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Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings
Hello friend, with artiirhamna
On this occasion we will Unboxing a headphones product from audio-technica
namely ATH-M20x
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Good audio-technica ATH-M20x, I chose this product because I will use it later
for monitoring sound during recording
and video editing
you can buy this product at a price
600 thousand and at that time promos
get one piece of Tumblr.
Well of course don’t forget to use it
Shopback application so you can get cashback
at the time of purchase and for the product link I will include it in the description column of this video.
don’t forget to be seen
Okay the box is quite large and of course this
product security and when we open this product there is a logo from his audio-technica
and white then we see the contents in it.
Well here it is a product of audio-technica
well in the box we can see there is one plastic bag
it looks like this is
guarantee card
and the manual,
This product itself is suitable for those of you who like to

sound recording so that you are more comfortable in monitoring your voice
or when
when you edit videos
Okay the headphones themselves are wrapped in plastic again like this including the cable too
wrapped in plastic.
Okay then the contents are no longer just this
yes we get rid of the box
Yes this product itself uses plastic materials
and pretty sturdy good
and the cable is quite long, about three meters, although it hasn’t been braided yet
but I think this is very enough
For the connector itself, use here
Large connector but it can be removed so it can be removed to 3.5MM Jack
HP then something that’s the size of a 3.5mm jack anyway, you can use it
Then for the quality it’s not like this is pretty good
okay and also
this section is flexible for us to adjust to our heads
pretty good and also good for
reduced or raised.
So we don’t hesitate to arrange it like this
Okay and finally we can see also for this part of the earlobe to be used in the ear it can also
flexible so it can be rotated back like this Yes more or less but it can’t be rotated in the other direction Yes Just like that only and for
This is very good. Soft enough, especially for
yes we will use and Yes like this product from ATH-M20x
OK, more or less I apologize for all the Unboxing and review may still be many shortcomings
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thank you
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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