Aegis Eclipse Review | Star Citizen 3.10 Gameplay

who doesn’t want to fly a
stealth bomber with incredible firepower
well stick around and we’ll explore that
i’m farister and in this video i’ll be
reviewing the star citizenship the aegis
star citizen is currently in alpha
testing and the eclipse is one of the
flyable ships
the eclipse is a single seater and is
described as a
stealth bomber for those of you who’ve
seen my other ship reviews you’ll
recognize the usual format for this one
i’ve split into five sections starting
with a ship tour
assessing combat performance reviewing
and visibility looking at the operating
costs before finally
summarizing i’ve included timestamps in
the video description to help navigate
to each part of the review
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part one ship tour
so as i walk around the outside of the
eclipse i’m afraid there’s not a lot for
me to say in the way of ship tour for
this one
the only internalized space available
crew is the front cockpit which has
seating for the pilot and the pilot only
it’s accessed via a ladder on the left
hand side
of the eclipse
part two combat performance
so in terms of armament the eclipse is
armed with two
fixed size two weapons defaulting to
scorpion ballistic repeaters
but the main armament is actually three
size nine missiles which do an
insane amount of damage by my
calculations and take this with a pinch
of salt
but i think that the three missiles are
powerful enough to knock out
35 eclipse worth of shields
that’s a lot of firepower the downside
yes of course there’s a downside is
firstly the aim time on the missiles is
fairly long
meaning you want to start your
engagement from a fair distance away
the eclipse does have a nice stealth
profile which lends itself to supporting
secondly the eclipse only carries three
of those missiles and they’re the real
damage dealing potential of the ship
which makes many of the combat missions
that require more than three kills
very difficult for your average skill
level pilot
such as me now don’t get me wrong from a
balancing perspective that makes a lot
of sense
i can’t stress enough how powerful those
missiles are
but equally that means you have to take
your pick of missions
carefully outside of the weaponry the
eclipse carries two small
shield generators they don’t protect
much but they regenerate fairly quickly
if you’ve only taken a glancing blow and
the whole of the eclipse is more rugged
than you might expect
able to soak up a little damage although
i would point out that the cockpit
is particularly vulnerable to being
knocked out which is
effectively a kill
part 3 handling and visibility
starting with the handling the eclipse
does handle fairly well
what really took me by surprise given
the design to look similar to a stealth
is how well the thrusters were able to
yaw the craft from left to right
even sometimes not being sensitive
enough to smaller movements
given the size of the ship that’s pretty
and the nose is able to point just fine
even against some of the faster moving
craft the eclipse was able to keep her
nose facing the target
enough to get a missile lock and it
wasn’t particularly difficult to keep
the fixed weapons firing on
target whilst the top speed is fairly
acceleration and deceleration were a
little more sluggish
that’s not to say but but i wouldn’t say
good either
the real plus here is that it’s
predictable which is helpful for
planning landings this shows at most
when transitioning to
atmospheric flight in atmosphere it was
clear that the eclipse was not as nimble
as some of the combat fighter craft that
i’ve recently reviewed
but i found that the symptom of this was
that the flying wing would just
bleed off airspeed rather than cause a
dangerous situation
so in that regard the eclipse is fairly
in the gravity of a moon without
atmosphere the wing impact is no longer
and as such with some generous
application of afterburner
the eclipse was capable of some fairly
bold maneuvers
and that brings me on to talk about
when i first hopped in the cockpit i was
nervous as
clearly there was an enclosed top and
bottom which
immediately made me think this was going
to be another misc freelancer or
starfarer type experience
with a thin sliver to see out of
thankfully the eclipse doesn’t fall into
the same trap and
actually visibility feels pretty
certainly takeoff and landing felt
the stock quantum drive although a
stealth variant wasn’t
overly slow and moreover delivered a
range the eclipse is able to traverse
most of the stanton system
in search of a kill perhaps only needing
to refuel quantum once for a
particularly long journey
part four operating costs
so i’ll start with the obvious this
thing makes money from killing things
with a carefully selected combat mission
you can use the missiles for quick kills
and i find that rearing the missiles is
usually a lot less than the mission
repairs can end up being about a
thousand alpha uec if you take some fair
but again that’s not going to eliminate
your profits
the key is taking the right combat
ideally with three or fewer ships to
so that you can leverage the power of
those missiles
that said that’s not going to be any
large amount of profit
and i’d say the money-making potential
is nowhere near that of the freelancer
or the prospector
or even the caterpillar which is for
this pledge price point
but then the eclipse is a combat ship so
perhaps that’s not as important
if it covers its costs which it does
and that’s really the only option i’ve
found there’s no cargo bay of any type
or storage for anything physicalized so
no choice about taking anything other
than combat missions
which leads me on to part five the
so the eclipse is available for 300
or in game for three and a half million
alpha uec
the eclipse is very niche and i’d say
you’d either buy it for the looks
or for a very unique stealth killer
probably more tailored towards taking
out unsuspecting players
personally i’m drawn to think that it’s
not worth the purchase price
simply due to just how limited the
gameplay is
for said price when there are other
options out there that i
can think can deliver a more compelling
but i do accept that the eclipse looks
absolutely fantastic and it is
lethal i’m expecting a lot of love for
the eclipse in the comments so
i’m sorry i couldn’t say more nice
things about it if you’re in eclipse
and are flying around the verse please
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