Skyvik Signi X 20X Macro Lens Kit Unboxing And Review II Shooting On 8MP Camera! Smart Tech

so what’s up guys my name is Santhosh
okay this right here
is this Skyvik Signi X 20x
macro lens kit, this is a smartphone
macro lens
which can help you take amazing shots!
so today i’ll be doing an unboxing and
review of this lens (sorry for that)
and the speciality of this video is that
i’ll be taking some cool shots
with this 8 megapixel smartphone.
yeah i’ll be using the lens
in the eight megapixel smartphone and
i’ll be taking you
some amazing shots. so let’s get started
okay let’s start off by unboxing the box,
to be honest the box was really hard to
I don’t know I am weak at unboxing these stuffs
and meanwhile i just wanted to tell that
the price of this macro lens is just
1000 rupees
and yeah i’ll be giving a promo code at
the end to get a 5%
off, I have contacted skyvik company
personally and I asked them for that
code (and I don’t any profit from it)
so yeah… now once the box is open
you get a pouch like this inside which
the lens is placed. let me keep this
and see what’s inside the box.
okay there’s this thumbs shape card
right in the box which is a really
creative way
to enhance the customers,
and you might have seen this card in my
videos also
now let’s keep all this stuff aside and
go back to the pouch which you saw
there is this little skyvik logo on the
inside the pouch there’s this lens which
i’ll talk about later and there’s a
small pouch also.
you can use this pouch for carrying the
lens wherever you want
and inside this pouch there’s a cotton
cloth for cleaning the lens,
and there is this hook kind of thing I
don’t know what you call it
you can hang this on your pant and you
can take it wherever you want.
now this is what we are looking for the
they have covered it with the cap, to
avoid the dust or so.
and it comes with 25 millimeter focal
length with an 20x macro lens.
so the build quality of this lens is not
that good,
it’s average but it’s okay for the price.
so they’ve got this clip kind of thing
to attach it on a mobile very easily.
so i’ll be telling you how can you
attach it,
so it’s not that difficult to do this
you have to just take the mobile
in my case i’m taking the 8 megapixel
yeah this is the micromax AQ5001 which
was released in 2015.
it’s not that bad and I have screen also
so just take the lens, remove the cap
from the lens
and take the clip and put it on your
that’s it.. if you are having dual cameras
put it on your primary lens not the
secondary one
or third one.. voila you’re good to go,
now let me take some sample shots and
show you how does it work on an 8
megapixel smartphone
so first impressions on my photo which I
have taken
i couldn’t believe it because i’m not
that good photographer
but the photos came out pretty well and
yeah all these are without editing.
and for me I feel these shots are
amazing and yeah i shot this with 8
megapixel smartphone
without any third-party applications and
I have taken some pics from instagram,
I asked their permission and i’ll be
linking their instagram account
down below in description.. so overall i
this lens was good for its price
and the blurriness was not that good but
it’s okay.
and the code which i was talking about
is called
‘MAGICAL’ using this code, you will get
five percent off
on any of your purchase from skyvik
and at last i just wanted to thank a
youtuber called
( tech that out! ) he gave me advice on using
an eight
mp camera and see the results.he is really
close to 1000 subscribers
it would mean a lot if you subscribe him
too, and the final verdict I wanted to
about this macro lens is that it’s great
I’m not sure how many lens
are there at this price but I really
like this one
and i’m not that into photography but
the shots which i have taken are good
and I feel this lens
is worth its price only.. so that’s it
guys, hope you enjoyed the video and I’ve
made a video
on best launchers which I’ll be giving
it right here or here,
and a video on Samsung Galaxy M21 which
I’m currently shooting on
so please do check it out.. if you like
this video
please make sure to subscribe, and if you
don’t like please
give some suggestions. so that’s it hope
I’ll meet you in my next one
until that this is SANHOSH and I’m SIGNING UP

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