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In this video I will review Untamed by
Glennon Doyle.
Adele recently said that this book will
shake your brain
and make your soul scream. Keep watching
to find out more.
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In today’s review of Untamed by Glennon
Doyle, I will tell you my thoughts,
my key takeaways and favourite quote
before letting you know who i recommend
this book for
and giving it a rating out of five, so
keep watching till the end to see what
score i gave it.
This book is pretty exciting for me because
it was the first time in ages
that I’ve read a book outside of my own
I read this book on public transport, I
read it in parks, I even read it in cafes.
I hadn’t heard of Glennon Doyle before
this book
and to be honest I wouldn’t have chosen
it based on this cover
or on the description on the back but I
had seen
rave reviews of this book everywhere,
Reece Witherspoon chose it as her one of
her book
club picks, Rachel Hollis posted saying
that she loved it,
then recently it made the news because
Adele said that it changed her life,
so I was really curious and thought I
need to check this book out for myself.
Glennon is from Virginia in the US and
she now lives in Florida with her wife
and three children. This book was
released in March of this year
and it is Glennon’s third book. Glennon
rose to fame
by a blog called monastery and she said
she started this blog
because her friends and family were
tired of reading about her musings.
Glennon’s first book was called Carry on
warrior and it was released in 2013
and it talks about how she overcome her
addictions with drugs and alcohol
and her eating disorder. Her follow-up
book Love warrior
talks about her husband’s infidelity and
how they dealt with that
and then when she was on the book tour
for that book she met her now wife Abby
and her life imploded, she talks about
this a lot in
Untamed. Glennon is also the founder and
president of Together rising,
which is a all-women-led non-profit
which helps women,
families and children in crisis. Glendon
says that this book is stories of how
she became
caged and how she became free.
The book is divided into three parts –
Keys and Free. The book has a lot of very
short chapters, in fact over 60 of them,
and the structure is a bit all over the
place, but Glennon says that was a
conscious decision because she didn’t
want to write a book about being untamed
that followed a conventional structure.
Here are my three key takeaways from
reading this book.
Number one – do not adjust yourself to
please the world.
This is a central tenet of the book.
Glennon poses the question – who were you before the world told you
who you should be?
In the book she writes ‘when a woman
finally learns that pleasing the world
is impossible,
she becomes free to learn how to please
and then later in the book she adds ‘I do
not adjust myself to please the world.
I am myself wherever i am and i let the
world adjust.’
This book has made me think that perhaps
I tamed myself
when I went to high school because I
know that i made myself smaller
so that I wouldn’t stand out and that I
wouldn’t be bullied,
but before that I didn’t care what
people thought of me.
I remember one time my mum was buying me
a dress for our church anniversary
and I wanted this really pretty dress
and she said
‘are you sure because Catherine and Samantha
probably won’t be wearing dresses?’
and I said that I didn’t care, I wanted
to wear what I wanted to wear
and I didn’t care if I was the only one.
It’s taken me a lot of time since high
school to gradually
untame myself and become that girl who
doesn’t care what people think anymore.
I’ve got a long way to go on that but
one thing I can tell you
is that I do wear dresses most of the
Number two – Search inside yourself for
the answers.
This is a constant theme throughout the
book. Glennon calls it her Knowing
but I prefer the terms intuition or gut
I was in a job interview recently and my
gut was telling me that it was not the
right fit for me
and i think a lot of us do have these
gut feelings but the problem is that we
choose to
override them or we ignore the red flags.
In this instance I knew that this job
instinctively wasn’t right for me
but my head was telling me you know that
this was a really good opportunity
and ‘you’re unemployed you shouldn’t be
so picky’
but my intuition was screaming at me to
continue job hunting.
In the book Glennon writes ‘I understand
now that no one else in the world
knows what I should do. The experts don’t
The ministers, the therapists, the
magazines, the authors,
my parents, my friends. They don’t know,
not even the folks who love me the most
because no one has ever lived or will
ever live this life i am attempting to
with my gifts and challenges and past
and people.
Every life is an unprecedented
This life is mine alone so I’ve stopped
asking people for directions to
places they’ve never been. There is no
We are all pioneers. Finally, number three –
All feelings are for feeling. This
concept has actually resonated with me
in a few books
I’ve read recently including Happy and
Emotional agility,
but I’ve included it again today because
I really like the way that Glennon talks
about it
because she explains it exactly the way
that I used to feel.
