Animal Crossing New Horizon Therapist Review | 5 Professional Mental Health Tips | Family Friendly

Animal Crossing New Horizon released on
March 20, 20 20 a perfect timing for
everyone being shelter at home due to Covid-19.
In this video I’ll
review the game from a professional
therapist perspective and explain how
to play this game in a healthy way for
you mental health. Animal Crossing New
Horizons sets in a deserted island which
allowed you to move in and make it alive
again day after day. You can talk to your
villagers witness the transformation of
your deserted island turning into your
dream world. Of course, a lot of hard work
needed to take place, such as cleaning
out the weeds, collecting materials
farming money, and doing exploration by
digging, fishing, catching bugs. You can
fully customize your characters by skin
color, hair style, clothing, accessory. You
can really shine as who you are in every
single way. The visual is absolutely cute
and lovely the music is always relaxing
in Carmen and there’s always something
to do every day. Animal Crossing New
Horizons creates a perfect environment
for people to relax and chill from all
the chaos and uncertainty of the world.
At the first few weeks of its releasing,
the game received overwhelming positive
praise from players around the world, I
think the game helped improving the
general mental health during these weeks.
My husband and I loved the game so much
that happens many hours on it since its
launch. However I started to realize
something has changed shortly after the
overwhelming amounts of Animal Crossing
New Horizon cheats, tricks, tips, show-off
screenshots taking over all the social
media, people began to feel pressure of
comparing with their procession, the
appearance of Island and fashion of
characters. The fear of missing outs and
the frustration of not having the same
thing as your friends or people online
started to cause unnecessary anxiety
among players. Even in the game, items in
sharp change every day and the game was
designed to reward you by logging in
every day and making every achievement.
Slowly the joy of checking in the dream
world every day turned into a chore
which was much more boring and
frustrating. Again this cause negative
effects on mental health too. Now when I
look back and returned to Animal
Crossing New Horizon after stopping for
a while, I asked myself how to play this
game in a much healthier way so that it
will be beneficial to people’s mental
health. Here are some tips from me
a professional therapist in real life.
First, play at your pace, take it slow or
fast in process, it’s depending on your
own, not your friends, not game developer
or anyone you meet online. Second, enjoy
the discovery. Stay away from all the too
much detail cheats, or tricks about the game.
One of the fun aspects is to explore and
to discover the unknown yourself by
simply playing the game. Third, it is ok to
be imperfect.
No one can have every single item in the
game, so please accept that it’s okay for
you to not have certain items and not
get certain rewards. Forth, celebrate instead of
resenting. When something great happened
to your friends or even strangers, let’s
celebrate it and be joyful instead of
resenting, why this happened on you and
becoming grumpy. Fifth, smell the roses
along the journey. Outcome is important
but it’s more essential to enjoy the
process in every single step.
You will find more joy if you value the
process as much as the result. Animal
Crossing New Horizon is a wonderful
family friendly game for both children
and adults. Beautiful graphic designs,
relaxing music, tons of teachable moments
about friendship and managing money, perfect
platform for expressing creativity and imagination
Please note that’s only one primary
residence player can fully control the
islands per console device which means
you have to buy the second Nintendo
Switch if you want to play the full
wholesome gameplay experience with your
family and friends. Having said that, I
give this game a 9 out of 10, amazing
game. Now you have it, if you enjoy the
video, please like and subscribe.
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Remember you are loved valued and not
alone. Have a wonderful awesome day! See you next time!

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