What is City Walk at Universal Orlando? Trip 2020 Tour and Review [City Walk Restaurants]

one of the happiest places in orlando
where food stores and family activities
are the best from nightclubs to history
this place is unique very crowded
we’re happy here and we want to welcome
you to
universal orlando
okay so right now to our left is
universal studios and to our right is
island adventures
city walk is in the middle of both of
them here it was
really cold in the morning but their sun
already came out
we are good to go now
all right guys so we just stopped at
this amazing restaurant it’s called
red oven pizza bakery i’m here with echo
he’s taking a break and then we’re gonna
the other half of city walk we got our
this chocolate factory has from warm
chocolate almond bread
to milkshakes this one
is a quick service restaurant
is decorated as a baseball stadium
each label on the shirt says the name of
a different stadium
in the country
all right guys if you have made it this
far you are
awesome and here by

the exit of island
of adventure
we just want to say thank you so much
for watching

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