Cosa mi Lasci di te (2020) Recensione | Review [ENG SUB] Amazon Prime Video | NO SPOILER

based on a true story and on the autobiographical bestseller of Jeremy Camp
a singer-songwriter musician of contemporary music of a Christian style
a beautiful direction by Andrew Erwin tells us the story of Jeremy Camp
played by a good KJ Apa
a twenty year old who leaves his home in Indiana
to go to the College in Califonia where he meets Melissa
played by a very good Britt Robertson
it is love at first sight not only for Jeremy but also for his music
a true story that accompanies us in what happened in Jeremy’s life
and in Melissa’s life
the events and episodes told fill us with beautiful emotions
and beautiful feelings and values ​​that only people
who really know what is love I am able to prove and demonstrate
to make these feelings and emotions shine
there is the faith that in the form of peace and hope
illuminates the paths of the two protagonists
especially in the final part of the story
where we are left as witnesses of messages
for all we who have been able to witness this story this film
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