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Mitsubishi ASX has been a popular
Compact SUV
for a long time.
Probably the reason why it hasn’t
changed much in a long time.
Well, it’s a different story in 2020.
This isn’t a new generation.
But even at first glance “hey, this is fresh!”
is what comes to mind!
The main changes are the grille and the lights.
The new grille makes it look sharper…
…and so do the headlamps – sharp and narrow!
This cluster of indicator lamps and fog lamps
remind you of jewels.
Generally, Daytime Running Lamps
look a bit like diamonds
and by the way, the colour is called diamond red!
While the major change is in the front
the new theme continues in the rear lamps.
In another major change,
alloy wheels are now 18” instead of 17”
and feature improved design.
What is to be appreciated is that LED lamps,
DRL, rear fog lamps
and even the headlamp levellers
that determine the throw of the beam
are not a privilege of the top trim.
They are standard.
Mitsubishi ASX is
an ideal size – 4365 mm
For a comparative understanding
3 cm longer than the Honda HR-V

/> 3 cm less than Jeep Compass
and 5 cm more than Kia Seltos!
Let’s find out what does that add up to inside!
Through just a few deft strokes, Mitsubishi ASX
makes the cabin contemporary
Those who remember the old console design
what stood out were the AC vents…
a trend that was on its way out!
Now what stands out is this 8-inch screen!
Android Auto and Apple Car Play let you
mirror the phone screen
and share even the navigation!
Even otherwise, from a connected phone
playing out music and media
is seamless and smooth!
Mitsubishi ASX cabin reflects Japanese class.
Unlike in many crossovers
design isn’t overdone
No excessive presence of plastic!
With some premium features
Mitsubishi ASX surprises us sometimes…
Like this Voice Control button.
You can’t select a specific station, but this itself is advanced!
It’s most useful while making calls.
Now, something we all care for – cabin music
The music system is Rockford & Fosgate.
Sound control settings are very easy…
[Names genres of music]
And for those who miss the graphic equalizer
there is an awesome subwoofer!
Amidst everything new,
…holding on to some traditions…
parking brake!
Another lookout in a compact crossover is storage.
There is a place for mobile phone
and cups, and ample armrest storage…
though no niche for sunglasses
Don’t try to fix something that is not broken
seems to be Mitsubishi’s approach.
This cabin has everything you need
like black leather seats
with heating and cooling!
Rear occupants can sit rather comfortably. In fact…
even though this is a compact SUV
it isn’t that small a vehicle
a rear AC vent would have suited it!
Even while sitting this comfortably,
there is enough boot space.
406 L of boot space
grows when seats are down
to 1193L. The seats fold
suitably flat for suitcases!
The subwoofer in the boot
I hear it takes up almost 50L of space,
But for the sake of good music
that isn’t much to give up!
The engine hasn’t changed in 2020.
There is no need, because
most compact crossovers
have settled for 1.5 L
1.6, 1.8L engines.
Mitsubishi ASX was already
being driven by a 2.0L engine!
150 PS – almost 148 hp
and almost two hundred Nm torque
Mitsubishi ASX 2.0L engine is powerful enough
mated to a CVT transmission
So the fuel economy is better
and power streaming too…
…no complaints!
The gear simulates a 6-speed automatic.
For those who aren’t fans of the steady monotony of CVT
there are paddle shifters
making the journey more interesting!
As expected of a compact crossover
Mitsubishi ASX has a firm ride too.
But electronic power steering makes
maneuvering very easy
There is a bit of a body lean at bends
as experienced in most crossovers!
What separates it from other vehicles in the category
is the 4WD button.
On regular drives, you can choose 2WD
and when required shift to 4WD.
Along with Hill Start Assist and 190 mm ground clearance,
ASX is a reasonably capable AWD vehicle
save for extreme challenges like desert dunes!
ASX stands for Active Sports Crossover.
Now the all-important question: what is the fuel economy?
Mitsubishi says more than 14.0 kmpl.
Even on a mixed drive I clocked more than 11 kmpl
which is very good!
Again, much depends on our driving style.
Once I started off with 480 km range showing
But after 50 km of good driving,
the figure rose to 530!
So, what are the safety features?
While the Korean and Chinese cars dish out
electronic safety features,
this Japanese car can’t be left behind.
So, as in premium cars,
Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Change Assist, Rear traffic alert
…this top trim version has it all!
While reversing or changing lanes
they alert us to unseen obstacles.
This 8” screen guides us with reverse camera and sensors.
What is really impressive is this:
ABS, EBD, Brake Assist… even Active Stability Control
are standard across trim levels.
The driver and front passenger get SRS airbags, too!
Besides every practicality, Mitsubishi ASX is known for something else.
Value for money.
With a dash of leather,
electronics assistance features
and 4WD for some adventure
The top trim comes at AED 89,900
On the other hand,
if you are looking to complete your essentials list
with a purposeful SUV,
the base model costs only AED 69,900!
Isn’t that good value?
Check out the full review of the Mitsubishi ASX 2020
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