SHURE SM57 – microphone test

Hi fellaz, welcome back to my new gear review
that mic, the absolute legend of the instrument microphones, the SHURE SM57
let’s get into it
The first thing you have to know is that the SM57 is the real definition of what an instrument mic is supposed to be
it’s the true legend of the instrument mics
the Shure SM series, wheather is the shure sm58 on voices restitutions or the shure sm57 on instruments restitutions
are a big part of Shure’s development and a big part on Rock N’ Roll history
the sm57 is the older brother of the shure beta57a
click on the “i” to check my review of his lil bro the shure beta57a
the sm57, in opposite of the shure beta57a,
in the “sm” series line made by the brand,
it’s a cardioid dynamic mic
and not supercardioid dynamic such as the beta series
a cardioid mic is a mic that is designed to have a max feedback rejections from the back and the sides
which allows you on stage or in the studio to really record and transmit the signal straight from the front
strategically to help you out on rejecting not suitable sounds, and make your sound “clean”
so you can maximize the potential and take the best of your live performances in studio, or on stage
this mic has been a big part of Rock N Roll’s History
a lot of well known, and great bands used it
a lot of your favorite musicians used it, and, I’m sure, are still using it today
it can be used on guitar amps, on acoustic guitars,
on saxophones, on trumpets, on snares for drummers
drummers are lovin this mic
guitarists are lovin this mic as well
it’s really a killer in his category
it’s really a must have in your instruments wardrobe !
it’s the perfect “pair of sneakers” that does it all for y’all !
It will help you on stage, in studio, or wherever you need it to perform.
Let’s check togetha what’s in the box !
We have the box ! ๐Ÿ™‚
a shure mic stand adapter
a scratch to attach your cables
the new Shure logo sticker to stick it ! ๐Ÿ™‚
A user manual that nobody gives a d**n about…
a great to carry around leather stuff…
and of course the sm57
with it’s protection grid on top, and its xlr out
SM57 is a cardioid dynamic mic
impedence is about 310 ohms out
its frequency response is about 40 hz to 15 khz
as usual in my tests, I’ll make a series of different vocal and instrumental tests
so you can make your own idea about his performances in a live environment
starting with the polar pattern test
– make your own opinion –
now let’s make a handling noise test
I’m going to pass the mic from one hand to another so you can hear what you do not want to hear out of a handle mic
– make your own opinion –
let’s make now the distance test
– make your own opinion –
Now I’ll test the front vs back of the microphone to hear how much sound rejection it has from the back
– make your own opinion –
It’s an instrument mic but you can also use it for voices, as you can see while I’m speaking into it for this test
but it has been designed specially to perform on instrument frequencies restitution
more than being able to perform on rounded vocal frequencies
– plosives & parasite sounds test – make your own opinion
the shure sm57 has no pop filter integrated that’s also why it’s better to use it for instruments
the design is very tough and solid with the grid on top and the metal protection that surround the pneumatic envelop of the electronics inside the mic
so once again the toughness of the shure mic is just perfect
we must notice that, as an instruments mic,
it has suffered a lot through the years…
it was carried around by musicians and not singers, so, like the amps, the flycases…
it was carried around via cars, via vans, via planes…
so it was build to be thrown and to take a lot of different tough situations
still the sm57 is working after all these “treatments” through the ages
so, once again the legedary shure toughness is here
– make your own opinion –
you see, you can use it as much for serious stuff, as much as for having fun
so SHURE was right about that they don’t lie,
the success of this mic on instruments is more than verified and approved
no matter the instrument used, even on kazoo’s :)) you’ll still have the best restitution of your sound with the sm57
it really nailed it
in my opinion it is by far the best instruments mic that exists on the market for years before, and, probably for years to come
no matter which sound you want out of it, distorted or clean, it will always be clear and the sm57 will bring the best restitution you can ask for
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