She writes ‘I did not know before that
woman told me
that all feelings were feeling. I did
not know that I was supposed to feel
everything. I thought I was supposed to
feel happy.
I thought that happy was for feeling and
that pain was for fixing
and numbing and deflecting and hiding
and ignoring. I love quotes and this is
my favourite one from the book.
‘Once we feel know and dare to imagine
more for ourselves,
we cannot unfeel, unknow or
unimagine. There is no going back.’
Let me first start with the cover, what
even is this supposed to be?
I have no idea. I have seen another
version which seems prettier and seems
to have some glitter on it
and I don’t know if that’s the hard cover
version, I know that whenever i see it I
get really jealous that I don’t own that
In terms of the format the book is
structured like a series of
life lessons and anecdotes and it is a
bit all over the place.
It took me a while to get used to it
because she switches between topics and
time periods
all the time but once I did I actually
quite enjoyed it
for keeping me on my toes. The mini
chapters I think would be quite good for
people who don’t have much time to read
or have a short attention span. Glendon
covers a variety of topics in this book
racism, sexuality, religion,
the patriarchy and equality. Glennon’s
writing is incredibly honest
and vulnerable it was really easy to
read and the book was quite a page
Glennon has quite a way with words. When
I was reading some of the conversations
that she has with her partner or with
her children,
I was like ‘wow do people really speak
like that?’
and it reminded me a lot of Dawson’s
Creek in that regard.
Glennon loves a metaphor so there is a
lot of metaphors throughout Untamed
but I think they can be quite good
because they can make the lessons that
she’s teaching
more memorable especially the one with
the cheetah.
If you’ve read this book then you’d know
what I mean. Some parts of this book were
really profound and emotive
and I did cry a couple of times, one of
those is when her daughter
got into a soccer team which seems like
a very unlikely
reason to make me cry but it just shows
how good Glennon’s writing is.
The most memorable story from the book, however was when Glennon met Abby her
now wife for the first time.
It was so intense and exciting, I’ve
never felt so exhilarated reading or
hearing about how someone met their
for the first time. I got some really
good takeaways from this book, of course
I mentioned a few of them earlier,
but i don’t feel like the book was very
actionable and perhaps it wasn’t
supposed to be because it is kind of
written like a memoir,
but then because of that i don’t have as
many actionable insights from this book
as I would have
from some other books that I enjoy
reading. I can be quite OCD about reading
things in the right order
and it’s unusual for me to read
Glennon’s third book when I haven’t read
her first
two. However i it’s really not necessary
to read those first before you read
Untamed and I’m not actually sure if I
want to go back and read them.
In some ways i’m sure i’d enjoy them
because Glennon is a really good writer
and I would definitely buy any future
books that she writes.
However I know that her journey has
continued and she’s evolved throughout
writing these books
and I like where she is right now with
Untamed so i don’t necessarily want to
go back and see who she was before,
but maybe i will one day. I’ve also heard
that Untamed is going to be made into a
TV series
which i have no idea how that would work
but I am quite intrigued to watch it and
when it comes out i will be definitely
checking it out. I really like this book
but i didn’t find it as life-changing as
a lot of other people seem to have,
so I’m giving it four stars. The book
started off with a lot of promise and so
much oomph
and the middle section was actually
really well structured
but then in the third part I felt like
at times
it dragged a little bit for me. However
that’s not to say
that it’s a bad book, I’ve really enjoyed
it, Glennon’s writing is really good and
i would definitely buy
her future books. I’d just hoped that
perhaps this was going to be my first
five star book review because of all the
hype I’d read about it
but unfortunately it was not to be, so I
am looking forward to seeing what book
gets that accolade. I would recommend
this book to all women
although i’m sure that men could get a
lot out of it too but it’s definitely
aimed at women.
I think that women with husbands and
and those going through a marriage
breakup perhaps
could get even more out of this. So what
did you think?
Do you want to read this book for
yourself? If so then drop me a comment to
let me know.
If you want to find out more information
on Glennon or find links to the book
then check out the description below.
If you prefer listening to books rather
than reading them this book is also
available on
audible and is narrated by Glennon herself.
If you don’t actually have time to read
right now this book is also on Blinkist
and you can read the key takeaways in
just 15 minutes.
Next time I will be reviewing The
squiggly career by
Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis.
I bought this book when i was made
redundant to try and work out what I
should do next with my career
but I would actually recommend this as
an essential read
for anyone at any stage in their career.
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