Propa Beauty Lipstick Review | Try On

hey good people welcome back to beauty
and the frizz my name is Cara i’m really
excited for this video because the
lipsticks that i order from
propa i have such a hard time saying it
propa beauty
have finally come i think i ordered them
in june and then they kind of got backed
so they are here so if you want to see
the shades i got
and see what they look like please keep
on watching this video
don’t forget to let me know your
in the comment section and we are about
to get started
so just a little background on propa
beauty provo beauty is
a black owned business
and their focus is on making new
lipsticks that not only
can go for all shades but are designed
for darker skin and when i
saw the shades i was like i really
wanted all of them
so they have 12 different shades and i
only picked up three
but you know i can always get the rest
so so this is what it says on the
website so this is the
power pouch lipstick collection it says
extract the powers within yourself
you have what it takes and more this
highly pigmented collection
of shades is extremely lightweight clean
paraben free formula
comfortable and provides a luminous
satin finish with 12 delicious shades we
have enough shades to armor
up the inner queen warrior inside for
all right so yes they have 12
shades and i got three i got the shade
her magic and closer
so let’s get started so for my packaging
folks here’s what it looks like
very nice you know what this kind of
reminds me
of the little um little fenty
shape let me hold on it’s
because this is like an octagon i think
fenty might be a hexagon
hold on the teacher in me has to find
hold on i’ll be right back okay so yes
so the fenty design is a hexagon
and the propa design is an octagon
all right so the first shade
is driven
let me zoom us in okay
see what this looks like
okay i’m not going to line my lips for
the rest of them because
it’s just a little demo okay what do
y’all think
there’s there’s not really a smell or
anything but
i’m sorry i didn’t even show y’all so
this is the shade driven
i should did that first here’s the
swatch right there
so and here it is on i like this
it actually to me looks darker here
maybe not out
this is pretty all right let me know
what y’all think about that shade
so the next shade i’m going to try is
the shade closer okay so in between
me trying on the lipstick i’m just
taking my little mango butter and just
doing this closer looks like
this it’s a really lovely shade
all right it’s this bottom swatch right
all right
okay i like this one too yes
yes propa propa beauty with the octagon
yes i do like these this was definitely
worth the wait i will say that
um i’m now i’m just wishing i ordered
okay so the last shade is the shade
driven lies
the last shade is the shade her magic
so i know with the camera you may not be
able to see like the subtle differences
i feel like this has more of a red in it
her magic is right here
i like this one too all right well this
is a
win-win-win situation for me because i
like all three of these lipsticks
they’re very smooth they’re very creamy
satiny i really like this i like these a
lot so
if you were curious about the brand and
whether or not the quality is
great it is great it’s excellent i think
there’s something to be said
for making products that
go with all skin tones so i really
like it i think one of the problems have
been that
nude is not nude for every skin type so
you know a lot of the nudes that
have been out in various products were
not new for
people with darker skin tone it wasn’t
appropriate for the skin tone
if that makes any sense like it’s like
if something says nude
and somebody with a darker tone put it
on like they’d be looking
ashy you know what i’m saying so it’s
just really nice
that brands are just being more
inclusive of all skin tones
and um i really like those lipsticks a
whole lot so
most likely at some point i’m probably
going to get some more shades but i’m
use what i have um and that’s it for
this review i know it was kind of quick
i was so happy when i saw these in the
mail i was like i have to do this video
tonight because
i’ve seen other youtubers that you know
were on the pr list and they were
trying on the lipsticks along way back
and i was like dang i really want them
yeah proper beauty i hope that you
continue to do what you’re doing because
this is a great concept and it’s pretty
like these lipsticks to me are very
universal they
anyone can wear them so all right guys
with that being said
you know i always appreciate you coming
and escaping reality with me for a few
i definitely hope that i’m adding some
value to your makeup or beauty
routine and i mean if anything i just
hope you’re having a good time when you
come on and watch me you don’t even have
to like make up you can just come on
and watch me shuck and jive and do this
and talk
whatever the case may be so definitely
leave me some comments
and i will see you all in my next video

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