SONY WH1000MX4 Unboxing and Review

Hey, guys, what ‘s up
Today, i am going to do an unbxoing video for this brand new product from SONY
WH1000MX4 noise cancelling headphone
Due to ealier release overseas, i had a chance to get this headphones early
I ordered online and the coutier guy delivered it to me on the same day, that is beyond expecting
Now you are able to pre order in China mailand
And it will be offical released few days later
Everyone heared of it’s last generation WH1000MX3
MX3 has been one of the best noise cancelling headphones since its release in 2018
Today, about 2 years later, SONY finnally lauch its new products WH1000MX4
I am so exciting to experience all kinds of new features SONY has put on this brand new product
Let’s check it out
Let’s start with the package
Here is SONY logo and Model number
MX4 support 360 reality audio, this is one of the Hi resolution music effects that SONY created
You could experience this on some platform SONY provided
360 reality audio brings immersive and realitistic music experience to you
Here is the high resolution Icon and blue tooth Icon
Battery is able to last for 30 hours once fully charged
MX4 also support google assitant and amazon alexa
Now let’s open the box
It is a simple package
It says you need to download SONY app from app store
Here is some intructions for pairing MX4 with your smartphone
A hard case is included
Now i will open it
Headphone is folded inside the case and there are three small compartments beside
Here is a type C charging cable
It’s a bit short
Connection cable with 3.5mm headphone plug
Also an airplane adaptor
Let’s take out the headphone
Headphone looks pretty similar with MX3 though
According to SONY, earpads of MX4 are silightly larger than MX3
you will feel more comfortable wearing the headphone for long time
Here is the SONY Logo
NFC icon on the left ear cuff
3.5mm headphone jack and type c charging port at bottom of the head cuff
2 buttons, one is power botton, another one is custom botton
SONY has changed the ambient sound botton to custom botton on this device
You are able to assign different function acccording to your own need inside the SONY app
MX4 is foldable at both sides of headband
It swivels more than 90 degrees
Here is the main part of this video, introducing some new features SONY has put on MX4
First of all, SONY has updated the algorithm for noise cancellation
Worth to mention, SONY did not update the processor for noise cancellation
QN1 processor is still used for MX4 which is excatlly same chip used on MX3
Upgraded algorithm results better noise canellation compared to MX3
More effective in reducing noices from transport noise and human voices
MX4 have 20 levels of noise cancellation
Secondly, SONY has upgraded its DSEE sound effect
From DSEE HX to DSEE Extreme
DSEE Extreme upscales compressed digital music files in real time, music sound better under DSEE Extreme
Another new features is also an updated funtion which already exist in MX3
During a conversation, to stop the music, you need to cover up your earcuff using your hand with MX3
With MX4, as soon as you speak to someone
Microphone will pickup your voice
Speak-to-Chat automatically stops the music and lets in ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation
once your chat is over, your music starts playing again automatically
You can turn on and off for this feature inside SONY app
New feature No 4
A sensor is add inside the left earcuff
Here it is
Sensor detect your ear, music stop automaticly after the headphone is taken off
It also help to save your battery life by stop playing the music once Headphone taken off
You can also turn on and off for this feature inside SONY app
Upgrade No 5
Bluetooth veresion update, from 4.2 to 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0 allow headphone connecting to two deivce at same time
For example, you could connect to bluetooth of your phone and your laptop together
when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing
and connect to the right one automatically
After the call finished, headphone will switch back the main devieces immediately
It is a quite usefull features for people work from home
You won’t miss any important phone call while wearing this noise cancelling headphone
At last, let’s talk about Codec
Here are few codecs that noise cancelling headphone normally surpport
Most common ones are SBC, AAC, APTX/HD, LDAC
Among these 4, LDAC is the best codec we had
You are able to listen to some lossless audio files under LDAC
Sound quality rank from lowest to highest among 4 codecs, SBC, AAC, APTX/HD, LDAC
Before we talk about detaisl, i will introduce two parameters KHz and Kbps
The KHz refers to the sample rate
KHz are normmaly fixed for a song
Kbps refers to the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time, normally not fixed
Different codecs have different levels of efficiency of processing
More bits are conveyed in a second, better the music sounds
SBC is the most basic codec that all bluetoothes support
High bits per second is 328
At 328Kbps, music quality sound just nornal, not considering good quality
AAC is a universal codec for apple
A 512Kbps AAC will sound slightly better than SBC
APTX/HD is a codec from Qualcomm
Bits per second could reach 576
And it sounds better than Apple’s AAC codec
At last, SONY has created LDAC, bit per second could reach 990
Unfortunately, SONY removed APTX and APTX HD supprot on MX4 headset
This could affect some customers who are currently using Android handphone
It is a step back of sound quality for these group of users

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