Noteshelf 2 review 2020 | The most considerate note taking app

in this video i’ll be covering the main
features of noteshelf one of my favorite
note-taking apps
i will also share what i love about this
app and where i think they could still
without further ado let’s go
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noteshelf is one of the
most popular note-taking apps in the
appstore which will be a $9.99
lifetime purchase after that you can get
access to this app on your ipad
iphone or even apple watch
in noteshelf you have this no section in which you
can create different notes and
categorize them first of all let’s
create a new notebook
as you guys can see you can choose
covers for your notebooks from these
if you find these artistic covers to
regular for your book
fine you can actually go to the no shop
club for so much more resources
sign up for this online club to download
plenty of beautiful patterns
also you can browse other people’s
design in the inspirations to get
so we pick a random one and here we go
then select the page template from all
of these light or dark
plain ruled checked legal dotted
or likewise download from the club next
we name the book
okay there are four types of pen in no
shelf which are ball pen
fountain pen and this was sort of like a
gel pen
and lastly pencil each of them has
different writing experience
i personally use fountain pen the most
because it modifies your writing into
good calligraphy
then you can use other pen styles to
draw or etc
adjust the color by using presets
customizing or add given palettes
after figuring out your own preferences
you can add particular combinations to
and optionally choose to show your
favorites below the toolbar
same here with highlighter except
there’s two shapes of tip for
you can also add your combination to
favorites next we move on to the eraser
three sizes allow you to choose or you
can choose auto size
so that the size of eraser depends on
how fast you erase
if you want to clear out the entire page
just click clear page and you’re all set
and you might notice there are three
options below you can be automatically
taken to the last tool you used
after erasing no need to switch manually
also you can make your erase more
efficiently by toggle on
erase entire stroke or highlighter only
have to say the
eraser in noteshelf is so far my favorite
out of many note-taking apps that i used
okay now we’re peeking at the texting
you can tap anywhere on the page
to type
move the text box around to reposition
then choose the size
fonts make them bold italic or underline
also you can add your combination to
your favorites besides you can fill
color to a text box
add a checklist bullet list or numberlist
when you lasso a certain area you can
choose to take a screenshot
cut copy delete reposition resize or
recolor it
if you select the format of writings you
can convert them to text noteshelf
provides handwriting recognition
in sixty-five different languages this
is so commendable
unlike other mainstream note-taking apps
noteshelf actually support the minority
languages to take care of every user
i have to give them a credit then you
can choose to bypass your writing using
browse function
now you can scroll and view your notes
using the fingers and styluses
then you get shape tool here which
reshapes your drawing into better ones
use magnify function to zoom in and
write more precisely
navigate to any page in the page
switcher now i’ll show you a very cool
trick in no shelf
swipe left and let your fingers stay as
you can see now we have some more
helpful options
add a new page or a new template insert
photos from a library scan document
directly into your app or
import files no shelf only allows you to
jpg png and no shell files which is kind
of limited
generic files such as docs and ppt are
sadly not supported
another very cool feature is that you
can add clip arts in your notes
so as to illustrate your notes by
inserting these little pieces of arts
moreover you can record while taking
notes just create an
audio recorder and done however unlike
notability you cannot click on a stroke
to navigate to the time stamp when the
certain notes was written
hope them could make some updates on
that later
in addition you can go into more section
to add emojis
and vice versa then finally you can
export your current page selected page
all pages as png pdf or noteshelf files
now let’s go through the settings you
can decide how your app looks switching
between these color schemes selecting
your writing style and
languages adjust the defaults for stylus
such as you can turn on pressure
sensitivity here
backup your notes through icloud dropbox
onedrive google drive
or evernote besides you can publish your
work directly to evernote if you have
linked your account together
next apple schoolwork this requires that
teachers and students all use noteshelf
if you’re not lucky enough to have a
teacher who happens to use noteshelf just
like me
well this is not for you but if your
teacher is using no shelf
it’ll be so great to interact with your
teacher in this way
another thing i have to mention is you
can directly open a specific note using
siri if you add that note to siri
you can also secure your note using
password finger id
or face id so that’s all of today’s
comment down below of what you love or
unsatisfied with this app
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