Yo guys, back with me, Effendy, the Geeky Youtuber
In today’s video, I’m going to review Miband 4’s successor, that is the Miband 5
I’ve been wearing the Miband for around weeks
A lot of you guys have noticed since the Redmi 9’s unboxing video
I bought this from Shopee Singapore for around five hundred thousand rupiahs
and this is the China version, not the global version.
Generally, there should not be any significant difference
The official price in China is around 25 USD.
What’s inside the box?
This is the black coloured box with number 5 written in the front side
Miband is a fitness band, not a smart watch
There are three things inside the box
The Miband itself, charging cable and manual book.
The strap
To wear the band, simply push the button inside the hole, so easy.
The Miband itself is so simple, there are some sensors on the back side
Like barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and heart rate tracker
Unlike the previous models, this time the charging port will be attached on the back side
You don;t have to take off the strap while charging anymore.
It attaches pretty strongly so you don’t have to worry it will fall off while charging
How strong it attaches? I’ll show you.
With only 2 hours of charging time, the battery could last up to weeks.
Here are the specifications
Start from the display, dimension, weight, resolution and battery power
The difference with Miband 4?
I’ve compared it to Miband 4, what are the differences with it’s predecessor?
Okay, the first thing you need to do is pairing with your phone, and it’s so easy
You just have to install Mifit app, wait for a few minutes and it’s connected.
And since I bought the China version, the first thing I have to do is to change the language to English.
There are a lot of selection for the watch faces and it’s easy to synch
You just have to select the watch face you like on Mifit app, select synch then it will automatically be uploaded to your Miband
Or, if you’re confident enough, you can even use your own selfie as the watch face, just like this!
What are the things on the menu?
Okay, what do we have on the menu?
The first thing is Status, this will tell you how much steps for the day
Then, there is PAI or personal activity Inteligence
It will track and score your daily activities
Next is Heart rate, which will monitor our heart rate
non stop for 24 hours 7 days a week, wow!
There is also Notification
Stress Measurement, this function will measure your stress level based on your heart rate.
There is Breathing, you will be taught how to breath..
The point is, you will be trained to do breathing excercise
inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, that sort of thing.
Next is Events, this will only shows events you’ve inputted into the Mifit app.
Next is Weather, that will show you the weather forecast for the next 1 week.
Next is Workout
There are 11 modes in the Workout menu
There is running
Treadmill, cycling, walking, freestyle
Pool swimming, up 50 metres water resistance
There’s also new workout menus: elliptical, rowing machine, jump rope, indoor cycling and yoga.
There’s also a new Cycle menu. This is a very important menu for me.
This will measure the menstrual cycle for woman.
For men, you can use this menu to forecast when you spouse will start being moody with you
Hee. Hee.
Lastly, there is More menu. There are other features inside
Among these are the camera shutter function
You can use your Miband as your smart phone’s camera shutter
The other are stopwatch, timer, find device, world clock, etc.
You can set the brighness level in the settings menu
I’ve tested it outdoor, and the highest brightness level is quite nice being used outdoor.
You can also set how long the screen will turn off
Okay, my conclusion having been wearing the Miband 5 for 2 weeks, I think it’s so worth it.
Because the price in inexpensive but the features are pretty comprehensive.
My impression while wearing it is so light, almost like wearing nothing
and so far the material feels comfortable on my skin.
Moreover, the sleep monitoring function is quite accurate
In this model, it will monitor your sleep pattern for 24 hours, not only for night time sleeps
It will also track your naps during the day.
Plus it’s waterproof so you can always wear the Miband
You can wear it while showering and swimming without having to worry it will be broken.
If you already have Miband 4, you can consider to change to Miband 5
since there’s a lot of new features that I’ve mentioned before.
Specially if you like to do Yoga or other workouts previously untrackable by Miband 4
Another important pros of the Miband 5 is the more convenient charging port
Only needs to be attached to the back side
That’s all for the 2 weeks review of the Miband 5
I think I will continue wearing this band.
Please comment below if you would be interested in buying the Miband 5 once released in Indonesia later.
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