welcome to my room with me by usatria so
today just
finish up some work well in the early
i have to send some email you know check
my youtube
and now i’m feeling kind of hungry so
i’m i might try to grab some lunch after
and what i want is something fancy
like a lobster maybe after this this
could just get things rolling all right
so just a few minutes and let me finish
my mail
all right just finished hitting up some
email and you know just
a little bit of checking on my youtube
and now
ready to go so let’s hit up on that
alright guys so now i’m ready to go
to grab that lobster that i’m talking to
you about for my lunch
it’s gonna be a fancy lunch you know
so if you’re thinking how does this
lobster work
it’s a lobster in a meatball so
you know you might ask yourself
how does the lobster fit in the meatball
like the whole lobster or
well how does a lobster in a meatball in
first place so

/> you would ask that for yourself and now
i’m on my way so
hoping there’s no traffic and
hope it’s a good day to start
now in the red light we are almost there
in the city it’s in bakassi
it’s somewhere in indonesia well it’s
near jakarta though
but yeah we’re almost there maybe it
takes like 20 to
15 minutes run much like that
well it’s almost green light gotta go
right now just right behind me this is
the famous lobster that i talk about
this is the meatball lobster
right there so there’s a lot of people
around the lines
wow it’s pretty hot out here so i have
to go in the line
let’s just get in the line you know
hope we could catch some lobster today
and eat it for the lunch
some fancy meatball right here so let’s
check it out
you know what i got good news after like
three hours or two hours waiting in line
finally got it man yeah finale got it
yes i finally got it
i got this lobster this chip plaster
like three dollar folders
but there’s the huge one the huge size
uh they don’t have it
they’re out of it so there’s like the l
and the m one so
you know i’ll take whatever it takes so
so i take like the l and the m1 so we
just have to see
how does it look out okay
hey what’s up guys so i actually already
eat it before
and i forgot to turn on the camera so
i hope you guys
would excuse me for that so and anyway
i’m gonna tell you the taste but i
got the video part of the food which is
being really you know
just being really how they are but
yeah i already taste the food so here
come the meatball
here’s the meatball that attached to
here and it tastes really great
but you know for the
for the soup for the
yeah the water is just what is this
it’s kind of you know too much salt and
it was too much salty for me
but overall what i love is you know of
the meatballs how the texture is i
really love it
uh it’s kind of soft in your mouth
yeah chewy also you could taste like
the meat from the meatball
and as you could see i’m still chewing
i would give it an a and the most
important is
the lobster i really love the lobster
why because as i told you before they
eat this
and i forgot to turn my camera on or
more of my points that i forget to
turn on the record button yeah which
really sad but you know what i hope you
guys could forgive me right
so but there’s still more because i
didn’t get all of it
just for the review but i have to like
down here for the meat for the last
minute for you guys to see it
what i’m trying to share with you guys
this smith yeah you could see the meat
it’s juicy it’s like it’s it’s
it’s just juicy and it’s fresh
and they’re like some sweet on it
it’s just like a great quality of
like three four dollar it’s worth it
because i wait for like
also three to four hours a night i
started like
from home 10 o’clock and then i arrived
around 12 and then i get in line and i
get inline i get the cue card
yeah well i get the cue card and get the
roster right
i get up around three something so yeah
it’s a long way it’s a long day for me
but at the end of the day
it’s worth it but there’s this little
is it that is it that’s the taste even
the same with the meatballs that attach
to the lobster
i’m gonna try it
wait one more
so this the small one well the the
original meatballs
the one that did not attach to the
the original one is like more chewy but
i love the
one that does to the lobster body it is
like more soft in it when you
chew it in your mouth so yeah i like
better and
lobster this was really matter for me
this is what i’m fighting for so it
better than the meatballs you know i
might come back so
hope you guys could you know see another
because i’m gonna share some of my
some of the food from my country that
might be unique
and you know if you got some knowledge
one more time i’ll show you how to make
so i really have to push it down there
like pinch a little bit
i hope i could get this thing oh
screw it
i’m just gonna like crack it open
it’s much more easier why haven’t i
think that before
uh okay there’s some are exploding
so see
it’s been a long crazy day oh
you know i have to be in line under the
what a way what are they
so here it is as you could see it’s red
you know there’s like some
sweet in it just like
juicy and sweet
now i’m gonna continue again i’m gonna
put cherry on it
you know and finish it up and i hope
you guys love this video and don’t
forget to subscribe
like or share to your friend because i
might because i’m gonna share you guys
the whole there’s
there’s still like a whole lot more
of amazing food that is in my country
that i could share to you guys and
just subscribe if you like it if you
don’t don’t mind it
and so anyway i have to go you know
because i’m an asian of
spicy food so anyway it’s time for me to
go uh thank you for your time and thank
you for watching this video
uh really hope that you know i could see
you again with another
different whole level of food and anyway
it’s me boy satria signing out from my
room have a great day and

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