Hi all! Today i’m gonna recommend you guys
some of COSRX’s products that successfully
made my skin super soft.
So for all of you who hasn’t known,
I’m gonna give a little background about my skin condition.
Back then, my skin was fine.
But ever since I study abroad in London UK,
because the weather was super dry there,
my skin became super dry.
I’ve tried several different moisturisers,
and none of it worked for me.
Even if it worked, it only moisturised the surface
so when I wash my face it will get back to being dry.
It’s like the moisturiser wasn’t absorbed into my face.
And also, even though I went back to Jakarta
and have been staying here for a few months now thanks to coronavirus,
my face couldn’t come back to how it was idk why.
What bothers me is whenever I use makeup,
even though I used moisturiser first,
if I apply foundation / concealer,
you’ll be able to see some white cracks on my face
if you see it from up close.
It’s like the skin is
not even(?)
Because COSRX was on discount in Sociolla,
and also because my friend bought COSRX’s

/> Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser,
so I finally decided to try COSRX’s products,
who knows maybe it suits me.
I bought their products that’s for face moisturising.
Starting from their cleanser, toner, essence / serum and-
that’s it(?)
Oh! And also their face mask.
Because I bought a lot of stuffs, I got this box.
Pretty things inside~
Let’s open it now!
The first thing I bought is this
Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.
They just released a small size for this, 50mL (1.7 Oz) only.
The normal size is 150mL (5.07 Oz), it’s around IDR 100k (6.84 USD).
I bought this small one while on discount,
I think it became IDR 59k (4.03 USD)?
I’ll put the link and prices down in the description 🙂
I bought the small one because I want to try it first,
and I think this is really good.
It’s said that the benefit of this low pH cleanser
compared to normal cleanser is that
the acidity level is low,
so it’s similar to our skin’s acidity level.
It can moisturise our skin,
exfoliate our skin,
and also calm our skin.
It’s proven when I wake up and wash my face using this,
my face don’t become dry.
Normally when wake up,
my face is oily (because of sleeping).
And then I wash my face,
I used to use Garnier’s cleanser,
and I feel like the oils just suddenly disappear and my face become super dry after I wash it.
I mean- after I wash it, dry it with towel,
and when it’s dry, my face became so dry.
It’s just- it doesn’t feel good at all.
But after I use this low pH cleanser, my face will still be smooth (but not oily either).
the second product I’m gonna show you is
COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad!
This is actually a toner, but
it’s formed in cotton sheets,
each box contains 70 sheets of cottons.
It’s so easy to use,
as you guys can see it’s literally cottons,
you’ll only need to take one and use the rougher side
to wipe your face and then flip it,
and wipe your face again.
You could also use it for on neck.
And then it’s done, just let it sit on your face.
Apply this after you finish washing your face,
just before you apply serum.
Always apply toner before serum.
So far, I think this is
my favourite product for dry skin.
This’ll literally make your face as smooth as baby’s skin.
Suuuuuper smooth!
Really really good.

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