Prestige Electric kettle unboxing and review | How to use | Boiling time test- technical Ajay

Friends, today I am going to unboxing and review a new electrical product
Prestige Electric kettle
I have ordered this product from Amazon, so quickly open it, and see what is inside this box
And how does it work?
So let’s do it side
And here it is, our Prestige Electric kettle
its capacity is 1.5 LTR
And it is designed so that the water can heat up quickly.
Talking about some of its features
Elegant handle with single touch is there
Automatic cut off is in this kettle
easy to clean
it can rotate 360 degree on its base
power indicator to indicate the power supply
And the best thing is the Made in India product.
So let’s see what items are given inside this box.
User manual is given.
If you want, you can read it, along with the safety instructions given,
you must read it once before using this product.
And this is its base
The power cord has to be inserted into the power socket.
And we have to put this kettle on the base like this
It rotates 360 degrees, so any how we can put it
this is a very good point about this product
Its power consumption is 1500 watts, meaning if you run it for 1 hour,
you will spend around 1.5 units of electricity.
A point is given for the connection below the device that connects to each other.
It has a mark of minimum and maximum
You should never add water above the maximum mark
and always remember
Whenever you are using this kettle, the top lid should remain closed.
Because only then a very good feature of this device will be able to do auto cut off.
Auto cut off works only when its steam after boiling water goes inside this valve,
only then the auto cut off mechanism works.
And here you are given the power indicator
As soon as the water starts boiling, it will turn off.
I bought this kettle from Amazon for โ‚น 750.
And I bought Prestige because its rating was very good
And second I have used Prestige before.
I had a kettle in Prestige’s 1 liter capacity which I bought 4 years ago.
And it was doing a great job, in that water started boiling within 1 to 2 minutes.
This is my old Prestige electric kettle.
The fault that caused this device was ours.
A couple of times this kettle fell from the top due to which its cut off stopped working.
And sometimes when people forgot to put water to heat it,
So that water kept boiling, and after the overflow, water went into the imported internal parts of this device
Because of which it deteriorated.
But it has worked very well for 4 years.
And if I had got this product again, I would have bought it again.
But it was not available that’s why I bought this new one.
This can prove very useful for any family or bachelor who lives alone.
It is the best equipment for heating water, it heats water quickly.
I’ll show you how long it takes
Some people also heat milk in this kettle and some people also make maggi in it.
But on behalf of Prestige, this instruction has been given strictly that it should be used only for heating water.
Because if this product was compatible for that work,
the company would have highlighted those points as well.
That you can heat water in it, you can also heat milk and can also make maggi.
So it is not
Nowadays people have become aware of their health, and they like to drink hot water, or cool the hot water.
for them also this is a good electric kettle
Also if you want to heat water for any kitchen work, then it is also a good product for that.
The kettle that I have ordered is color maroon and it looks good to see.
Its body is of steel and shiny, along with the company has been promised that it will always shine like this.
But here I see a problem.
That as soon as the water is hot, this body will also become hot, so there you need to be careful.
Now let’s see how long it will make the water hot to drink, and in how much time it will boil completely
So fill the water up to level, close this top, and turn on the power
And also start the timer.
Now let’s wait and see how long it makes the water hot to drink
So right now you can see that the steam has started
So in about 2 minutes you can heat the water for drinking.
And for more than 5 minutes this kettle will take to boil the whole 1.5 liter of water.
So much time, if you pour water on gas stove or induction stove, it will also take
But here is the facility that you do not have to do nothing, once the water has to be poured over it, it will auto cut off after boiling.
If you want to buy this Prestige electric kettle from Amazon, then its link is in the description.
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