Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 3 – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new review on! Today with one of the best
shoes of the last season. This is his successor: the Crazyflight Bounce 3.
What can this shoe do? What this shoe can’t do? Now in detail.
The Crazyflight 2 Bounce was also a very good shoe, so they didn’t have to make so many
changes here. Adidas used a more filigree upper here. So the
mesh material is a bit finer. These PU-glues, which lead here to the midfoot and to the
most important eyelets here at the midfoot, have been reinforced and glued a bit better. The shoe
doesn’t look quite as clumsy as the type 2 shoe. In front the gluing a little more filigree. Here this toe reinforcement
and at the end also here these PU reinforcements at the heel. You can see this here, here it is sewn together.
Otherwise also almost constructed as one-piece uppers. It stays that way. The Crazyflight Bounce is a downgrade
of the Crazyflight X. In the Crazyflight X is the Boost cushioning installed and here for 30€ less,
for 100€ UVP the Bounce cushioning. Personally I like this bounce cushioning but at least as much.
Especially for handball players it’s almost better because it gives better
feedback and gives you a more direct contact to the ground.The Crazyflight Bounce 3 is still
one of the top shoes in the range.

In a downgrade for 100€ you get a lot of shoes for
very little money. The upper material is still very flexible, very soft and adapts wonderfully to your
foot. The bounce cushioning is very direct and nothing has changed at the sole. Also there still a
top grip. It is still slim and a bit shorter than usual. That means buy
half a size bigger than you are used to in Adidas shoes. This shoe is perfect for all flexible
speedplayers on the left and right wing, but also on the middle backcourt,
this shoe offers all the qualities you need to deliver a good game. If you
disagree, write us about, on our Facebook page, on IGTV
and of course on our YouTube channel.

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