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There are some legendary SUV names in the
Toyota line-up … but Fortuner isn’t one
of them.
While LandCruiser, Prado and RAV4 wrack up
the sales, the Fortuner sits in the shadow
… it is Toyota’s least popular SUV.
Yet there’s no doubt for some people it
would also be the most suitable.
Riding on the same ladder frame as Australian’s
biggest selling vehicle, the HiLux ute, the
Fortuner is a seven-seat SUV with real off-road
It comes with the familiar 2.8-litre turbo-diesel
\ mated with a \six-speed automatic transmission,
a 4×4 system with low range and a locking
rear differential.
That means the Fortuner is a true off-roader
in the way many other popular SUVs – like
Toyota’s own Kluger, RAV4 and C-HR – aren’t.
It’s a pretty easy process to change 4×4
settings in the Fortuner.
You go from 2Hi to 4Hi on this dial at speeds
up to XXXkm/h … to get into 4lo you first
have to stop and select neutral…
Then away you go.
Add in the Fortuner’s substantial ground
clearance and underbody protection and most
reasonable off-road obstacles should be within
your grasp.
It’s also very comfortable and capable on
gravel roads.
Get back on the black top and the Fortuner
actually behaves pretty darn well.
It’s certainly in the ballpark against its
logical rivals like the Mitsubishi Pajero
Sport, Isuzu MU-X and Ford Everest.
In fact, while we rate the Everest as the
better vehicle, the Fortuner is cheaper, which
will make it more appealing.
But countering that, it’s all a bit dated
inside, especially around the infotainment
area, row two is spacious but knees up for
adults while row three is kids only.
And the braked towing capacity is only 2800kg,
some 700kg shy of best in class…
But the big issue we’d flag with the Fortuner
is under the bonnet.
This engine has had diesel particulate filter
and dusting issues which have been reported
at carsales.com.au…
Please read those stories if you’re researching
the Fortuner.
So, there’s no doubt the Fortuner has real
off-road credentials … it’s actually the
cheapest true off-road SUV in the Toyota line-up.
But it’s also pretty specialised, which
means its destined to stay in the shadows

Still if it’s the shadow of a remote forest
canopy and the Forester’s just got you there
… then all good!

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