Review Cybergame dynacom # 2 [PT-ES-EN]

Hello YouTube guys here your friend powermafia
we are back here with the cyber Game, I go
show the other emulators coming in here
let’s see let’s talk to Game Boy Color
Sorry people.
So far so good.
Try to speed up the process here.
I did not even know I had cruiser uses for Game
Boy Color.
Come on.
Look at the Game Boy Color then it sounds ok, graphics ok
Game Boy Color we do not have much to say is not true
And it’s okay to get another Game Game
Boy Color that I played enough that’s the
I had this original cartridge in Game Boy
Color cute, he has to save the little animals
Okay, Game Boy Color passed the test.
Let’s see here Super Nintendo Robocop 3.
Robocop is beast is not.
look at that bug.
It’s fire.
Sound ok graphic ok ok speed o. The robocop
Super Adventure Island.
The moment of expectation there I thought
would not roll.
Ah boy, this Adventure Island of Super
Nintendo is quite interesting has a
very cool music sound very interesting sound
has to speak with the king poxa life.
What a bag.
Forces of evil help us we are desperate.
Monsters And that whole whole package deal
is not true.
It’s just that I want to play.
And this save the people.
Let’s give it How It Happened.
Let’s go to the last, Game Boy Advanced. sonic advanced
ah Boy game
handsome this not.
I am pushing the wrong button, this.
Life span huh.
Doctor robotnik put the emerald will release
a ray of death.
Gameplay is not true.
It’s usually okay.
Let’s get the last game that the Spyro dragon
There, boy.
Dragon Spyro has grown a lot his class
character that I will tell you progressed
Look at his face hahaha is the call before
of fame is not true.
Good normal also seems to be a little bit slower.
This rom is also heavy.
I think it’s okay, guys, I’m going to be here by checking the rest of the emulators
Cyber games a strong hug from your friend
powermafia for you

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