hey guys what is up in this Ashley so
today we’re gonna be doing some more C
so we got the slime DIY miss mini
mystery kicked and we got Karina Garcia
craft city slime from Walgreens so first
thing we’re going to do is the mini
mystery slime DIY kit the first thing I
see in there is a cup and this is green
if you guys can’t tell the screen so we
got our pink glitter green powder nope
this is the stickers that’s really cute
okay so then we have that buddy
okay so let’s see what it says to do to
find slime powder glitter or confetti
and to shaker fill with water to blue
light okay
damn look glad I have a scissors right
here make put these all in the little
dick and later we’re gonna come back
later explosion up in here y’all I’m
curious I don’t like how this will work
because the pinks and greens together
like that sounds really weird I would
not take that combination all right so
we are gonna go get some water and we
will be back okay so the next step is to
shake it secure the lid check quickly
for 30 seconds remove the lid wait five
minutes before me
okay so alright so now we’re gonna let
it sit for five minutes and we will be
back my fingers wet okay so while we’re
waiting for this line to be done we are
going to open up the craft City
Corinna Garcia’s fun this is in the it’s
gonna stay in the shade this is in the
scent happy pink slime that’s what its
curviness pre-made happy pink slime wave
Tech deflator let’s see if I can get
if I can do this right Oh hmm that’s
so this is what the slime looks like it
looks like a jelly slime type – really
easily which
if you do it super slowly it’ll work
okay so this lime has set I guess this
like that
look at this this is so nice surprise
glitter all over my hands right now
this is actually it like turned out
pretty well um my it like shake slimes
don’t usually turn out very well this is
really nice
I am really into this like it’s so
stretchy wise okay so you guys like this
video give it a thumbs up subscribe to
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