely
love that these are magnetic it’s able
to fold out as well as fold up pretty
darn easily which is critical because
you know this is my home gym where I
work out a lot plus the kids being in
and out to toddlers they’ll destroy this
thing if left to their own desires comes
in about five to six pieces let’s see
one two three four five six pieces so
that’s really cool but overall looks
pretty darn well constructed thanks
again to my awesome amazed and lovely
wife for the perfect Father’s Day gift
and if you like this video don’t forget
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signal golf guys take it easy

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