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hello and welcome to man v film today i’m going to 
be talking about 88 film’s release of the master  
starring Yuen Wah Jet Li and Jerry Trimble and 
this one has a little bit of a troubled production  
was filmed in 1989 not released to 1992 
directed by Tsui Hark and it is a bit  
of a mess i love to be positive about movies and 
there are some positives to have had here but  
ultimately this is a little bit of a lackluster 
movie reminded me a lot of rumble in the bronx  
we have a Yeun Wah’s master character who has 
a herbal shop jerry trimble turns up is someone  
he used to train with this master decides to beat 
the crap out of him and ruin his shop jet li plays  
jett who comes over from china to work with 
his own master to visit for a period of time  
and discovers that his master is kind 
of a shadow of the man he once knew and  
basically it’s all building towards a big fight 
between jet li and jerry trimbo and it’s just  
about getting there there is a lot of superfluous 
stuff in here that just feels ill-fitting like  
the um

trio of mexican gang-bangers who hook 
up with jet because he is a kung fu master um  
and these people are kind of caricatures 
of those tropey mexican gang banger types  
and it just feels a little bit 
silly and a little bit inept  
um there’s bonkers moments throughout this but 
the action is pretty solid and pretty great it’s  
all about just getting there you know you get a 
wonderful action set piece and then you get 10  
minutes of superfluous drivel that is story until 
you get to the next exciting action set piece  
it’s tough going um there is a little bit 
of charisma with jet li there is a kind of  
forced love story there are all these little 
bits that are added in that just confound  
the plot make it even more sillier than 
it should be and just never quite lands  
as exciting or interesting even the bad guys are 
very pantomimy they’re over the top they’re silly  
they are almost chewing the scenery bad 
but that’s the kind of movie we’re in  
but the fight scenes are wonderful i really 
do like the way they’re staged and executed i  
have no idea why it takes such a turn in the 
last 15 minutes into a completely different movie  
we get Jet Li leaving on a bus towards the 
airport where things turn exceedingly bloody  
over the top there hasn’t 
been an ounce of blood uh  
throughout the movie people get maybe they’re 
foot cut on glass or something like that but  
there’s a shotgun there’s people being blasted 
several times and it becomes well exciting for  
a moment ill fitting with the rest of the movie 
but exciting then we get the rooftop fight scene  
which is fantastic and it’s it’s really a 
testament to what you want to get to you  
you’re working with this movie to get to this 
super exciting action set piece that is thrilling  
it is varied it is bone crunching and just 
bloody brilliant i really like that fight scene  
getting to it was a lot of hard work um but it’s 
just one of those movies that feels incomplete it  
doesn’t feel that it’s fully connected with each 
other and doesn’t work a hundred percent i do like  
tsui hark i like uh jet li and i feel they did 
some wonderful work in the once upon a time series  
but this feels like woefully inept in certain 
points some of the direction is crazy it doesn’t  
make a whole lot of sense and some of the ethereal 
camera movements just feel out of place as well  
it’s a movie where it feels like a warm up feels 
like they’re practicing almost getting used to  
each other you know get this turkey out of the way 
before moving on to some of the good stuff stories  
drivel and uninteresting and kind of atypical 
of stories i’ve seen done elsewhere the action  
is exemplary and fun that’s the master artwork is 
amazing as usual what did you think of the movie  
let me know in the comment box below and 
i will see you next time on man v film

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