GreenSoul MONSTER Ultimate Gaming Chair GS-734 Review (Unboxing | Assembly | Features)

hello everyone…welcome back to a new video of
pedal pupper
no no…it’s ok..
I am all find sitting on the floor…
oh, you people please come, sit on the chair…(don’t be shy now!)
talking of the chair…
I have been working from home since months now
and if you have an ergonomic chair
it really helps you to work with ease
so a few days ago, one of my friend told me
about a really nice gaming chair
and that I should purchase it
I said no, there is no specific need for a gaming chair
and so that is how I warded off this idea
but then he said something to me
that a lot of good YouTubers
have used this chair
that was my calling
I had to check out the chair…and later on
unbox, assemble, pat your back for thinking
about your back, thighs, arms and neck
its “neck” and not “necks” (lol)
anyway, lets start opening this box
so one major point to note is
about this is chair
this isn’t delivered assembled
you have to assemble it on your own
there is a very quick video on YouTube on how to assemble it
which I have gone through, but it was too short and quick
and I did not
think it was very helpful
but let’s see
and this is the first chair which
I am going to assemble myself
cool…this card comes with this chair
its a “Promise”
so this chair is one of GreenSoul chair
and Green Soul is an Indian startup brand
another good thing for Indians!
may be you can
pause the screen and read it
if you want to…
I obviously will read it
later on
after showing you what this box contains
this looks like the seat of a car
these are the assembly instructions
this is what
supposed to help us
“Congratulations, you are now the owner of a brand new
GreenSoul Ergonomic Chair”
“You are just steps away from your ultimate seating
I hope this turns out ultimate
so this is the next pillow, with the
branding of GreenSoul
this is the back cover…umm
not back cover, but back rest
this is the lumbar pillow
or lumbar support
which is essentially for your lower back
this is what I needed the most because
if you are sitting and working for long hours
it’s quite obvious to get back pain issues
oh cool!
I don’t know if these gloves are given because of
covid situation or if they give these in general
I am going to wear these…
super people!
this is not a starfish!
don’t get confused
I am not into any kind of
marine life trading, whatsoever!
this is the metal base, which is quite heavy!
there is a reason why it is made so heavy, which I will tell you later in the video these are the arm rests
this is one
this must be the other
arm rest
this must be the other arm rest
and now here’s a box
this must be the tool kit, let’s open this
later on
this right here is the base
basically your seat
this is what we’ll be sitting on…
for you all, I had offered you the plastic chair, if you remember XD
this is the FROG mechanism, i don’t know what that is but
but this is the “newly engineered” frog mechanism part
this goes onto the base, we’ll see about that
in a few minutes
and that’s all
that is all basically there is
it’s empty!
there is one thing
which I think
GreenSoul can work on, is making
these screws or spanner
these screws are falling off too many times
and it becomes quite difficult if you are assembling
it alone
so being magnetic will make it more easier
for one person alone to assemble it
so this cover goes right over here
basically to hide this metal part
it’s already fitted on
this end, but I have to put the screws
*sigh of relief*
feels amazing…
it has
a really well padded seat bottom
and it is very comfortable
and even the material is very comfortable
a mix of spandex and PU leather, so it is
so you can sit and work on this chair for
long hours with ease
and you won’t face any issues due to sweating as well
and this neck pillow here is very comfortable
plus this lumbar pillow is height adjustable
you can move it up or down
as it is attached to a movable belt
you can shift it up or down as per your need
next time if you see one of my videos
which is shot indoors
and if you don’t see me sitting on this chair
you people would know that it’s a fake video
do report it (it’s joke, I hope you people get that!)
this has very comfortable and
well padded arm rests

these are 4D arm rests
so it can move in 4 directions
it can slide front or back
it can tilt left and right
it can also move up and down
next feature is
as you would remember, we placed the seat on the gas lift
if you pull this right lever, then the seat comes up
and it you pull it while sitting
then the seat would move down
this is use of gas lift, as you all might know
you can also rock on this chair!
and you can lock or unlock this function
right now it’s locked so i am not able to rock on it
if you tilt the lever on the left
it gets unlocked and you can comfortable rock front and backwards
however, you can only rock within a 30 degree angle
the best thing I like about this chair
let’s recall that this chair has a heavy base
including the metal base and the frog mechanism unit
that is so, because that enables this chair to recline up to 180 degrees
so you can basically lie on it, as if on a bed
more than that but
I am bit scared right now
ok, never mind!
so this won’t fall backwards and you can
comfortable lie on it!
Hopefully it won’t fall backwards
you can read on it, do mobile gaming
or work comfortably
and you can recline to any angle you want to!
so assembling it all by myself was quite a task for me
but it was really fun
and I hope you people liked it
and if someone is watching this as a tutorial
to assemble a similar chair
then I hope this helps them out as well
also, this chair comes with
a warranty of 3 years, so if within that time
if there are any mechanical or manufacturing defects
then those parts will be fixed or replaced or maybe
the chair unit might be replaced
again, Green Soul is an Indian company
so this also supports the “make in india” initiative
(it’s not totally that way right now though)
and yes, I would definitely recommend it for
the price that we are getting it
because it’s feature, it material and it’s make
is very strong and very good
and feature wise, this is very rich
and comfort level – obviously, it is definitely very comfortable
and so I would definitely recommend it
so if you people want to check the detailed features or
check out its best price on Amazon
then I am dropping the links in the description below
and as always
do drop your feedback…
I’m sorry about
rotating like this, but I am really liking it
do drop your feedback
any suggestions, or if you liked or disliked
then do let us know in the comments
until next time, see you guys, take care!
buh bye!

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